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  1. Rhovanion Heroes

    Oh, missed that, checked that it is not unique and not one per hero but missed the restricted keyword
  2. Rhovanion Heroes

    3 copies of it on bard the bowman is an instant kill for most enemies
  3. This were the big news
  4. Mountain of Fire

    My local store has it three days now and there is a copy fοr me waiting, but will no be able to go there till MOnday ... Seems very nice indeed
  5. Those lieutenants are tough. I like it though, seems difficult and interesting
  6. GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Ahhh, i did not remember this part. Haven't read the appendix for more than 10 years ... i should make a reread. Then it makes sense. Thanks
  7. GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Dale, while i fully respect and enjoy reading you, maybe more than any other user, the ship is not small. Just look at the warrior figures on it . It is a big Elven ship. FFG rarely make mistakes on character cards but though this card may be magnificent, Celeborn has nothing to do with ships and sea. He went only once to get the ship to Valinor, from Grey Havens probably. Anyway, it just felt stranfe on my mind, no big deal. I will not get this card as they do not include them in the packs they send to resellers. It would make a very nice poster assuming he is one of the Vanyar that came to fight Morgoth in the end of the first age hahaha
  8. GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    What exactly does Celeborn do in a sea and a ship? Never must have seen either of them in Tolkien lore till fourth age
  9. GenCon 50: Attack on Dol Guldur

    Galadriel would suite fine i guess
  10. Like the cards, especially Quickbeam and the ring. Seems a nice pack for player cards
  11. Have a question. In quest stage 3B there is a response ... if I am playing solo one hand, how do I play the response?
  12. Nice tip and even more challenge
  13. I will have it on Monday and plan to play this thematically with a Dunedain deck ... can't wait
  14. Yes it was indeed. When I realized it and played correctly I won
  15. The Orc Stage Quest have that at the end of Quest phase, player discard a card from the encounter deck and add that cards threat to the threat of any orc on the Orc Stage to place progress In my first two games, whenever the so discarded card was an enemy, I was adding it to the Orc stage additionally to adding its threat, instead of discarding it after adding the threat. Thus I found my self having 4 enemies in Orc Stage in bith these games and at some point they were all engaging me