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  1. I would recommend web trap! While it is overly fun to kill heroes, as others stated, that rarely is the goal. The goal is usually to slow the heroes down and then get the objective done! Just be careful how you play this card. Eventually the disciple will get remove condition so you need to time the card correctly. Also make sure the add a yellow die is only done for one attack!
  2. Zaltyre does have a respectable track record and in general I would vouch for his knowledge and his being nice and friendly person . In this case I would also agree that he is correct. I do believe he has made a few bad rule interpretations but I cannot sight any of them right now. As for him doing playtesting, I either do not know or cannot commend due to an NDA which I may have signed . To answer your question on how do you join play testing here is a link which has the details to apply for it. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/playtesting/
  3. I am very sure that you need to pay for the units you produce. As the OP shows it would be drastically overpowered if not. In my view it is still strong just being able to produce. The best way is when at war. You get a big fight and then invade a planet. You can then rebuild stuff on the front lines to deal with the inevitable counter attack or even prepare for the next attack
  4. My personal favorite combo is Logan Lashey as a monk/alchemist. He is a bit week until mid quest but once he is there he is a beast! Once he gets: * bottled courage 2xp * Vow of freedom 3XP * any decent exotic weapon. he can do 3 attacks a round and CANNOT miss and also gets a free movement point after each attack. He is a very mobile killing machine! Seer Kel as a necromancer with army of dead is also nice.
  5. I might be interested. What hero count are you interested in? 2,3, or 4? Suspect 2 is faster but never did pbf before. Also you prefer hero side or Overlord? Also what are the rules on using stuff from expansion that only one party has?
  6. I might be able to help you out. What tiles specifically do you need and ball part of what area are you in?
  7. My view is when designing a class you should check that it is not broken with ALL heroes that can select it. If I was to play this hybrid class as deigned I would take Logan and definitely would have a bard with it. The weapon is not critical although the blade+exotic makes it worse. While there are a lot of broken stuff in already, I feel one should be careful how much more gets added in or the game gets too unplayable. Underpowered is not critical but it drastically overpowered it should in my view be considered. With that said I like a lot of the ideas here and was just offering my opinion to help resolve a few of what I felt was broken. If the OP is not interested, I am in no way offended if it is ignored. For this skill what makes me nervous is there is no limit to how many times it goes off in a turn. A few thoughts for help balance is it to add more penalties to it. Say each time it is used the OL can give the hero any condition or if the attack does no damage the hero is defeated. But in the end if your heroes are not going to be to abusive with it, you can do anything you want.
  8. Smoke bomb is no longer broken but might be a bit week for a 3 pointer as probably 2/3 of all monsters are melee and would not be affected by this. Personally I would feel that it would be reasonable if you dropped two fatigue cost and made it a passive. Lethal trance still in my view is way to strong. Change to Logan Lashey and assume he has the same glaive. Then give your bard rehearsal and he affectively ignores the two conditions. As a bonus due to the exotic part he can even move a free space after each attack. With understudy he can recover two fatigue for a surge. Will be a massive killing machine.
  9. Its your set of course but I still feed Lethal Trance is way to strong. I do realize you need to recover fatigue but if you plan for it that is not much of a hindrance. The first thing that comes to mind is Tinashi would be the hero and assume she gets a nice weapon like a Glaive. Then with a bard using understudy she could recover up to 4 fatigue per attack. For vanish it is still totally broke on the CtR/MoB campaign on quests that say kill all heroes. Very easy to heal 2 hearts per turn.
  10. While Nathan has done a lot to clean up descent rules, quite frankly I think he made a bad call here. In the spirit of keeping the game friendly and not having your heroes rage quit on you, I would recommend you play this as a hit. To play this as Nathan ruled really makes things more complex or invalidates the earlier ruling. BTW is there an official place where the ruling of needed to make attack not a miss before spending additional surges is posted? I saw it in the unofficial FAQ but could not find it in the rule book for the official FAQ.
  11. It could come down to some rule lawyerly type of thing but the card says you must spend all ~ and not just allocate them. Does allocating count as spending? My personal view is they need to trigger to count as being spent. If I understand your(Nathan's) rule, you can force an attack to be a miss, as long as you allocate the ~ to something. So in this case you would say that you can assign one ~ to suffer one fatigue but as the attack is a miss the hero would not suffer the fatigue? Regardless, I think issues like this are what is the biggest problem with descent. Unclear rules which can interrupt a game night with rules bickering and ruin the fun.
  12. This is a big issue with FFG, they have unclear rules and give answers which appear to be conflicting. That reply is in my view in conflict with this reply https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Descent_Second_Edition_Unofficial_FAQ#toc118 » Combat Q: Can you spend surges on a ranged "miss" to recover fatigue or activate other abilities? A: If an attack misses, then no surge abilities can be spent. This means that an X, insufficient range, or lacking a surge to spend for "Shadow" causes an attack to miss. If by some means you convert a miss into a hit, then you are free to spend surges as normal. (1) Q: Can you spend surges on a melee "miss" (fewer hearts than shields) to recover fatigue or activate other abilities? A: Yes, can spend the surges if you do not deal damage on the attack. Not dealing damage is not considered a miss. (1)
  13. Like what you are doing here! Few quick feed back thoughts *Arcane Ranger Imbue Arrow : Like it! Great idea. Runic Resonance: This one can be a bit dangerous as the way it is worded you effectively get +1 ~ for each rune you have equipped as long as you roll at least 2. Assuming you have Imbue Arrows you could have 3 (2 other and the ACT2 armor that is a rune.) runes equipped. Also FFG can add more in at any time so this may have issues later on. *Assassin Backstab: Really should add a before or after die roll part. Vanish: This will break a lot of quests that require the OL to kill all heroes. Nothing would prevent this from being triggered every turn. *Blade Dancer Lethal trance: This is seems a way over strong. Very likely to be able to kill a lot of monsters in one turn. Fatigue cost is way to low even if it did not have the potential to refresh. Compare this to the runemaster who can get a bonus attack for 2 fatigue. I would put make at least 3 fatigue and maybe 4.
  14. Also agree with Zaltyre and Any2cards. The rule here is you must first spend any surges required to make it not a miss before anything else. For an example if you are adjacent to a shadow dragon and roll only one surge but cannot do enough damage to put any hearts on it you must still pay the one surge for shadow before you recover 1 fatigue. Also you cannot spend any surges unless it is not a miss. So no using the cross bow 15+ spaces away after it was a miss due to range.
  15. I think these are rather good and hope that FFG uses some of the ideas and prints an official new search deck. A few comments to help with play testing and design as I see a few issues. *First with any new potions make sure to consider how they will interact with Aurim. One possible way to handle it of course is just say no Aurim -Some of them are not clear how they would work with him. Two of them give an attack. Would that trigger on adjacent heroes as well? Its very unclear to me. -Haste potions is clear as there are other abilities to give movement point to heroes not on their turn. I believe it would allow all others adjacent to him to interrupt and move 5! Aurim on start of act2 could burn 2 of those and move the entire group 10 spaces! That could break some quests. -Liquid vigor also looks like Aurim may be a bit strong as well. Much easier to trigger successfully than a stamina potion. Start of an encounter all heroes are usually nice and adjacent. If he get lucky with heroic feat can even use on encounter one. *Unrelated to Aurim, Liquid Vigor had issues with bard skill of Warfarer. With that and at least one other skill including base he can get unlimited movement. Toss in Winged boot and he can even win a few quests in turn one!.
  16. While I feel your pain (ok not quite as much as I am slightly younger), I suspect it still comes down to $. Even with descent sales at 3X it is safe to say they make a lot more $ off X wing. Just take a look at the forum post count. While there is some business reason to grow in house IP that FFG fully owns, they probably still make more off the star wars IP even with expensive licensing costs. Descent 3,296 topics 33,632 replies X wing 43,724 topics 796,739 replies Imperial Assault. //Just for comparison 4,076 topics 43,823 replies
  17. I see you are looking at it differently that I. Its a problem with the English language. I just realized the "it" could refer to the deck or the last card draw. I took it as the last card being shuffled back but your way of see it is equally valid. Would be clearer to replace "it" with "deck" but maybe I am the only one to get confused.
  18. BTW there is a long section on dark charm here on BGGS if you want to read it. Rather confusing if you ask me. https://boardgamegeek.com/wiki/page/Descent_Second_Edition_Unofficial_FAQ#toc77
  19. Interesting class idea. I like the charge idea but would need to play test a bit to see how I felt about it. One mechanical issue I see is with absorption. As stated, you need to wait until the OL shuffles the last card. The issue is the heroes have no way of knowing that as the OL hand is secret. I would recommend you change it to when the overlord has to shuffle his deck due to being empty. That also punishes certain abusive behaviors of the OL.
  20. I believe there have been some official and conflicting ruling via replies to questions but see nothing in the FAQ. What we worked out was the OL may use the heroes base speed and anything on the weapon. So in my mind if what you said is on the weapon go for it but I see room to argue. In general, the OL cannot make a hero suffer fatigue with dark charm and similar affects.
  21. You wouldn't get to use the hybrid-classes. There is that issue. Better wait. Doubt the stores will have it by the 15 as status is still "on the boat"
  22. if you start now on the first half, its safe to say the 2nd will be released before you get to it.
  23. While i like the repeated terrify about as much as anyone else they had to have it in both sets as the leutenants are the same in both and they had the terrify. Also I agree that these should have been one big box rather than 2 small box expansions.
  24. I would not read into that too much. With tripling sales its safe to say that they will make more. From what they guy said about 100 times, they do not talk about unreleased products.
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