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  1. Pretty much though. I mean...watching that Top 4 match was something else. Surgically precise ace piloting for a solid hour, and then two bombs and that's GG.
  2. I'd kinda like some kind of Rebel Captive kind of thing, like "Once per round, when another friendly ship at Range 1 is declared as the target of an attack, you may assign one stress token to the defender." Thematic and still good, just not AS good.
  3. It'd be better in that his pilot ability would be more on par with other ships in the game. It would be worse in that you would never see ANY X-Wings played anymore, and if you did, they'd be exclusively Wes and Wedge. (I'd imagine)
  4. Supposedly in 8 minutes, but the way things are going, probably closer to 15 or 20.
  5. I was being facetious about the B-Wings, if that wasn't clear . That's a pretty impressive win, though. Paratanni in particular—I'd think with that list's speed and PS advantage it would be a pretty tough matchup. But I guess TLTs are pretty good at chewing through Manaroo and Asajj, and they'd mess Fenn up if they got him in arc at Range 2.
  6. A well-flown Corran could probably solo...but please. Any pilot worth his salt can beat 4 TLT with a pair of B-Wings.
  7. I gotta say, it bugs me that the Auzituck generics are at PS 1 and 3 -- it makes it so needlessly complicated to fly in formation with all your Rebel buddies. Oh, I know, I'll fly it in formation with my A-Wings, that'll work, right? Oh no, I got it! It's meant to be a wingman to the generic E-Wings! On the bright side, the PS 3 should fly nicely alongside Braylen, which opens up plenty of possibilities for a control list. Tactician on the Gunship, R3-A2 and Tactician on Braylen, and you've got some triple-stressing goodness (which, with Dengaroo and Defenders nerfed, is actually . . . good).
  8. 180 degree arc? TACTICIAN! STRESS IS BEST!
  9. Yeah, Kyle and Cassian don't work together. Which is a shame, because if they did, Cassian might actually be vaguely viable. I like the list as it is, although personally, I prefer something like PtL on Cassian; being able to stress yourself opens up some zero-stop shenanigans.
  10. Pshaw. You want a real rush? Run three TIE fighters.
  11. Just gotta chime in to say that this made me actually laugh out loud.
  12. Bombs need repositioning to be good. SLAM, in conjunction with Sabine, is what makes Rebel bombs good. Likewise, Deathfire is good on the Imperial side because he's cheap and can reposition and bomb in the same turn.
  13. More seriously, I think the current FAQ for Biggs is enough of a nerf. He's not going to win tournaments anytime soon; maybe it'll become a problem with an X-Wing nerf, but then again, maybe not.
  14. A petition is way too logical and organized. If you really want a Biggs nerf, you should just start thirty threads that complain incessantly about how good he is.