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  1. Reinforce is still gonna be pretty solid against them. You basically take one and only one damage per shot...not too shabby. Aside from that...higher PS. Dash. Arc dodgers. Standard swarm counters.
  2. Is that right? Was pretty sure it was Lando.
  3. One alternative to this that I really like is to roll a d10, and move in whichever way the tip of the die is pointing. A bit less precise, I guess, but it’s simple and entertaining.
  4. Ailowynn

    Ruthless in 2.0?

    I see it being pretty solid at around 1 point. Compare to Crackshot: similar result (one more damage), probabaly a bit easier to set up, and multiple uses—but you have to damage your buddies. Seems comparable.
  5. Don’t wanna spoil the fun, but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna work. I think the consensus is that the Advanced Sensors in Saw’s is a misprint; the for realsies copy we’ve seen previewed adds in “you may not perform another action this activation,” which prevents linking actions as well as things like Afterburners. That said, Daredevil AdvS Guri still seems real frickin scary. You can boost, DD, or curvy barrel roll before you move, all at I5, and potentially still get a focus. That’s some pretty insane maneuverability, even without the added shenanigans.
  6. Add to that list: came with an upgrade that lets you FLING BOMBS FORWARD!
  7. Yeah but at that point you’re flying three aces that can’t dodge arcs. You’d better be able to get torpedoes; otherwise, your offensive output isn’t gonna be good enough, even with double mods. Given the choice between three ships with double mods and four ships with single mods, I’d take the four. Your offense is comparable, but your tankiness just shot way up.
  8. Double mods coming from pilot synergies are usually good but not broken, if only because you break the synergy just by killing one of the ships.
  9. Ailowynn

    Scarif Theme

    Yeah, it really does get everywhere... which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t also coarse and rough and irritating.
  10. Depends entirely on cost. FFG has been getting better at paying pilot skill appropriately; hopefully we see this continue into 2nd edition. I imagine Initiative 6 turrets will pay much more than the standard 1 point for 1PS.
  11. The gym works much better than an app for arm building.
  12. Ailowynn

    2.0 Double Taps

    Double taps have always been strong, even with low mods. That said, for the cost you’re paying, I’d imagine they’ll be a lot more iffy—really good in some circumstances, but not worth it in others...in other words, balanced squad-building ?.
  13. I used it quite a bit in 1.0—it’s usually more accurate than taking apart the whole playing field would be, with all that opportunity to bump things out of place. As long as both players are cool with it, it works fine. But yeah, I look forward to having a bit more precision. It’ll really help speed up games I think.
  14. Got a link? I can’t find it looking through the x-wing section of their site. 5 bucks isn’t bad, but postage might be a pain across the pond....hmmm....
  15. I got a couple sets of Regionals templates that I’d really like to not be useless for 2nd Edition. I’ve seen a couple companies offering a conversion service for templates they’ve made, but is anyone doing the same for FFG templates?
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