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  1. Looking for ideas for a Twin U-wing List... any one have any ideas.. drawing a bit of a blank..
  2. Mykilus

    Black one mod....

    actually... never occured to me but yeah... Slam mod would probably be the best fit..
  3. Mykilus

    Black one mod....

    Looks like Poe`s X-wing has something extra to give it a little extra kick... have seen another image(couldn`t find) that has flames coming out of this.. Maybe a mod that could give the T65 Boost?
  4. Mykilus

    Wave 12 tie-ins

    Just a thought, Maybe they are NOT going to release any TLJ add on`s at the moment... maybe they learned from the last 2 times, and are waiting so they dont release a mediocre ship based on pre-movie information... who am i kidding...
  5. i believe...somone mentioned on another site that Beasts of War streaming it.. but i may be wrong
  6. Mykilus

    Trailer up!

    anyone else noticed that when they show someone reaching for the book, what surrounds it looks like Bendu from Rebels? or is it just me?
  7. Mykilus

    Trailer up!

    Hence the term LARGE..... to be honest did not want to use the G word around hear.. you know how some people get
  8. Mykilus

    Trailer up!

    Think they are large fighters.. if you look closely you can see a pilots head in the cockpit..
  9. Another vote for the old blue style.... lot less strain on the old peepers
  10. Mykilus

    SWX58 Still missing

    Here`s a thought, With the recent lego leak of the shuttle from Rebels, and that its called Phantom 2, and the clip from the Rebels trailer that apparently shows it docked to the Ghost, could that mean the Mk1 gets trashed and they need a replacement..... If so then FFG might release the shuttle as an upgrade.. maybe thats what SWX58 is.......
  11. What about.. D_ad Han..? correct on both counts..
  12. I dunno. That 'stache screams a little bit of young Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris in an X-wing...... Who needs the Death Star
  13. Think its unlikley to be another starter set, Though i could see a box set expansion with both ships covering atmospheric flight and ground attack rules..
  14. Wondering if it could be a self contained boxed game that contains the U-wing/Striker and is based around attacking ground targets, but is fully compatible with X-wing
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