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    Ailowynn reacted to BDrafty in Clone Wars Starmaps Voting Thread   
    This one. Should give you an advantage when facing Vader (Or his past self)

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    Ailowynn reacted to Jarval in Phones Taken from players during Stream games.   
    I'm not sure that I'd particularly trust a Twitch chat's opinion of what I should do in a game...
    As I said above, I'd be *deeply* unhappy about anyone wanting to take my phone away.  A simple rule of "don't use your phone at the streaming table" should suffice.  I'm a massive supporter of streamed X-Wing (having done a fair amount of it at my FLGS), but someone wanting to take my phone would absolutely stop me from being willing to go on stream.
    As I've said above, realistically what is the risk of people having their phone while playing at the stream table when compared to the other myriad ways people might choose to cheat if they want to?
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    Ailowynn reacted to _Zek_ in Phones Taken from players during Stream games.   
    I heard about a player who received a sms from a stream watcher to notice a mistake. I was very surprised to give my phone at french nats because what about the others 178 players in direct contact with public ?
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    Ailowynn reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Day 2 Coverage of the Mynock Open Starts at 10 am PACIFIC   
    Summary of Top 20:

    Lots of Imperial and Scum, but only 3 (15%) Rebel lists.

    Only three large ships in the Top 20: two Lambda Shuttles (Kagi and Sai) and a Scum-Falcon (Han)

    The most represented limited pilots appear to be Redline, Whisper, Fel, Boba, Palob, Fenn, and L3-37 (Shuttle).

    The most popular upgrades include Juke, Darth Vader (Crew), Collision Detector, Barrage Rockets, Proton Torpedoes/Bombs, Traj Simulator, Moldy Crow, Han (Scum Gunner), Marauder, 0-0-0, IG-88D, Tactical Officer, and Seismic Charges

    Nice Surprises: there's a Brobots list and A-Wings appear in a Rebel "swarm" list.

    Ships that I don't see represented at all include:
    Rebel: Y-Wing, E-Wing, B-Wing, U-Wing, K-Wing, Captured TIE, Auzituck, HWK, YT-1300, YT-2400, VCX-100
    Imperial: TIE/D, TAP, Decimator
    Scum: Khiraxz, Scyk, Kimogila, Scurrg, YV-666, JM5000, Lancer

    This means the majority of ship types for Imperials have placed in the Top 20 (great diversity), about half of the available ship-types for Scum, but only a minority of the Rebel line-up is represented.
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    Ailowynn got a reaction from C3POFETT in How are you painting your T-47s?   
    Love that blue one—looks like a U-Wing. Think that’s what I’ll do. 
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    Ailowynn reacted to __underscore__ in Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)   
    I guess anyone who doesn't qualify for Alphabet Squadron has to slum it in Yahoo Squadron.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Herowannabe in Alphabet Squadron (new SW novel)   
    And they’re calling it “Alphabet Squadron?” Really? 

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    Ailowynn reacted to J1mBob in Online Custom Quick Build Card Maker   
    When the new app gave us access to all of the card graphics, I made a quick build generator that uses that art and overlays ship abilities and upgrades.  Just paste your XWS into the form at this link:
    ...and hit Submit. Here are some examples:

    Please let me know if you run into any errors. Note that the format breaks down if you have roughly 4 or more upgrades, since you run out of room on the card.
    Thanks, and I hope you find this useful!
    Edit: if you have more upgrades, you can switch to the “fat quick build” version:

    infinitearenas.com/xw2fat (I plan to deprecate the xw2fat site; the fat layout is now an option in the xw2quick tool.)
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    Ailowynn reacted to jocke01 in Making T-47 Flyable   
    It's really not that bad of a unit. Pretty nice damage, can shoot over cover, good flanking unit.
    However, there is so much access to impact weapons and so many units with surge-crit. It can get focused down pretty easy, compared to the at-st's 11 hull.
    It's maybe 25p overcosted or should have 8 hull.
    If ffg won't errata the card we are left with a few options. Accept that it's not the best unit to pick for tournaments, hope for a good pilot card coming in a future expansion or wait 1-2 years for an ace pack with a retrofit card.
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    Ailowynn reacted to TauntaunScout in Giving Scout Troopers proper weapons (Modeling questions)?   
    And pistols are what they used in the movie. Just sayin'.
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    Ailowynn reacted to tsuruki in Any ways to make e-wing less ''mehhh'' in V2.0?   
    Pst, try the generics. Named Hi-PS pilots are more point expensive than ever and Generics really do bring bang for the buck.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Oberron in Rebel Lando - WAY better than you think   
    And on page 13
    A ship can execute a maneuver by resolving the following steps in order:
    1.Maneuver Ship:During this step, the ship moves using the matchingtemplate.
    2.Check Difficulty:During this step, if the maneuver is red, the ship gains one stress token; if the maneuver is blue,the ship removes onestress token.
    If you don't do both of those steps you didn't fully execute the maneuver, nothing to update in this regard.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Oberron in Rebel Lando - WAY better than you think   
    Fully executing a maneuver means you moved and checked the difficulty, you won't be able to trigger lando's ability til after step 2. You won't be able to remove the stress token.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Maui. in TIE Advanced x1 (Lord Vader’s Ship) ~ Force Upgrade   
    It's not any ship. It's only Force users, who already pay a premium for access to the Force, plus another 12 points for Supernatural Reflexes.
    Although I should also point out that Supernatural Vader can use his ability to perform additional actions pre-maneuver, after his barrel roll.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Tvboy in I disagree with FFG greatly on OP formats   
    Nothing’s stopping a new player from bringing their 2.0 only list to an unlimited event.
    Imagine if FFG hadn’t released the conversion kits? Most tournament players would have quit the OP in outrage. Banning all non-2.0 ships from tournament play is effectively the same thing as not releasing the conversion kits for the players that like to play in competitive tournaments.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Frimmel in End Phase Initiative Order   
    I'd follow the rules under "Ability Que" in the rules reference. 
    However, in the case of 4-Lom and Virago the timing is given. 4-Lom specifies "at the start of the end phase" and Virago is during the end phase. 4-Lom's effect processes before Virago's opportunity even comes about. 

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    Ailowynn reacted to Jike in Scum falcon - Escape shuttle = BS ?   
    As @JJ48 says, it's both entirely legal and also pretty terrible. The shuttle doesn't really do much while it's out early on and reducing its charges. Also, you need to be range 0 to dock, so it means your Falcon has to give up a turn to allow it to dock. Then when it comes out it's a fairly accurate Proton Bomb for more than twice the cost. That's a lot of points and effort for what it does. Once you see it once it's not hard to play around.
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    Ailowynn reacted to JJ48 in 1.0 upgrades you hope will find their way to 2.0   
    A lot of people are saying, "Flight-Assist Astromech", but it's not really needed for X-Wings, as they now have Barrel Roll and Boost (through closing their S-Foils), unless it still gave them as free actions, which would simply be too much in Second Edition.  Y-Wing and Arc already have a Barrel Roll (albeit Red), while the E-Wing already has White Barrel Roll and Boost.  If it just added the actions, only Sheathipede would fully utilize it, while Y-Wing and Arc could benefit a little if it also made the actions White.
    I'm not saying it couldn't or shouldn't be added, but I'm just curious what people think its role will be in Second Edition.
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    Ailowynn reacted to J1mBob in Online 2.0 Rules Reference browser (1.0.5 Effective 9/18/19)   
    I've made an online phone screen friendly version of the Rules Reference document. Looking at the pdf on my phone was getting a little frustrating, and the links in the pdf didn't work for me.  I'm kicking around ideas for additional rules info that might be handy to include. And if you notice any typos or errors, feel free to post here or use the rules browser's built-in reporting mechanism.
    Edit: I have a search feature in the browser but it seems to have broken. I’ll post an update when it’s fixed. 
    Edit: Search function working again!
    Edit: Confirmed working on Android devices now.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.2 Rules Reference, effective 9/28/18.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.3 Rules Reference, effective 4/10/19.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.4 Rules Reference, effective 6/6/19.  Updated search function to produce cleaner results.
    Edit: Updated to 1.0.5 Rules Reference, effective 9/18/19.
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    Ailowynn reacted to thomedwards in Upgrade Bar Reference Cards - First Take   
    I agree that the art could probably go away. The whole point of these cards is data (right?), so focus on that. Make the maneuvers more readable, like in a table or a picture of the dial. 
    If you want a picture, I’d use the ship icon that is used on the maneuver dial chits. I see you have it in the title bar—move it down and to the right with the movements on the left side. 
    And as long as you’re putting data on there, you might as well add a base size icon.
    That’s my only “change” feedback. I think this is a great idea and would definitely use them. Good stuff.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Jiron in Is everyone as impressed with the 2.0 HWK as I am?   
    If she has Moldy Crow. Otherwise only the turret arc.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Astech in How refreshing is it to not have to choose Push the Limit on Soontir Fel?   
    I'm enjoying not having Lone Wolf stapled to Dash anymore. Of course, there are many auto-includes now, like Juke on Defenders and Phantoms, but it's of a much lower calibre of necessity.
    Soontir came out at the exact same time as the Falcon - the ship that began the token (and tokenesque ability) stacking war. In 1st edition PWTs had to be stacked against. Now Soontir can dodge them literally forever. I've beaten a full health Asajj to death with a 1 hull Carnor in 1st edition, and Soontir is much better than 1st edition Carnor - cheaper, too.
    Why on earth is Soontir getting shot at?! I swear, everybody who played the BS of fat turrets has completely forgot the art of flanking. You can fit 5 TIEs in with Soontir (1 howl + 2 aces, or howl + Iden), and wham, suddenly Soontir isn't worth shooting at R3 obstructed. What's more, he's only a slightly more expensive TIE at 12 more points than Howl, and gains 1 attack and Initiative 6.
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    Ailowynn reacted to Icelom in How refreshing is it to not have to choose Push the Limit on Soontir Fel?   
    I disagree, while juke is very good on phantoms it's not mandatory to have the ship. Comparatively in 1.0 VI was literally the only upgrade whisper could take.

    I think you are confusing mandatory with strong. Juke is a strong upgrade choice but the ship can still do very well with other choices. While in first edition if you did not take VI you just died. Currently whisper in second edition is still good with outmaneuver , or crack shot, or predator, or elusiveness (off the top of my head). In many situations, those upgrades will outperform juke.

    This does not mean that Juke might not be better in most of the time, what it means is we have options in second edition instead of having to bolt an upgrade to a ship to make it even have a chance. 
    For example you might be running an ion turret or ion cannon on another one of your ships, this would drop the value of juke as it would force your opponent into having a focus every turn, however taking outmaneuver would be much stronger in this list as your odds of getting behind the enemy ships goes way up.

    Again strong upgrade /= mandaory upgrade. 
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    Ailowynn reacted to FTS Gecko in How refreshing is it to not have to choose Push the Limit on Soontir Fel?   
    Predator or Crack Shot for synergy with his ability?  Or Outmanoeuvre to exploit his initiative?  Or Lone Wolf?  Or Elusive?  ****, even Daredevil could be fun...
    What pilots with previously locked in upgrade slots are you planning on experimenting with?
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    Ailowynn reacted to XiliX in A few observations after playing with the mobile app   
    No offline mode: The app doesn't work if you don't have WiFi or over the air data.  This is a huge design flaw.  Why would you want to pay for the bandwidth for people to continuously be querying your data web service?  The database can't be more that a few megs.
    The app should have a local database.  When the app starts, have it check for connectivity to the data web service.  If it can't connect, it starts up using the local database.  If it can connect, it checks for updated data.  If there is updated data it retrieves it and updates the local database.  It then starts up on the local database.
    To check for an update, the app only has to send a date or version to the service and the service replies with the updated data or a database valid message.  This will greatly reduce your bandwidth cost since the apps are only sending and receiving about 16 bytes to verify they are up to date if there are no updates to download.
    After updating the database, it syncs the user's squads with their account on the server.  Also, after the data is updated, the user should be alerted if point cost changes has put any of their squad lists over the point limit.
    I realize, that keeping the database on the web server ensures that everyone has the same data, but what good is that if no one at a tournament can connect.  Also, why would anyone design a mobile system where the server is doing 50% or 60% of the heavy lifting.  Leverage the client hardware.
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