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  1. I'm probably just overlooking something here, but I gotta ask: can a figure upgrade be the last one left in a unit? If I have a frontline Rune Golem and everyone else dies before him, does he continue to act as a tray of spearmen with the frontline Golem upgrade? (Cus if so that seems . . . kinda goofy).w
  2. Woah. Wait. You can re roll the same die multiple times? Huh. Today I learned. It's almost like this isn't just X-Wing.
  3. It's pretty cool on Norra. (And Jan, for funsies). Really though, APTs are an example of a card with good design, but poor costing. It's just too expensive for how situational it is; but I don't think there's a good errata fix for it. Make the range 1-2 maybe, or cut the cost to 3 or 4.
  4. FFG doesn't generally sell rule books separately (except for RPGs). The core game has a rules reference, and I'd imagine some of the army expansions will come with inserts explaining a few new rules -- but that's it. No splatbooks and no new edition every two weeks.
  5. Yeah, R2-D2 and similar effects are just redundantly worded. You can't regen up to fifty shields
  6. Yup, you still get to use the bot. Number one rule of X-Wing: just do what the card says. R5-P8 doesn't say it's an attack, it doesn't mention being in arc, nothing; it's just "after defending."
  7. Three Bs and a Y. Might lose every game, but I'll have fun doing it.
  9. Sorry if I was unclear. I agree that dice are a big part of the game, and oftentimes, the best players lose games thanks to dice. When Paul Heaver complains about bad dice, he's justified in doing so. The point I'm trying to make is that, if you want to improve, you shouldn't blame the dice for your losses, even if it appears that they were the cause. I often see newer players do this, even when the real reason they lost had more to do with strategy and piloting error. However, being ignorant to the more complex, strategic side of the game, they simply blame the dice, which keeps them from learning anything. Once you ARE good, and have a firm grasp on the deeper, strategic levels of the game, you can determine when the dice are to blame and when they're not. But if you want to GET good, you should assume that there's something you could've done better, and figure it out.
  10. I'm actually stoked about the chance to paint up some minis, but I don't know that I'll buy in. It's expensive, and the maneuver templates just don't seem to fit for a land game. Maybe for cavalry, but it seems weird for infantry.
  11. Don't blame the dice. The number one thing that stands in the way of new players gitting gud is the tendency to blame the dice. Don't do that. Everyone has to deal with dice, and we still have a select group of consistently strong players who always place high. Chalking your losses up to RNG is the best way to learn nothing from them.
  12. Yeah, stresshog is A Thing right now. Messes with aces and messes with bombers--what's not to love?
  13. This may help . . . But then again, it may not. Pretty sure I've seen Hera go for closer to 15 or 20 . . .
  14. I'm a fan of making her discard on use. Makes her a lot less useful in spam lists, but still solid on ships like Ashoka.
  15. 4TLT vs 4BZ is actually a pretty tricky matchup if the TLT player know what he's doing. A good TLT player will be able to keep a bunch of B-Wings at Range 3 pretty easily. So you've got four three dice attacks with focus vs. two dice? That's what...2.25 expected hits and .75 expected it 1.5 damage per shot on average. Your B-Wings do 6 and your Z does maybe one; on average, that Y-Wing is still breathing. And it only gets worse with more less ships; any four ship jousters list has to get pretty frickin lucky to win against TLTs. That's my main problem with turrets at the moment. It's basically dodgers>turrets>jousters>nothing.