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  1. Have a question, in which stage is Overcome by grief, I'll fate and pursued by enemy placed if we play epic mode?
  2. Just beat it with my son, we added both wraith on our Victory display since we destroyed them both. Are they removed from campaign pool or we use them again on black gate opens and mount doom (one each) we will play on epic mode after?
  3. Since you brought it up, any possibility you or someone could do something for the scouring of the shire?
  4. This looks great Banania. I hope I will print and try them. We'll done
  5. Sad to read this... The fact that he continued the work of his father publishing many great stories, Silmarillion is by far my most loved one, makes me feel gratitude for him. RIP
  6. Is there any info on that Dunedin ally ability?
  7. Well, the game might be dead but this topic resurrected 🤣 I had a Dunedain deck made a couple of years back that was quite viable in solo. Used it on many quests
  8. Usually it Will be Galadriel, Cirdan, Spirfindel (I might change Cirdan to Gandalf) Also Dunedain with Aragorn (either Lore or Tactics), Halbarad, Amarthuil
  9. To be honest, I would prefer a shire cycle ... do not like going into Mordor ... it is like we are going to the end
  10. Me too... But put aside licensing, having a Manwe, Eonwe, Ingwion etc player cards would be difficult to make I guess. Especially the valar host cards. They should be super powered compared to other player cards
  11. 😂 Laughed on this, which is true offcourse
  12. Leadership Dain is in his youth (so maybe not a noble yet) , while the spirit one seems to be fighting on his last battle as King ?
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