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  1. First ship apart fromThe z95 The Y The HWK The fire spray Basically, most wanted So basically, different pilots at different PS + the addition or lack of illicit slot and a choice of Astro or salvaged I get it, there are others that can be played on both sides, but I mean a boxset that includes the "tools" for both factions
  2. Haven’t thought on the details, but what if the Otana would be the first ship released to be playable by Rebels and Scum, where you have some restrictions while playing with one that don’t have with the other and vice versa, besides of course the upgrade cards that are already restricted to only a faction
  3. excellent post I've always thought that "Flying well" is a very vague advice and sometimes also misused Not that I completely disagree with all the comments above, but "Flying well" for me is a more basic term which refers to know your own ships maneuverability, if we set up a board with obstacles, most likely the path used by two different ships to go from point A to point B, should be also different in a way that is efficient for each one; then above that is Synergy handling, which means you use the pilot/ships abilities and upgrades on the right moment and then on top of those two you'll get the skill to predict your opponents maneuvers. This is the beauty of X-Wing, it is simple but has deep game mechanics that goes above winning with list building or just plain dice luck (sssshhh, don't tell my dice I said that or they might get angry )
  4. I’ve been always a big Star Wars fan, like most people my age, but I wasn’t doing any hobby activity related to SW. Back in 2013 I was playing W40K and FoW consistently (very lucky to have a group of friends to play on weekly basis) and our FLGS have had FFG X-Wing core and expansions on the shelves for some time already, I picked up the dusty box a few times (almost every visit) but didn’t had the intention or money to start yet another game so I always put it back. Then the day came, I won a “best painted army” prize on a W40K tournament, it was a $30 gift card from our FLGS; it was “burning” my hands, so I had to use it quick so I went to the shelf, pick up the same dusty box and bought the X-wing Core set. The very next weekend I ran demos for my group and now most of them are hooked on X-Wing, pretty much everybody have at least one of each model. Ah, the irony… We haven’t played W40K in probably in more than a year, it just fade away and GW had made it very easy.
  5. I really hope that you're trolling us, otherwise your argument is just completely lacking on any intelligent reasoning
  6. New Milford CT USA, I'm very lucky to have an stablished group, we play a few different tabletop war games in a HobbyTown, the store owner is a great guy, he allow us to use a room for our little club and we get together every weekend http://www.ordo-ineptus.net
  7. 3720 to 1 "Never tell me the odds" I respect all of you who like the ship but as soon as I have one, I'll chop it up and convert the heck out of it, only my procrastination could save it
  8. good for you man! it is really great when you can have your own corner to phase out and enjoy painting, congrats!
  9. wow very good job on the exhaust glow, looks great as the rest of the ship, the color selection works very well too
  10. Dude!! big fan of your models, you have no idea how big of an inspiration your work is for me (and for many others in this forum I guess), thanks for sharing
  11. like I said, I've been doing this for a while, so I have a good paint collection, maybe excessive, but who's counting... I own some old Testors (enamels), lots of Citadel and recently start trying Battlefront paints too. by far Citadel paints are my favorites, especially the washes, although battlefront paints are growing on me too
  12. ^^^ this make me spit my coffee ^^^ but the conversion is solid, I like what you did there
  13. I've been painting miniatures for some years but so far I haven't been brave enough to re-paint my ships, so this is just my two cents - masking tape on this scale is tricky, make sure the edges are well applied so you don't get paint underneath it - red over blue might get you to a dark tone, I might do a light gray color first to create a base tone so you can get the red color on the card - yellow over the original paint should be fine, but yellow is one of the colors that take the more coats, be patient and resist the temptation of apply heavy coats, it will pay off - depending of what wash (brand/type) you're using, it can be also diluted (usually acrylics) and that will give you more control over the shade you want to reach by applying coats - Go easy on the dull cote spray, I would only apply one thin coat just to protect the paint job from gaming wear; if you use acrylic paints they will give you the dull finish once they’re dry Have fun painting and keep in mind that painting minis is also a hobby, not a chore. Good luck and I'll be looking forward to see your work
  14. RodTheCid

    cutp Re-Paints

    hahaha , that's right! I missed that completely , still the painting technique is perfect, thanks for sharing
  15. RodTheCid

    cutp Re-Paints

    That M3-As squad looks great, they all very different but at the same time with enough similar details that easily look as one squad of renegade pilots, nice paint jobs man!
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