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  1. For what it’s worth, I’d say that sometimes the aggressive play is the right one with aces. You have to get shots somehow; if you’re running away the whole game, you’ll lose. If you’re going to turn in, turn in both guys at the same time; your opponent can only punish one of them. Look up some YouTube videos of good players flying aces if you have a time. Seeing Duncan in action definitely helped me with my ace game.
  2. He’s cool on Thane. If they shoot someone else, you boost to close range and get a TL. Not too shabby.
  3. I think we actually saw the same idea pop up a month or so ago on these forums, don’t quite remember the thread... I think the idea has potential. Try it out, tell us how it works. Usually you get good advice on these forums. But then sometimes you don’t. I’ve been talked out of flying three E-Wings; that was a good thing. I’ve also been talked out of flying TLT Tactician (pre nerf, pre danger zone and all that); that was a bad thing. Edit—and actually on topic, it’s got a decent chance of triggering on Fenn. 3/8 on each die, so you should get something three turns out of four. It’s probably still a point too expensive, but it could combo nicely with Rex and Low for some impressive defense.
  4. Lol. Anyone who plays Catan also knows that probability actually has nothing at all to do with what you’ll roll.
  5. God dammit! Threadromancy strikes again, and of course I only realize it after I’ve gone through and like all those posts...
  6. Just realized...we’ve been missing the Youngster swarm! Expose on Youngster and Howlrunner somewhere in the’s not great, but if your dice roll hot it could shred some stuff. And only one guy pays the price of the -1 agility. Or maybe a couple, I suppose, depending on how quickly the first dude pops.
  7. You don’t want EI alongside Isard. EI stress you and Isard is an action. I’d do Expose+Palp though. Decimator is about the only possible candidate. For Expose to be worthwhile, you a) need to get another action so you can modify your shot and b) need to not suffer any agility reduction. What else can do that?
  8. Echo wtih Kallus is definitely strong and frees up more of your list over Whisper; and s/he’s also pretty strong. HotCop Phantom alongside a Juke Defender can be cool.
  9. I thought the same thing about Biggs originally, but the real power of his ability comes in at squad creation. Biggs lists use him to protect higher-value targets, and in particular help your formation close and deal damage effectively. Thweek lists are generally quite different; they’re not often formation flyers, and each part is fairly self-sufficient. Plus, Thweek costs about a third of your list; having him tank isn’t always a good thing.
  10. A bit off topic, but I really like the little plastic insert they put in the box—lots of little cubbyholes for storage. Much better than FFG’s standard big box with a cardboard cutout taking up half the space.
  11. I doubt Corran would even win in a 1v1. Kylo should be able to get solid shots in pretty consistently, and he only needs to proq ISYTDS twice to win.
  12. PA and AdvS is a good combo, but PT just allows more flexibility. Stress is a lot less concerning, so Tallon Rolls are always an option. You can also PtL after you move without too much fear, since you’ll still be able to reposition before moving if absolutely necessary.
  13. Premeasuring the barrel roll. You’re right, you can’t plop down the range ruler til combat.
  14. You’re correct on barrel roll/boost. Nubs dont count for measuring range with ships, but they do count for bumping and measuring range with bombs. On the barrel rolling issue...I know it’s illegal in tournament play, but I’m also pretty sure the original core set said you could pre measure barrel rolls (in casual play). That could be the source of confusion.
  15. Oooh fun 1) Silencer 2) E. I think it’ll be best as a filler or with three as an alpha stroke. 3) PtL. 4) 5) Yeah, I think stressbug will be decent. 6) Nah. 15 points for a free action seems excessive. It might make the cut, but I don’t see it winning. 7) ...yeah? I think? It’s a decent cheapish bomber. 8) None of the above. Trash ship, trash dial.