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  1. GeneticDrift


    Do we know how ties in initiative will be decided in 2.0?
  2. Middle ground can be made. Fraction of points or just setting the game to 300 points and readjust the ships again. Even upgrade slots can be added or removed. I think they only thing that can't be added is actions (outside of fix cards).
  3. GeneticDrift

    Main character breakdown of cards in X-Wing

    Havnt seen the show much but Sabine probably has more screen time than all of the movie main characters combined. anikin might push it with the clone wars and ep 1-3...
  4. GeneticDrift

    I got my ion, you?

    You can't reasonably track what is ioned. Interesting idea though.
  5. GeneticDrift

    Biggs question

    Biggs isnt so bad he needs a personal buff above the other xwings. Each xwing can be fixed with their classic astromechs if needed. Seriously his ability is "pretend i have a better ability", 26 points can be better spent.
  6. GeneticDrift

    Custom B-Wing Upgrades for added theme!

    Reinforce works fine, using the new spoiled rules card from the wookie ship. I like all of the upgrades, i just dont like the name of "knife fighter". The costs probably need playtesting.
  7. GeneticDrift

    Could we fix the Firespray...

    My suggestion, flawed as it may be. Title: Experimental modification After completing a white bank manuever you may rotate your ship 180 degrees then recieve 1 stress. You may discard this upgrade to flip any number of your damage cards face down. 0 points.
  8. GeneticDrift

    Could the Meta use a "Most Wanted" list?

    A most wanted list seems fine to me. Could run it the other way also/instead. Stockpile: the first time you take each upgrade on this list, increase the maximum squad points you can take by 1.
  9. GeneticDrift

    Time for a Tie fighter title belonging to the galactic empire?

    It's called Tie FO, tie striker, tie advanced,....
  10. GeneticDrift

    Biggs' Balancing Bonanza!

    Biggs is not so good that he needs to avoid a fix.
  11. GeneticDrift

    Nerf queens please. Proposed fix

    Queens at 9 points is balenced against pawns being free. Knights and bishops being 3 points is overpriced and the Rook is just unplayable blocked in the corner like that.
  12. GeneticDrift

    Which is Better? Parattani or Fangaroo?

    Both names are bad.
  13. GeneticDrift

    X-wing fix as part of a Campaign box. Good or bad idea?

    I want a campaign. If it's as good as HotAC, it will be worth it. I expect a campaign will also include a ship or three.
  14. GeneticDrift

    Now that SWX58 is revealed...let's guess the NEXT wave!

    It is spelled Kihraxz. Unless I made a typo.
  15. GeneticDrift

    Crew for the B-Wing

    Hera Tactician Inspiring recruit (w/rage)