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  1. With finals over as of yesterday, I sat down to finally get down to business. Dwarves pulled it out against the Flight to the Ford - guess their stubby little legs can outrun the Nazgul after all (cause they certainly weren't riding horses). I pushed it really hard, used Frodo's ability when needed to save my low health dwarven allies, and even washed away the Witch King. I ended up simply beating the quest by questing super hard - I had a timely "Untroubled by Darkness" which helped boost the willpower of the board state pretty high. Onward we go later this weekend!
  2. Oh it was still a great game! Learned a lot about what I need to do and such. The treachery "Power in Their Terror" ruined me mid-game...with so many dwarves at little HP (no hardy leadership on the table) they got beat down pretty quickly. I thought that was the straw there, and thought about scooping, but decided to push forth, and nearly came back. Was a great game!
  3. Last weekend I did try the first quest (Flight) with the dwarves. I actually recorded turn-by-turn play, but its a lot to type. I lost, but I literally lost, by 1 quest point, on the final round. It was a sad day indeed. I'm going to try to get into it again soon, but with finals approaching it might be a few weeks until I can provide results. Is that ok?
  4. Here we go - Dwarven Decks: http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/2129/seastan-s-hero-auction
  5. I've locked in my heroes, but it is not reflected there. (I figure you just ran out of time, so here you go)(can't find the table, but I made this up in Excel of course so it won't copy over 100%, but the data is accurate) jjohnson111 Bid Reg. Cost Starting Threat (Overall) Gimli (Le) 10 11 -1 Thorin 8 11 -1 Nori 8 9 -1 Oin 4 8 -4 Dwalin 5 9 -4 Ori 7 8 -1 42 56 -14 In relation to decks: I have some thoughts and have essentially created them on rings.db, but I'm not 100% on either of them at this point. Is it OK to submit rough drafts? I assume once we hit the ground running we'll still have the options to swap stuff out of a sideboard or something, right? Or are we stuck with exactly what we provide to you as a deck list? Thanks for all the organization for this!
  6. Nice, got all 6 of my heroes. Time to start putting decks together and trying this 2-handed thingy!
  7. This was discussed at least over on Reddit...Thorin's picture is linked there: Reddit I haven't seen or heard of this Beregond though....I wouldn't be surprised it if was by the same artist, and on the same page...maybe the 4th row 1st on the left?
  8. Since I was just outbid for Haldir, I will go after: Ori - 7 Also, I'll put in bids for 3 Dwarves that haven't gotten a bid yet and run 2-handed, if that's ok. Thorin Oakenshield - 8 Oin - 4 Dwalin - 5
  9. Is it OK to decide to run 2-handed solo at this point? I've never done it, and this could be a good chance to try it out and see how it rolls. It pains me to see so many Dwarves unloved.
  10. Ok, had a feeling that would be the case. Thanks for the quick reply!
  11. Are we allowed to drop our current bid on a hero we are leading in for one you have added? Just curious....
  12. Dropping Bifur for now: (aka I was outbid) Haldir - 8
  13. Love the idea here, mainly because I have been crazy enough to collect a whole bunch of the nightmare quests (think I own them all...up to the ringmaker cycle at least...including sagas) and I want to play them once I have finished playing all the quests on normal mode. Will make sure to follow your posts!
  14. When we get around to the quests, should we keep score in order to see who gets bragging rights? Here we go with my bids: Nori - 8 Bifur - 5 Gimli (Le) - 10
  15. It's a fun deck for sure! Have fun with it if you get there!
  16. The Core Set should be the first option to buy. In it, it includes 3 quests. The Shadows of Mirkwood Adventure Pack cycle "tie in" with the Core set cards, as you use quest cards from the core set to build the Mirkwood Adventure Packs. Each Adventure Pack comes with player cards + quest cards. In order to play the adventure pack's quest, you will need quest cards from the Core Set (for Mirkwood Cycle) or from the Deluxe Box (example: Khazad-Dum) in order to play the quests found in the Adventure Packs from the Dwarrowdelf cycle. Khazad-Dum + Dwarrowdelf Adventure Pack Cycle Heirs of Numenor + Against the Shadow Cycle The Voice of Isengard + The Ring Maker Cycle The Lost Realm + Angmar Awakened Cycle The Grey Havens + Dream-Chaser Cycle Sands of Harad + Haradrim Cycle (current cycle the game is on) There is no rotation cycle, like there is in the other LCG's (Netrunner, Star Wars) as the game is not competitive. So once you buy the cards, they can be used in any deck. There are core set cards that are definite staples in every deck, and depending on how you deck build, you could also use the heroes from the core set too. There are a good handful of core set cards that will always see use. The Saga Expansions, just to add follow the stories of the books. We are awaiting the last Saga expansion, due to be released this year, likely at GenCon. The Saga expansions include player cards, but the quest cards will only be mixed within the saga expansions, and the player cards join the card pool that is available to players too.
  17. Wish they had spoiled the Dwarven Pipe. Gah! One more week til I know (or has it already been spoiled somewhere that I haven't found???)
  18. Do you guys have a group that plays regularly in Chile? I will be visiting this holiday season for the fun of it, and could bring some cards with me! That could be pretty fun!
  19. To add a small addendum to the restricted rule: if you have two restricted attachments on a character, and you attempt to play a 3rd, you can choose to discard one of the first two in order to allow for the new one to attach. (pg 24, core rule book)
  20. Looks like I have been playing Gandalf wrong from the start of each game then Thanks everyone!
  21. That was what I thought too, but something out there must deny this knowledge. Its like when you win a quest and the Fry meme pops into your head... (thanks CotR) http://imgur.com/a/xnGgN
  22. Gandalf's text allows you to play with the top card of your deck face-up. When does that come into effect? After set-up? Essentially this is the scenario, that my group could not answer this question for over the weekend: While setting up, I get to draw 6 cards, and choose on a mulligan or not. With Gandalf hero under my control, does the top card of my deck flip so I can see what my 7th card is, before I choose to mulligan?
  23. Erm, not sure why this double posted. Sorry All.
  24. Agree with all your points. Mainly just wanted to do it for thematic sake and also to push the new Strider attachment to its limit, but that did not work nearly as much as I wanted. Thanks for the clarification on how RingsDB will treat it as a tactics deck. I saw it show up on the front page once or twice with it in the Tactics section, so I figured there was something working under the scene that allowed for that to happen, specifically that I had a bunch of Tactics cards. I was able to get this to table a few days ago as a 2-hero deck and it worked out pretty well. Strider + Light of Valinor gave me plenty of options, though yes, the lack of a 3rd resource was limiting in some cases. Surprisingly, I never saw a Resourceful in my first game at all, and managed to do just fine, and 2nd game I might have seen one two rounds before the end of the match, so again it was kind of negligible (Gandalf's Staff, Expert Treasure Hunter + Hidden Cache + Wizard Pipes on both Radagast and Gandalf worked wonders, as one player at the table put it: "that is [was] disgusting"). Probably won't try the 1-hero approach again unless something else comes out to support it specifically.
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