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  1. The white defense dice don't work.

    I pretty much agree with what you’re saying here, I just didn’t get any of that out of your original post. Sounded like you were saying that spamming troopers is the ONLY viable way to run Rebels, which I disagree with, partially based on experience, and partially just because the game hasn’t been out long enough to make such sweeping generalizations. That also applies to the comment on I get that your RTs are fillers, but I’ve certainly never felt like the points I’ve spent on vehicles are wasted. There’s counterplay, and that goes both ways. But yeah, troopers can’t soak fire all day long. I get that.
  2. The white defense dice don't work.

    I just disagree so much with all of this. I’ve just been playing with 4 troops, 2 RTs, Luke, and a T-47, and at least in my experience it’s worked out real well, I think I’ve only lost two games with that setup. Airspeeder is the highlight of the list, and I don’t really ever feel like I’m losing the damage race...different experiences, I guess. (Also, what do you mean by saying that all vehicles are irrelevant? You’re taking 3 RTs; you just saying that the heavies are irrelevant? Except the ST? So actually you just don’t like the airspeeder? Am confused, pls explain).
  3. The white defense dice don't work.

    I don’t find it to be much of an issue, just a trade-off. Rebels have crap defense dice but they’re good at offense; stormies are the opposite. Both can use an action to make up for their weakness. Behind cover and particularly with a dodge token, Rebel troopers really shouldn’t be dropping that quick unless they’re taking a BUNCH of fire, at least in my experience. It may also be a bit psychological. I mean, with white dice, if I roll anything, I’m happy. With red dice, if I DONT roll something, I’m mad. But if you’re getting tilted at blanks on white dice, it’s gonna be a rough game.
  4. poll: how long have you been playing?

    Been playing since the December after Wave I dropped, which I think was 2013, so 5 years. I’m very unhappy with the state of the game. Casual play is pretty fun, but competitively both the game and community have gone steadily downhill (IMO). How much? Too much 😝. At least one of every ship, up til G4H.
  5. Reinforce token

    I don’t think you can. They are equivalent, except in cases of overkill.
  6. Using Lego as terrain

    We’ve got a house rule with a LEGO slave I on the table...every round, roll a d6; if it’s less than or equal to the round number, he flies away. Very entertaining 😛 And, more relevantly, the ship is a very good scale for legion. It works, although it obviously looks a bit out of place next to all the fancy painted minis. But that can be part of the fun.
  7. Standing Orders Turn 1: Food for Thought

    One thing to keep in mind is that the threat of a command card is often as effective as the actual card. The game changes a lot when you’ve already played both of your 1-pips, for example. Likewise, the threat of Master of Evil can really make the Rebel player think about where to put his troopers and where to put Luke.
  8. Supremacy-class Interceptor

    Not sure I agree with this. I mean, I’m sure you see an effect on the meta, but you’re doing two hits per attack, not two damage, and pretty much every ship worth a **** competitively can shrug off two hits routinely. Timewalk Asajj laughs at it. Rey is fine with it. Arc-dodgers can arc dodge some and dice dodge the rest. Wookiees laugh at your twenty damage...if they roll two evades or less against your eight attacks, you kill ONE. The competitive ships that are most hurt by it, in my mind, are Miranda, Nym, Ghost, QuickDraw, and Deci. That last one sucks, but the others are acceptable losses in my mind. At this point in the game, I feel like the question isn’t whether a new ship is OP, it’s what that ship is OP at. If we got arced ships that are okay with jousting, I’d be okay with that.
  9. Supremacy-class Interceptor

    Yeah, I didn’t mean to be critical of your design, I think it’s on point. Just the zero power creep idea is unrealistic.
  10. Supremacy-class Interceptor

    I mean, it’s definitely power creep over current base-level ships, but that’s literally the only way it’ll be competitive considering how terrible things like a PS 1 squint or an A-Wing are now. Looks like a decent filler as is. PS 1 with title is two points cheaper than a PS 1 Striker with LWF, and they basically have the same statline (and this should be cheaper than its counterpart, since the PS 1 Striker sees zero competitive play). Malgus is 1 point more than Sabaac, which seems about fair for +2 PS on that chassis. AdvS is roughly on par with Ailerons; Malgus doesn’t lose his ability when he takes damage, but he doesn’t get five dice Range one. Seems fair.
  11. Snowtroopers - Targeting Scopes Auto-Include?

    Which balances out so nicely with the fleet troopers...I really hope the design stays this solid in waves to come.
  12. I’d rather have more units because stormtroopers aren’t gonna do any damage anyway 😝 Really, though, I think you are better off with one more objective claimer and one more activation.
  13. 600 pts. Rebels for Tourney

    Are the scopes worth it? I do really like them with the Z6, but they eat up points and actions. Remember, Precise only helps if you already have the Aim. So you get an extra reroll, but you’re pretty much relegated to aim + shoot each round rather than moving.
  14. Clear bases

    It’s a tricky situation to be sure. I think some amount of compromise is necessary, but there are small ways to tie your forces together. One way—paint the edges of your bases the same color. If you’re doing gray, do it for stormies and snowies and everything else. The other main way I see is to find an element that can bleed through and fit multiple terrain type shots. Shrubbery is one example—you can go for some snow-covered tufts for your snowtroopers. Another is artificial terrain. If you base your stormtroopers on concrete (sorry, duracrete), you can have little bits of concrete poking through the snow (ruined or not). Little details like that are, I think, the best way around the dilemma you present.
  15. Boba Fett - Where!? (A Fan Idea)

    I would just give him Speed 3, Jump. If you really wanted to, I could see a Jetpack with a free action: until the end of this round, you gain Speeder 2. So he has to do the compulsory move, but he gets to choose which turns to activate it.