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  1. They only FAQed the CROC; why would it apply to any other ships? It might not be the ideal fix, but it's the only feasible one. What are they going to do, print thousands of new cardboard tokens and ship one to every person in the world with a CROC?
  2. "Your Upgrade bars gains the <bomb> icon. Once per round, before a friendly bomb token o removed from play, choose one enemy ship at Range 1 of the token. That ship suffers One damage." That's how I remember it reading. Which would make it non-optional but also a non-issue; if there aren't any enemy ships, you can't trigger it anyway. I guess if you wanted to not kill someone...maybe Tel has some nasty crits on him or whatever... Now let's see I I was right ....
  3. Love those dial covers.
  4. To be honest, this just makes me want to see some black and white prize support dice . . . The idea is interesting, but I wonder if it will be enough. I guess your TIE swarm now does about two more damage per round . . . except the opponent is also rolling one more evade against those attacks. Is one extra damage enough to bring balance to the Force? Likewise, your B-Wing might get one extra evade in a round, but I feel like that extra evade is going to go a lot further on Fenn than on Ibtisam; it's a quarter of his health vs. an eighth of hers. One-agility ships really suffer from dice creep: as the game has gone on, dice have gotten stronger, with more ways to modify them and maximize their impact; but hull and shields haven't scaled appropriately. Giving them a one-in-eight chance to roll an extra evade is cool, but I don't know if it's enough, especially considering that other ships also benefit from the change . . . . (Plus, the B-Wing's problems kinda go beyond statline issues . . . their dials are just way too slow at this point, their aces are largely overcosted, and so on . . . grumble grumble I want my jousters back).
  5. The engines have a real Firefly look to them. I like it.
  6. Any repositional ability goes a long way on a huge ship. Even if you don't run someone over, Cassian still opens up quite a few options; and he's a lot cheaper than some of the other huge ship crew options.
  7. Yeah. If you have Scavenger Crane, EM, and a torpedo, you can have 3+ shots; but you're recovering the torpedoes themselves, not the Extra Munitions card. That said, I'm pretty sure that if EM WAS somehow discarded (e.g. Boba) you could recover it with the crane, since it's still a torpedo upgrade.
  8. In Epic, there are a lot more ships on the board, and so a lot more attacks. The more passive defense (e.g. Agility) you have, the better you tend to fare. Ghosts, therefore...not so great. Still a solid ship, but in my experience, they just get focused down too quick.
  9. I was very much on the Kylo hate train for a while, but after seeing him in action--and actually flying him--I don't think he's THAT bad. He's not exactly fun to fly against, but he's not impossible to deal with, either. I've lost games where I've dealt two Damaged Cockpits and a Blinded, simply because the opponent was able to compensate for the loss. The real issue I still have is that he's highly matchup dependent. Against a swarm, he's pretty much useless; against a two-ship list, he's practically an auto-win. He'll brutalize a Ghost, but might never punch through an ace's agility. I'm not a big fan of cards that can ruin someone's day just based on the matchup.
  10. It would just be nice to have some official clarification. What happens, for example, if I search a deck for Blinded Pilot, but both of them have already been dealt? Do I have to search for a different Pilot crit? Or can I take a different action, instead? What if there simply aren't any pilot crits -- did I waste my action, or do I get another one? Personally, based on the precedents set with other actions, I'd tend to say that if you don't find the crit you're looking, you can Kylo for a different crit or choose a different action; but that's just me. I can see other arguments being made, and it would have been nice to get some clarification on this card, since it's kinda confusing and fairly common.
  11. And here I was thinking "yay, at least we'll get some Kylo clarifications before store champs this weekend..." but no. Still don't really know whose damage deck the card comes from, or what happens if you search for a crit that's not there, or what happens if there are no pilot crits left... I guess it was a bit much to ask for the FAQ to answer any questions.
  12. I think they would pretty much have to release a new box with new minis due to licensing concerns. I could imagine them doing one box for each faction, each box containing a new ship or two (from a new movie, perhaps) as well as updated cards and cardboard for each previous release. I doubt that will happen for a while, though; they're still raking in the money.
  13. Personally, I prefer Gyroscopic. With PTL, you're pretty well limited to high-speed maneuvers anyway; and predictability really isn't that big an issue. Half the time, everyone knows you're doing that three-turn anyway. Plus, the one time a game you use it to fake someone out can pay dividends.
  14. Another possibility is to fly Echo or Whisper alongside a ship (probably a Decimator) with Kylo crew. That way you just slap a Damaged Cockpit on Dengar and boom! you cloak. But then again, that build might not be the most fun ever. LWF is cool, but even with that, Phantoms go pop pretty easy. Putting it in a list with another big threat to draw fire might help the Phantom stay alive a little longer.
  15. Best Corran is 49 Corran: R2D2, EU, PTL, and Advanced Sensors. In a meta that's got really high defense or a lot of high-offense aces (cough Fenn cough), FCS is stronger; but any other time, take Advanced Sensors. As long as you move last, I'd imagine he could solo any two-ship list in the game. The insane maneuverability coupled with regen and bumping invulnerability is pretty disgusting. Although . . . style points for APTs