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  1. As G+ has been declining in popularity, and as easier method to discuss and chat (or even play rpg's), I have created a discord group for all those interested in Dragons or dragon related rpg's. It was born out of the Fireborn rpg community, so naturally any questions related to fireborn can be asked and discussed, but the group is made a bit more general to also allow other dragon related rpg's. It's been set up fresh, so not too many joined yet, but it trickles in slowly. I may even decide to run a one shot of Fireborn on it later, if time permits. Hopefully we can get a bit of a community going to discuss the rpg, dragons and even play a thing or too. The discord is here; https://discord.gg/cgyknJS
  2. Page 53 describes a ranked Edge, Resilient, that allows you to purchase additional "Minor Wounds", t's a Ranked edge that can go up to Rank 5. So that would account for an additional 5 wounds (max would then be 6 from the Earth statistic, + 5 for a level 5 "Resilient" edge). The last box is added as it's a row of 2 boxes each, but 1 extra unused box can easily be ignored. I doubt many will reach this "maxed" out wounds point though, but who knows?
  3. Not sure what "sources" your looking for, the homebrew stuff has already been assembled into pdf's, Lost Lore can be found on google drive, or possibly RPGgeek. If you meant what I was looking for (art resources), I unfortunately do not have anything other then what can be obtained from the original website/new website by downloading some images. However, to make something reasonably fancy as homebrew, I have been some succes with this; http://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/ It allows you to make homebrew in a 5e D&D style, but no reason why a fancy Fireborn resource cannot be created using it as well. For images, google can be your friend. Ofcourse if you decide to make it available to the internet, at least be courteous enough to add the original artists that made it and disclaimer it's used without (or with if you been able to ask?) permission. If anything specific you need, I can try pointing to a direction.. Most stuff was collected on the G+ community, but as G+ started to change..I find it is losing it's users quickly. Most changes are a bit unpopular amongst the suers after all. Still the google drive links and such are still functional.
  4. This seemed like a sudden burst of interest(?), but the Lost Lore pdf is easy to find. RPG Geek has it in the files section https://rpggeek.com/rpg/562/fireborn I have it uploaded to Google Drive, at the Fireborn G+ community, and it should be around on waybackmachine.org or internetarchive as well. (if you need me to put it on dropbox instead, I will) As for other content, it's been put up a bit in pdf's as series "Firey Embers", but general motivation, time and other priorities in life made it quite a rollercoaster ride in terms of progress or things done. Perhaps I should post more of the general updates from G+ on here too... I had at least ajf115 who did a lot of additional work on spells, sires, background etc. though. I made a few pdf's to mostly throw fan material together... but I am not a pdf or layout wizard, so any documents created so far may look amateurish at best, and are mostly fucntionally throwing stuff together for availability.
  5. I know that Fireborn has no reall downloads available anymore for Eratta/fan website resources or similar, but they might have been available in the past (?) If anything has been officially made available as resources for making a fan website, or similar package, I'd greatly appreciate being directed to it! Not sure if they did, if not perhaps someone can tell me which Fonts where used for the Fireborn core book, and possibly help recreate some of the layout of the book. I very much doubt Fantasy Flight will ever activate/provide a PoD version of any of the books now available as pdf on Drivethrugh rpg, and some of my group would really like to have something of their own to look into for the rules physically. I have thus been concidering recreating some of the pages of the rules into a booklet of my own design, adding in the eratta and some houserules we use (possibly extra content), but one is an artist and preffers thing to look "fancy", offering to try and recreate the book in a similar way to the official core book in design. It would greatly help having some resources to help out with such a thing, such as proper fonts, background and other imagery in good resolution. Any help with this would be appreciated!
  6. Helios Inferno

    New Spells

    Great stuff! I will review this in more detail later, but I like what you have so far. My presence is mostly on the G+ community, and will definately share this on there for a bit more exposure. Hopefully this gets enough traction to create a new (better) collection of spells for the game if more people come up with some interesting ideas of their own. (those using the fan-made powers and heritage for spell-engine/arcane breath etc. probably had some crazy ideas used or imagined waiting to be turned into spells I'm sure!)
  7. My apologies, I do not check the FFG forums as much, concidering Fireborn is almost all of my interest on this website and the forum has been.... well, quite dead in the past! I'm glad to see your support, and I do agree that spells wise it could have been so much more. Not only is the spell selection quite limited, it could have used more versatlie or varied options.. Glad to see you have come up with ideas to adress this issue!
  8. Thanks! Good to hear its been of use to you. Not sure if you looked around at g+ and such, but in case you where planning to use the excel char generator, I was thinking of rebuilding it as a cleaner version + a destinction of a homebrew vs official version of it. I used it originally for my own players, but with more experience in excel and new ideas on how to improve it, Its best to scrap the old version and start anew. Also to fix some issues with the old version and make it less fiddly. Got a lot of plans for stuff, but do let me know if anything is of a more specific or direct interest to you right now. I plan to focus on one project at a time, but can switch priorities . What kind of game are you preparing though? You make it sound like its a very ambitious project! P.S. Duke Nukem forever did eventually come out.... I sincerely hope even IF it goes through hell and back to finally come out it will be a lot better then Duke Nukem turned out to be x) They basically just spit out the game to be done with it, not because it was really finished or well done....
  9. Crossposted on the G+ Community I just made a first collection PDF containing all the available Outlooks, Dominant Breeds and Minor Breed choices for Dragons. The pdf shows a master list, with bookmarks to any and all fanmade material not in the official Corebook. I merely collected everything, with links to their respective sources on the internet, and added a few alternative options on some of the available Minor Breeds to optionally avoid some more problematic power chocies. (such as an Ephermal trait for Shadow dragons) But as they are opinion based, they are only added as an extra service. Use them whichever way you choose to include them in your games and enjoy! Dropbox link; https://www.dropbox.com/s/stve54wmpq6utm2/Firey%20Embers%20V1.pdf?dl=0 Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-AxldqQGhzMHE5QTgtT3BRbGM/view?usp=sharing When I have time, I will make a second PDF to contain all the New Powers and Heritage list that will help round out these new choices of Dragon Breeds. But for now..you have to be patient or find those new powers at the sources mentioned in the document. Let me know if it was of help to you, or if you made your own Houserules/Fan Material you wish to include in our growing Collection!
  10. Helios Inferno


    Perhaps you missed something.. On Table 1–2, remove the Filthy Rich lifestyle and increase all listed wealth scores, both in the table and in the listed backgrounds, by 1. This will result in characters having a wealth score bettween 1 and 6, with 1 being Homeless, 2 being Poverty, etc. Thus: A student originally with Wealth 1, will have a wealth of 2 after applying Eratta. Essentially this still means they have a level of "Poverty" as they originally had, only the actual score increased. (thus have a bit more possesions to start off with then before the eratta) The Paramedic now has a Wealth of 3, which corresponds to working class. And so on.. It may be a bit confusing how it's stated, but essentially you increase all the Wealth scores by one of all the backgrounds. The titles for each wealth level bumps up by 1 each in the same way, so essentially..nothign changes except for an 1 extra point in wealth => thus extra equipment for the starting character and a bit more money in their pockets.
  11. Mostly just as an interest check for now; I was thinking of perhaps making some re-organised books to properly list and show both fan made materials/houserules en possible listings of powers/breeds in a single document for ease of use. See it as similar to how netbooks where done for other fan-sites, and with the amount of material available for Fireborn I thought it be a good idea to gather these ideas into documents that are not as easily lost or spread out over multiple locations/places. Ofcourse the original sources will still be included and authors credited, and while the first few would primarily focus on excisting material, new netbooks might come up if old or new fans make additonal material to expand them. It's just an idea as of now, but as Fireborn never been "truly" dead, this might stoke the fires a bit among those dormant lurkers and old fans of the system.
  12. No problem, I'm glad you at least already have the Lost Lore document, as it has a few helpfull clarifications in areas that where a bit strangely explained or had typo's/editting problems. Other then the novels of Fireborn, the game's support just about dried up completely with not even the lost lore put up as pdf on this site or at drivethrughrpg where they brought the corebooks online as pdf.. It's a shame, as the system has some very interesting concepts, though it could use a revised edition to fix some issues in it. I hope you have fun with it though, I had some great campaigns/sessions with the game, and love how combat plays out wen everyone actually got up to speed with it. (at first combat may be a bit confusing to some players, best to ease them into it with a few short/simple combats to get used to it) Have fun! And if any questions arise, by all means! feel free to ask them. There is also an easier method for arranging the attributes then as it is in the book, and some other houserules available here on the forum as well as on the G+ community if your interested.
  13. First off; Purchasing the complete rights to it seem like an expensive ordeal, as it would also grant access to whatever assets they already have. I think your looking for creating Licensed products instead, which is a lot cheaper and whatever profit to be gained is generally a % of the sale or other, depending on the arrangement made. But I don't think Fantasy Flight is generally the kind of company to license out products other then perhaps novels written by authors outside FFG, so unless you represent a more known or larger company with a proven quality in place concerning writing etc. I give it little chance of success if any. Concidering the way to contact them; You could send a mail to them directly concerning Fireborn, if you haven't yet done so. Perhaps a phone call or consult a lawyer concerning this and the things you need to establish for it. In all honesty, I think that it's much easier to just ask if they are willing to allow for a fan-made but Fantasy Flight endorsed fansite or resource website to be created, where fans can keep the site alive and create fan-made pdfs or resources. Endorsement of FFG is not required, but it would be great if they ackknowledge it's excistence and possibly provide some minor things such as images or other to help create the site, suchas was done by Wizards of the Coast with a Birthright related rpg I think. Regardless, a fan-website with fan-material downloads or similar idea, would probably be your best bet. It could work out as supplement netbooks to be created, similar to Birthright, Ravenloft, and even Warhammer fantasy rpg. If you really only looking or getting profit out of it, rather then to keep the game alive.. Well just try contacting FFG using commercial channels, or if able, see if you can contact any of the original authors of the FFG Fireborn rpg book. I'm sure you can find email or other ways of contact if you look hard enough though.. I'd be curious what comes out of it.. Concernign fan-made material however; I'd gladly assist in gathering fan-made material or writing pdf's for expansion or collecting houserules in pdf books for general purpose concerning Fireborn. I think in general it be good to create better collected documents for what fan made material is already out there seeing a lot of it is really spread out over many websites, and some of them has already been lost/went offline.
  14. Venomous: One of the dragon’s natural slashing weapons (foreclaws, hindclaws, bite, razor tail, or spines) injects or is coated in debilitating poison. Any venomous attack that connects injects toxins into the victim’s bloodstream. On the dragon’s next turn, the victim must make a Water (Stamina) test with a TH equal to the dragon’s base Fire score. If he fails, he suffers a –1 disadvantage penalty per success by which he failed the test. Each turn thereafter, the victim must make another test to resist the poison, to a maximum number of turns equal to the number of wound dice caused by the attack. If the victim reaches a –6 disadvantage penalty from poison, his vital organs are paralyzed by the toxins, and he begins to suffocate as if drowning. Sorry for the confusion in this case but what is meant is: In the list of POWERS mentioned for the Aquatic Dragon, it states "Posion" as a power, and this one gets replaced by the Aquatic power. In TRAITS, they list aquatic and bioluminescent as traits, from these wo replace the aquatic pwoer with venomous as a TRAIT. Venomous trait gives the above description, it is also listed in the book under Misc traits on page 70 (page 71 of pdf). The Aquatic power is listed on page 78 (or page 79 of the pdf) The accurate version of the sea dragon is as following: POWERS Alternate Form Distant Mind Metabolic Control Aquatic Any One TRAITS Trait Type Armor 6 Flight 2 Sense Touch Skull Gaping Tail Constricting Misc Venomous Misc Bio-luminescent Note here that Aquatic as a power essentially functions the same as Aquatic as a trait. Aquatic trait gives 1 rank in the Aquatic power, therefore it was a bit redundant aside from that the "poison" power originally mentioned does not excist in the book at all. I hope this cleared it up for you!
  15. First off get the eratta (lost lore) if you haven't already: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-AxldqQGhzelRCcE4zWDhnNUU/view?usp=sharing Might also want to use a revised method for making a character.. Instead of the stat allocation costs provided in the book, give Scions 16 points and spend them on a 1 for 1 basis (0 gives nothing extra back) and only a score of 6 costs 1 extra point. For dragons increase this total to 21 points. This is muche asier and faster then as it is in the book, without altering the results you can achieve with it (other then perhaps added flexibility). Cards for action chains can be helpfull, could use dice of diffferent collours for each pol or tokens if you have it (to easily keep track of how dicepools are shifted around) and possibly have poker chips of 1 collour per player to keep track of karma and for karma bids. Basically some bits and pieces can help the game, and may have to houserule soem thigns depending on how well or not theyw ork for you. Just note stance changes etc. are only during combat. outside of combat you do not deal with these things at all. If your runing into problems with the rpg, it's definately going to be combat related, so take it a bit slow with a simple combat to ease the players into it.
  16. Want some sheets? Why not grab them here; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_-AxldqQGhzdnAzbnZPX2x5Q3M&usp=sharing&tid=0B_-AxldqQGhzSHJpdmdpWGNxSG8 Should have what you need. The official version also has a pdf fillable version, but generally use the deluxe sotum oens (red and green colloured) and have them printed back to back. When switching from Dragon to Scion (flashbacks etc) simply flip the sheet over to the other side and the correct stats show. If you preffer the "official" pdf fillable version, it's here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_-AxldqQGhzSHJpdmdpWGNxSG8&usp=sharing I hope it helped you.
  17. Generally preffer skype (voice chat) for rp's, with or without the use of roll20 for dice rolls etc But other stuff works too. I think timezones may be a problem however, so it be good to also state the timezone your in... I'm at +1 GMT Not sure if I can join in, as it might be tricky to fit in with limited time on weekdays, but I'll see. I tried an online Fireborn thing before, but combat still got a bit tricky to mannage.
  18. I use only the Air (casting) action, but it's still rulled as casting taking both physical and mental actions to complete. Only the Air (casting) roll actually has penalties if it fails. (gathering taint if not enough successes are rolled, or overkill damage if too many (but can be absorbed by casting options if you know them). However if you get attacked during that round, and you must defend you first defend, then take the fire action to keep your spell under control or it fizzles out. Most of the time my players make sure the caster is well defended or at a safe spot so it doesn;t come up much. The other method (perhaps even easier) you could use is simply stating it is a full round action taking both mental/physical actions to cast, and takes up an additional stance shift by default. Just to remove the fire roll removed alltogether if needed. It works as written as well, just an extra roll to take for mages.
  19. No problem. Magic is a bit fiddly.. so I fully expect there to be many questions. I also housruled it á bit, as needing two rolls for spellcasting felt cumbersome. (you take both a physical Fire (casting) action as well as a mental Air (casting) action to cast a spell. While it is meant to make it harder to cast spells and use up your dice shifts (making you more vulnerable in defense), I much rather have 1 roll for casting to speed it up.
  20. Google drive asking to install questionable programs? I think you mean wanting to install a google drive program, you should ignore that and just continue pushing the button stating "no thanks". It should only ask once, and yes...google drive can be accessed only if you have a google account I believe. I may need to find a better/easier site to upload the stuff for easy access, but didn't foresee this problem before. Thanks for mentioning it. How it works is pretty simple, but I can generally understand the book can be rather confusing at times.. It desperately needed a revised edition, but sadly never got the chance or ever will. In this case the ready actions bit is made more difficult to understand due to some bits being elsewhere (reloading) and soem things that where ommitted in the book and needed to be reinserted using the eratta (reload and weights of guns) The amount of ready actions required to bring a weapon to ebar or use it for a second time in combat is indeed based on "weight". A light weapon requires 1 ready action, medium weapons require 2 ready actions, and heavy weapons require 3 ready actions. The term "weight" should be used a bit lossely, as generally it's also definign how awkward the weapon is to wield. The ready actions required are mostly there to limit the amount of times you can attack, though it can also factor in if you didn't have your weapon ready in hand start of combat. (due to suprise for instance) Making small weapons favourable in such situations. Generaly if a weapon says t's weight is L => it's a light weapon and requires 1 ready action If it states size is M => It's medium and requires 2 ready actions If it states size is H => It's heavy and requires 3 ready actions If you have multiple weapons to use in combat, it can help out, as you could potentially use your right fist to punch, then your left fist, before needing to ready one of the punches for a third attack. (making it Right punch => Left Punch => Ready ( a punch is a "light" weapon) => Right punch ) For reloading, it's not stated on the page you mentioned, but is stated in the chapter where equipment and weapons are explained. In essence only ranged weapons ever need/use a reload to take place, and work a bit differently from melee weapons during combat. A ranged weapon has a weight (even though have of the weight/reload stats where missing from the book(!)), which is only used to bring the weapon to bear if you didn't already have it in your hands ready to shoot. For older weapons, generally all of them have an ammo of 1, and require active reloading every turn. (which requires the number of ready actions stated with reload) In modern times, guns have generally much bigger capacities, so their ammo is higher. In this case you can have a pistol like the Glock 34. Ammo is 18, so got a nice ammo capacity before you need to reload. Pistols are concidered light weapons, so taking a pistol from your holster takes only 1 ready action. For reload it states 2/3 , this means that after every shot, you need 2 ready actions to reset the trigger to fire a second time with the Glock 34, however.. once you emptied out the entire ammo clip, it takes 3 ready actions to exchange the entire clip for a new one. Some weapons are easier to reload or ready, and depends on the gun in question, but are NOT related to the weight of the gun itself. Overall you're much likely to use the ready actions stated under reload the most, as the size of guns only matter at the start of combat if suprised. Guns are likely to be shot multiple times per turn (if it's not a bow anyway), but please note guns should be rare in the setting. As written, firearms are very deadly, and at most hand guns can potentially be available to some characters with the proper background (police officers). Generally the 2 scores for a reload are only for modern weapons, or any weapon which has an ammo of higher then just 1, as either your reloading every time you fired a shot, or simply need to reset the trigger for the second shot (which takes less effort) Sorry if it's a bit of a quick reply. I may have missed a few things, but have to get to bed....it's a bit late when I saw your post.
  21. This is a point for the errata file, still a shame they didn't put it on the website for Fireborn (!). There was an old minisite for Fireborn which did keep the eratta file, but long taken off the web. You can still find the eratta for the book under the name of "Lost Lore" I had a print version of it along with my print copy of the book, but it never got put up as free download or included with the Fireborn pdf for whatever reason.. (I'd say lazyness). To answer your question; You are correct, and the diagram in the book is wrong. This is the right diagram, as presented in the eratta; Errata Page 29: In Diagram 1–1, the Health Chart is marked incorrectly. It should look like Diagram 1–1 as shown on the opposite page. In this example a above; Earth = 5 and Water = 4 Hope this helped you! Find the full pdf file on the googledrive area in my sig, I strongly suggest getting the eratta as it fixes/clarifies quite a few bits here and there. https://drive.google.com/?usp=folder&authuser=0#folders/0B_-AxldqQGhzSHJpdmdpWGNxSG8
  22. If you really need a single pdf with the cards I could try making one. It shouldn't be too hard to extract only the last few pages of the pdf after all. Can be done with a free program to "print" a file to pdf. Would have to search around for it and install it again. When I get the time and do so, I'll let you know and give a link to it. But.. as you rediscoverd the old cards it's probably not really neccesary anymore
  23. Thanks Dyslexic Dragon! I tried the link and it's a GREAT site, not jsut for the Fireborn books. With the free shipping, it's a good place to get other fantasy books there as well.
  24. They where official cards that where part of the "Lost Lore" eratta pdf file. For whatever reason, they never added the file together with the pdf releases of the game master's book and player's handbook for Fireborn, which iritates me greatly. However, that is not the end of it, as people have been helpfull enough to keep such material safe for the people who need them It's up on Google drive here; https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_-AxldqQGhzelRCcE4zWDhnNUU/edit?usp=sharing Some other tidbits are available as well; https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_-AxldqQGhzSHJpdmdpWGNxSG8&usp=sharing Glad to help you out anyway I can! EDIT; the Lost Lore pdf only contains the cards for the physical actions, generally this should be enough to work with, but it can be helpfull to also have the Mental action cards as well. The action cards for Mental actions where made by fans of the Fireborn community boards, and have also been uploaded to the Google drive.
  25. Bumping the thread to add; All the resources of the Fireborn.org community/message board recently where made available again! Just go over to the G+ community for the link. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/105713829403966293852 (there are some awesome costum character sheets available) We starting to get some interesting bits on there as well now, with an Author which is spending some of her time writing up an adventure (soon to be made into pdf), and trying to keep it updated with other useful links. I wouldn;t call it all a "revival" of Fireborn, but at elast it's showcasing people are still quite enthusiastic about it, and it's still being played!
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