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  1. Well, the game might be dead but this topic resurrected 🤣 I had a Dunedain deck made a couple of years back that was quite viable in solo. Used it on many quests
  2. Usually it Will be Galadriel, Cirdan, Spirfindel (I might change Cirdan to Gandalf) Also Dunedain with Aragorn (either Lore or Tactics), Halbarad, Amarthuil
  3. To be honest, I would prefer a shire cycle ... do not like going into Mordor ... it is like we are going to the end
  4. Me too... But put aside licensing, having a Manwe, Eonwe, Ingwion etc player cards would be difficult to make I guess. Especially the valar host cards. They should be super powered compared to other player cards
  5. 😂 Laughed on this, which is true offcourse
  6. Leadership Dain is in his youth (so maybe not a noble yet) , while the spirit one seems to be fighting on his last battle as King ?
  7. Thank you both ... I see your points ! just for comment, sappidus, when I play Noldors I always end up all my deck ... nearly the same happens with the new Dale decks I make ?
  8. Maybe a bit offtopic, but while I play the game for years, I never found a way to use the discard mechanism in other decks than Noldor - where I use it very much indeed. So I would like someone to help me on this ... why should I want to discard cards to give Dain more defense than put his a shield or something to help him on this? Ok there is Hidden cache or Ered Luin miner , but other than that I cant find a way to use this mechanism in a dwarf deck ... you risk losing cards that could be useful the way I see it (and off course I am missing something, thats why I ask for help)
  9. Read it, will clear a lot of things before reading fall of Gondolin ... Also after reading about Fingolfin, all this Gandalf, Glorfindel etc debate will have no meaning ? BTW, my best ones are Glorfindel (Sp), Aragorn (Lo), Galadriel, Treebeard, but there are lots of others I also like a lot
  10. Indeed normally it is the sum of stats, but Galadriel with her ability is a very strong card, and ifyouadd Nenya you have a two sphaire overpowered hero, thus the 9 instead of 8 she is one of my most loved heroes. When i manage to get her with the mirror and the harp that brings back discarded cards, any quest is almost over. Thats why i am not using her often ... she makes a lot of things easy
  11. Alatar and Pallando would have an ability like : "After they quest remove them from game" or something ?
  12. IMO they tried to make a hero with low threat that can make deck with Celeborn and Galadriel , with starting threat not too high. Also maybe the idea behind this is that Thranduil was not a King campaigning to other territories much (if I remember well he did that only against the Dwarves of Erebor) , so not an "attacking" hero. I really like Thranduil, Elvenking and the elf ally ... nice combo. Thranduil will defend twice most of the time I guess.
  13. Just saw this ... i cannot somehow bring back information on my past logged campaigns I had right?
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