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  1. To be honest, I never fully understood this weird division between competitive and casual. I mean . . . I guess if you asked me I would say I'm a competitive player because I go to tournaments, but it's not like that means I fly only T1 lists. In fact, I generally try to avoid doing so; I play to have fun. I play lists with A-Wings and Z-95s in them. I play 89 point lists, and my next tournament squad is two Upsilons. But it's not like I'm just some casual who goes to tourneys to get crushed; I generally expect to make the cut and I've got some decent finishes to my name. And it's also not like I build a list thinking "THIS HAS TO BE COMPETITIVE OR CASUAL, BUT CAN'T BE BOTH." When I make a squad, I want it to be the best it can be, while still being what it is. If I fly two Upsilons, it'll be two good Upsilons, dammit. If I fly Corran and Wedge, it'll be a good Corran and a good Wedge. Why can't something be competitive and casual? Why can't I play HotAC and play in tournaments?
  2. To me, the main problem with X-Wing right now is combo-wing: things like Paratanni or Fairship that are schockingly efficient because of a specific combination of cards. Increasing the point level exacerbates that issue. True, some builds become more viable...but then they have to deal with stuff like Fairship+Kanan, which becomes absolutely horrific.
  3. Try r/xwingtmg on Reddit. Don't know if it's great but it's better than here.
  4. One time I had PS 8 Corran against PS 9 Poe. I made a couple of mistakes and he got some damage on me. Desperate, I did a 2-turn into the corner of the board (instead of a two-bank away). It saved me one round, but after that, Poe was back on my tail... Anyway, Poe ends up chasing me into the corner of the board, and at one point, Poe is angled 45 degrees from the board edge and probably less than a centimeter away--a 2-turn keeps him on, but not by a ton. Corran is parallel to the board edge, stressed, and has a hull and a shield; I'm not going to win. So I dial in a two-hard, leaving me on the board by about half a centimeter. Poe moves, bumps Corran, and gets blocked off the board. I was pretty proud of that one.
  5. Here are some of my thoughts: 1) The Meta still exists. It's impossible, or at least infeasible, to avoid that, and to some extent, a meta is part of what makes the competitive game fun; you can predict it, usurp it, reform it... 2) The Meta is not overpowering; other builds are still useable, even if they aren't QUITE as efficient. Pilot skill and the surprise factor can even the table. 3) There are counters, but not hard counters. Bombs hurt aces, but aren't insurmountable; TIEs chew through a Falcon, but can be bested by good piloting. This is the essence of avoiding an NPE; there is no "no-win scenario." How you play matters more than what you play (but both are, of course, important).
  6. Yeah, if the U-Wing had Coordinate, it would at least have a niche. As it is, the Upsilon is just so much better...not being able to turn around isn't so bad when you can get a few four-dice shots in, and then feed actions to your buddies. The 0-stop turnaround on the U-Wing is honestly just trash; it's so circumstantial and so punishing to use that it's hardly worth the zero points it costs. On top of that, they made it a large base ship, which makes it incredibly difficult to fly alongside other Rebel jousters. I think they wanted to make it a blocker, a concept that is frankly laughable with that dial and no repositioning.
  7. Pretty sure the OP was being facetious. Y'all might be taking it a bit too seriously...
  8. Now that I could get behind. It's still pretty tanky and a good support ship, but it'll have trouble pumping out tons of damage. See how it works on the table and maybe tweak some point costs accordingly, but I think you've got a solid chassis. My only remaining suggestion would be to make the droid repair team force you to discard the specific droid whose ability triggered; it makes it more risky than just R2-D2 and a bunch of garbage mechs shielding him.
  9. Maybe stop derailing the thread? If you want to talk about which turret to put on Nym, go start a thread entitled "which turret to put on Nym," which, incidentally, might be worth some consideration; I mean, a year ago, how many people would've put Autoblaster on Miranda? But then Nand did it and got second at Worlds, despite conventional logic. Sometimes it's worthwhile to try new stuff, and sometimes the old stuff really is just better. On topic: there are a few contenders. Nym is the new hotness, but if he gets caught out of position, he'll die fast. Fenn and Dengar won an SC a bit back, if I remember right, and that list had the benefit of Advanced Proton Torpedoes in all their glory. I feel like Asajj would also be a good choice; who do you go after, the offense or the defense?
  10. That's fair, although there always will be that one matchup that just destroys's largely a question of how well you predict the meta.
  11. Yeah, dice creep isn't just NUMBER of dice; it's also consistency. It's at the point where, if you don't have TL+focus, you wonder why you're even trying. To be honest, the only real RNG in the game anymore is matchups, to the extent that your matchup basically determines who will win the game. Everything else is secondary.
  12. To some extent it's less about it being balanced and more about it being fun. If you tacked an extra four points onto Corran, he'd be more balanced, but he still wouldn't be fun to play against. Ideally, you want both; a strong ship that ISN'T cancerous (a concept FFG has yet to master). My advice? Give it a Team Upgrade slot and include a card that's "Astromech Repair Team" or something similar. Perhaps "discard this card to recover two shields (up to your shield value)" or something similar, which is also thematic as we see the mechs getting blown away in TPM. Plus, they aren't plugged into the ship, they're roaming around fixing things, like R2 Crew instead of R2 Mech.
  13. I'm sure this would be fun in casual play, but in terms of competitive balance, it seems pretty far off. Two Astromechs opens up BB-8+R2 or RD+R2-D2 or R2-D2+BB-8 or R5-P9 . . . lots of stuff. What if you did two RecSpecs and both regen bots? With 11 shields and the ability to regen two per round, you'd be pretty frickin' tough. Five-straight with native boost on a large base also seems a little off; it makes this ship, which is practically a corvette, the fastest stock ship in the galaxy (sorry, A-Wing). That speed also contradicts its zero agility; I feel like it should be more of a glass cannon than anything. And then the Reinforce action makes it super tanky, and throwing in the title just seems like another Fairship Rebels list . . . you can probably fit Biggs, Lowhriick, and the Amidala in one list for a frickin' unkillable build.
  14. I don't know that EI is really necessary. You're a support ship. If they shoot the Wookiee, that's great; they're not shooting Norra. If they shoot Norra, that's also fine, because she has an extra focus and an evade. Maybe go up to the PS 3 and throw on Predator if you're really worried about offense, but I don't see it being too big an issue.
  15. That is the smartest thing I have ever seen in my life....mind. Blown.