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  1. Yes, it is very useful for people who play only with 3 players, but in order to make it more balanced, me and my group choose the alliances Stark/Greyjoy, Baratheon/Lannister and Tyrell/Martell to make it a bit better for stark, because stark is very weak it they are against greyjoy, but this is only my opinion. But to summarize, it is definetly more fun if you play only with one house per player
  2. well, when we play it, we do it. If its wrong you can do it as house rule. Greetings
  3. keep calm, you will have to wait. not anybody has this expansion(me too).
  4. Hi ruferto i found this in the comments on the german amazon site. To answer your questions: Each house is playing in every round(you have to set up your tokens with both houses) You cant attack your other house, but support it in a combat You cant use your second house ships, not for marchin over ships or combat... You can only use your own cards not from the second house You make two bids, one for each house You win exactly as with one house per player, but instead of 7 strongholda and castles, you need 9(trust me this is not as easy as it seems) Thanks for your questions Greetings MakoCLoud
  5. @mungkei: i think he means something else. You get all your housecards, the 6 discarded and the one you play as your last card. You will have all 7 cards after the combat.
  6. well as written on the card you need Winterfell and 5 other areas with strongholds and castles, why is there a missunderstanding?
  7. Yeah the Support from FFG is very good, you should buy the second edition because you can play it with max. 6 Players, and yes the only bad thing is the 4-Player variant, maybe you know other people or you can to a FFG retailer store in your area, maybe he knows something that can help you. But i would really recommend you to buy the 2nd edition, in this forum not so many have played the 1st edition. Also when you got your 2nd edition you can buy the Feast for Crows POD, with it you can play a better 4 player scenario. Greetings
  8. I would add something from experiences me and my friends made with the Game.(1st and 2nd edition, in my opinion 2nd is more balanced) Why does your good friend negotiate your attempt to get new players to the game?Because it is unbalanced? Talk to him and try to convince him to play another round and also talk to your friends who should with you, because sure it is not as balanced with 4 players than with 5 or 6 but only with this reason the game is not a bad, for me its the best game i have ever played, but depends on the players. Also every house has an own way to win, and eyery house has his own strategy, and only one can win, as you said: When you play the Game of Throne you win or you die, there is no middle way. I think FFG hasnt made a suggestion but as far as i would say, i think the game is balanced enough(in my opinion, except the 4-player variant in 2nd edition), also your new players should not turn away from AGoT, show them the good and the bad sides of each house, every house can win but you need a bit time to know how. Also often the new players do not understand all of the game and then they dislike it, in this point you are right , but it is not a reason to dislike, then your friends have to ask or read instructions to understand all. So i would not say that FFG needs to give a solution. Greetings MakoCLoud
  9. the whole Game is also only 3 players up to six(not only the POD), and i know with my own experiences you need to play with more than 4 players to get all of the Betrayals and the intrigues. Lesser than with 5 players it is not that important to create alliances as with 5/6 Players.
  10. Hi Guys, as i posted it in the forum, me and 2 friends play this game with 2 houses per player. Now my question, because this POD is for 6 Players, is it to difficult to play the POD with 3 players and 2 Houses? Without POD it is very balanced, in my opinion, when you Play Martell/Greyjoy, Stark/Tyrell and Baratheon/Lannister, but before i buy this POD i would like to hear some opinions. As a 2.question, does it make sense to play it only wit6h the new house cards and without the new starting postions? Greetings MakoCLoud
  11. What i really would like is the second continent, essos, but this is unfortunetly not possible. If they would make other houses, they should definetly make Targaryen, Arryn(more than in the POD) and Tully, but it would be very hard to get 7 castles, then they would have to change the victory requirements
  12. i would say it is enough to remove one, which can be choosed by the player who placed it or by the others, depends on the Players,but removing all is a bit to hard.
  13. With MArtell you must have Alliances, without them it is very hard to win, the cards from Martell are also not very good, except Arianne, Oberyn (red viper) and Doran. With Arianne it is dependent how your situation is, you can play her before the opponent gains his 7th Stronghold/Castle, for example. With Lennister you should defense always in the golden sound so the Greyjoy-Player cant win it, because if he gets the golden Sound, it is very hard to defeat him there, because you have to attack from your Harbour in lennisport or from the south but there are the ships from the Tyrell-Player. You need a big Luck with both, you need Mustering and Supplycards very early, Lannister has the big oppurtunity that they can get very much Supply.Save your supply with Lannister and then you can build your big army. YOu will need the Special consulting Power chip to build your army when mustering cards do not appear when you need them, so bid a few power tokens on the Kings Court influence track. Greetings MakoCLoud
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