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  1. Who is the Scum 'Howlrunner'?

    Serissu is the closest analogy, and yeah, she’s not super good. She can pair nicely with aces, but in a swarm there’s no real incentive not to just focus her down first. Your opponent chooses whether or not to trigger her ability, not you. For a Scum swarm, I don’t really think there’s a clear analogy. That said, N’Dru is always a solid cheap ship, and Z’s can always roll with Harpoons.
  2. How to (easily) save the game

    Idk, I think it would be kinda cool. Eliminates all “fix cards” though. Anything that sucks now would suck forever. But I do like the simplicity.
  3. New article: "Cracking the Metagame"

    Lol. I think I agreed with your original point, but when Palp Aces was dominant it was one of the most anti-fun archetypes in the game. It was very much oppressive. Remember, it was B-Wings and X-Wings trying to take these buggers down. Oh ****, my B-Wing rolled three hits! That’s cool! Oh Soontir rolled five blanks! He gonna die—oh wait, no, Palp evade Autothrusters, zero damage. It was every bit as oppressive as Fairship. Both are based around not playing the game; they plink, and then run away and win on points. It’s mind boggling to me that we’re at that is a fun, wholesome list.
  4. An idea for unshielded TIEs

    I guess you wouldn’t want it on a TIE/sf then
  5. Raclo + friend vs. Ghost Fenn?

    I think you basically Kylo whoever you can most easily Kylo. If it’s Fenn, make him PS 0. If it’s the Ghost, Blinded. Even then it could be tricky, though. 4 TLTs is 4 damage a round against RAC, and without Autothrusters, Ryad probably takes two a round. If you’re gearing against Ghost Fenn specifically, I think you want Autothrusters aces and/or PS 11 with a solid bid.
  6. jump 1 in inches?

    I’m interested to see what Jump 1 means horizontally. Can Luke jump a yawning chasm? It seems like he should be able to.
  7. jump 1 in inches?

    At least in legends, the speeder bike has a max altitude of 25 meters. If we say 1 inch is roughly equal to 5 feet, a height 1 building would be 30 feet, which is somewhere around 10 meters. Speeder bikes should be perfectly capable of cruising over that. (I know it’s a different vehicle, but think about the podracers—they’re similar sized repulsor vehicles and they soared way up high).
  8. Standby action

    Based on the rules quoted above, it seems pretty clear to me that what matters is where the unit is when it takes an action. So if the unit starts at Range 1-2 and moves out, you get an action because it was at 1-2 and took an action. If it starts at Range 3 and moves into Range 2 (and takes no further actions), you would not get a standby action because it was not at Range 1-2 and taking an action. If it moved through the Range 1-2 band in a single movement (out-in-out), you wouldn’t get a standby action because again, the unit is not at 1-2 and taking an action.
  9. Star Wars Legion painting and extra bling!

    That’s freakin badass. I want one.
  10. So...U-Wing and Tie Reaper in wave 2?

    I could see them doing it, just not to scale. Like epic X-Wing. That said, I would expect it to come further down the line. There are plenty of core units and commanders to get into the game, as well as the possibility of other factions being introduced. And a big box like a U-Wing would probably be a bigger risk for them; they’ll want to see how well the game sells before they commit to something like that.
  11. AT-ST compared to an Imperial Knight

    $130?! Geez, now I remember why I’m always steering clear of GW...
  12. X-wing Community Mod

    Checking back in, I really like the way this is all shaping up. Punishers and bombers look actually playable! And I do really like the Sabine change you ended up making. Same with Cad. They’re good RNG insurance this way, but not OP. Keep up the good work!
  13. I said he was good. 😳
  14. What world would we be living in if...

    The issue is flying in formation with hips of different sizes. If I want my medium base to stay in formation with my small base, I have to go half a move slower—so what, I alternate between one seed faster and one slower? And hope that I’m in the right spot when I need to turn in? If I’m half a base length back, how confident am I that my banks won’t make me bump? ****, how do I even set up in formation? Two ranks takes up the entire range band with zero room for deviation. Too much of a headache. It just wouldn’t be worth bringing those ships in my squads. (For the record, I didn’t mean to say I would quit the game—just wouldn’t bother with those ships).
  15. What world would we be living in if...

    I’m with the other guy, it would be freakin awful. I personally have flown K-Wings, HWKs, ARCs, and U-Wings in formation, and I’ve seen Silencers and Scurrgs in formation. Brobots...well, there’s only two. I would never have bothered with any of those lists if they were on 1.5 size bases. Period.