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  1. That is so funny. You say people are misreading the thread, then you have yourself misread what both 'sides' are saying. Wonderful. The condescending remark for someone trying to help. I had forgotten about discussions on the internet for a while. I will leave this topic alone.
  2. I think most of you are misreading what kennedyhawk is saying. He is not suggesting to not be helpful to yout opponent. He is simply saying, that if both players forget something, it is not ok that both be labeled as cheaters. What kind of gane state is that? Following that logic, we are all cheaters. Every single one who has ever played this game. There was a time we were learning and doing things wrong. Forgetting? Yes. Cheating. No. I played a game where my opponent forgot to stun his figure after Parting Blow. I forgot, too. That makes me a cheater? No, it majes us both forgetful, because we were both focused on out next turn.
  3. Yes. But I mean the description of her in the books.
  4. And where did that catsuit come from? When we first meet Mara Jade, she wears a practical coverall, and has a forearm sheath for her blaster which is hidden from view. Not something you do while wearing a catsuit.
  5. For anyone still in doubt about "parting shot", I got thid reply from Paul Winchester: "Conditions are applied after the attack resolves. “Parting Shot” triggers when the Hired Gun suffers enough damage, which, in this case, would occur during Step 7 of the attack. So, the Parting Shot would trigger before the stun could be applied. Thanks! Paul Winchester"
  6. I can see the idea behind this theory, but in reality I am expecting exactly the opposite. That the annoying lead character will not only survive a fight with Darth Vader himself, but even give him a run for his money. But that's all guesswork.
  7. Just remember that RG's only protect the space next to them. So there are options to hitting that bantha without extra defence.
  8. No problem. The spectator owes a round of beer. Your opponent gets the fair play award.
  9. I like Boba. Not just because he is Boba, but because he kicks ass. Those 6 movement points and built-in block and evade are just too good to ignore. I have him in s kot of lists, and he aleays seems to pay off. Boba and Devious Scheme are mainstays in my merc lists.
  10. http://ia-armies.com/ has been updated with Return to Hoth. So who runs this site? It is quite the tool for list building. Good work to the one who built it and maintains it.
  11. That just makes no sense. Why would anyone not field R2? That 2 point card is now worth at least 6.
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