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  1. If only there were some Good Samaritan with inside information who could leak it for us...
  2. Autothrusters would be a good buy on those guys. Makes you a lot tougher against those TLTs.
  3. Crane on the Khiraxz sounds smart to me. Glitterstim isn’t really necessary for the alpha strike; you’ve already got a focus because of Deadeye. The real issue is that the Ks might just die before they shoot... Personally, I’d probably take the title or Gyroscopic. As is, stress will shut you down hard. Tractors are a good counter to most stress control ships, though.
  4. Too bad he can’t take an EPT to fix that
  5. Wouldn’t work for the game as is, but I would like to see it in a future iteration.
  6. The record listed corresponds to the ship in the Protagonist column, right? Because I find it very funny that the best list for beating triple jumps is now four Rebel jousters.
  7. Mostly worried about the impact on Jess. I think I’ll have to switch to Thane.
  8. Holy sweet ghost of Ben Kenobi, I think this might be my favorite repaint ever. It’s just freakin hilarious
  9. I’d probably do RAC (EU, Adap) or Kenkirk. The Deci gets burned down by multiple attacks; one a round wont do much.
  10. Pattern Analyzer is a necessity. Also, if you wanna be crazy, try Daredevil over EH. You can turn around in one turn (even over debris, if you want).
  11. I’d tend to put Carnor at #1 because he’s slightly less meta dependent than Fel, if only because PtL isn’t stapled to him. Turr is pretty cool with Intensity. Tetran with Stay on Target is kinda cool.
  12. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here; every faction and every play style has its highs and its lows. A year ago, Rebels were finally scraping their way back into competitive viability; now, they’re one of the top dogs. Harpoon missiles will be...interesting. I’ll have to play them to see what I really think, but I feel like (four ship) Rebels will still be playable. Try Roark alongside Rex, or Thane instead of Jess; the mainstays will change, but there are still good ships out there.
  13. I find it funny that Imperial players (not necessarily you in particular) mostly lament the lack of aces in the game, but also miss the Defender being in the game when it was one of the main reasons aces fell out of favor—why take Soontir when you can have something equally tanky with better offense? Also, saying that something is balanced compared to Paratanni is saying that it was unbalanced as all ****. That’s not a good standard; just because other things were also toxic and op doesn’t mean Defenders weren’t.
  14. I wanna make a map that’s literally just Bespin Platforms from the original Battlefront. Don’t know how you would make it work, but if you would be pretty awesome