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  1. It is a sad truth that many, many players simply cannot role play credibly rational characters. Why? There are no "real" consequences for gak like this.
  2. *gasp* You mean it was Old Man Withers running the haunted theme park all this time? You mean it was really Neil Diamond instead of Gene Simmons all this time? Golly.
  3. Is there any reason to believe that would have been successful? The DS's superlaser was capable of destroying a terrestrial world, but that same amount of energy may be utterly incapable of doing the same to a gas giant. Of course it could. SW is science fantasy. A space opera, not a NOVA documentary. The script simply wasn't written to reflect the possibility. Timing and viewer tension were more important than science.
  4. Do you GMs have a preference as to when the player spends XP- at the beginning of a session, during a session's wrap up, or as the need arises? Or do you simply not care?
  5. "Unfortunately for D0-C, his successor was a D1-C model..." This left me in tears of hilarity. And then I realized the second way this could be interpreted, and I nearly choked to death laughing.
  6. I miss the likes of Pete Haines, Gav Thorpe, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore, Owen Rees and others that contributed to the 40K background in meaningful and thoughtful ways. The writers these days...it's like they went out and hired a bunch of virgins-to-the-setting fanboiz and set them loose with a pocket copy of the 40K thesaurus.
  7. Something else to consider aside from the speed at which a projectile/blaster bolt travels is the telegraph- the act of throwing something telegraphs the intent and is a visual aid in reaction timing, while a blaster or slug thrower simply volleys on the pull of a trigger, which is not easily noticed or predicted. Additionally, throwing something is generally limited to a very low RoF (one, or a handful of small items), while a blaster/slug thrower is not so limited- one roll of the dice does not necessarily equate to one pull of the trigger. So, I think, it would be far easier for anyone to deflect a thrown projectile- much like striking a ball with a bat. Trying to deflect a bullet with a bat... ...not unless the target is psychic.
  8. Beginning circa 2000, White Dwarf steadily shifted from a hobbyists magazine to a monthly pile of crap. Articles about terrain building, campaigns, and additions to the 40K setting were replaced by "BUY THIS NOW!" Ten years later, 40K prices have outpaced my gaming budget, and I no longer play the table top. The 40K RPGS (and Black Library...and rarely at that) are from where my 40K "fix" has continued to flow, so I might- might- purchase DH2e for the fluff. But I won't be playing it as a game. Firstly, like Simsum, I've taken what I want from the first representation of DH2e and expanded upon that (and many suggestions from other Original Beta participants). Secondly, I've moved on- since the 40K RPGs have stewed into stagnation for too long- and I'm utilizing the SWRPG system for the core, with 40K simply being the setting dressing. I look at it this way: at least we finally received an official 40K RPG.
  9. Light sabers are like Jedi: They're not as rare as one might believe. My group will never just find one. A FS in my group will be fortunate to hear rumors of them, with the likelihood of the rumors being just that, rumors. If a FS in my group wants one, it'll have to be personally hand crafted with incomplete instruction data and much trial and error. In fact, a FS in my group won't even refer to him/herself as being FS. Remember, everyone has "forgotten about" Jedi. Psychic abilities are frightening when realized, used and witnessed. "Did you just toss that guy with a gesture?" "Yep." "Get away from me, freak."
  10. So, basically, PC equipment should be treated like the General Lee? It was never in the shop...
  11. Palpatine kills Windu, and Anakin just stands there like a wanker. He knew he'd effed up. He also knew he didn't stand a chance where Windu failed, but that doesn't mean he should simply give in to being some ancient raisin's lapdog. I hate everything about Anakin in the OT. Hate. Everything. It really is too bad, because now, every time I see Darth Vader, I think "Wuss."
  12. Mm, yeah. I can't get enough palsy.
  13. I've considered this as well.There was some back-and forth about letting players reduce starting (base) characteristics for additional XP- here's the link to that thread: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/98470-reducing-stats-at-character-creation/ Perhaps this will be of some assistance?
  14. All the time in TV (and movies) except for this: there's no EoE script- big guy goes down, everyone else gets indignant, bum rushes the opposition, BOOM! Everyone down. Maybe they're captured, or looted and left for dead? Maybe some even die! But not one of my players would consider surrender if offered, even after their "tank" were laid low. So what now? The opposition doesn't want to accidentally kill the princess- they don't just grow on trees- but she's not surrendering! Stand there and take the bum rush, or put her down? What if she dies? That is a bad thing. Players simply do not behave realistically, even in-character, when playing a game. There's no script, so the TV/movie analogy is a little shaky.
  15. More appropriately: "In a game setting where combat is most assuredly inevitable, why does any player ever feel the need to achieve such exorbitantly high soak values with his/her character- sans armor- when the remainder of that character's companions do not or cannot?" At what point does enough trip over into excessive? And to address mouthymerc: There's nothing adversarial about it, as far as I'm concerned. I simply find the mechanic dusty and outdated, problematic* in many other games that utilize it, and would prefer a working alternative. *Of all the people I know that play RPGs in my area, only one or two of two dozen wouldn't continue raising soak just because the rules allow for it, and I'm one of them.
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