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  1. I collected Star Wars for a while, but haven't picked up anything new for it since the Rogue Squadron block started. It's still a fun game, but LotR is nice since I can play it anytime without needing another player. Even with more players, I love the cooperative and narrative style of game play from LotR. Not LCGs, but for other FFG games I've played, I really enjoy XCOM and Elder Signs, again for the solo/cooperative play, though XCOM is a little overwhelming when you're alone!
  2. Grima is quickly becoming one of my favorite heroes. Currently I'm using him with Lore Aragorn and Frodo and seeing how many of the current quests I can get through with them. Use Frodo to block attacks while building up an army of allies with Grima's ability to play cards on the cheap. Once the board is under control, use Aragorn's reset ability to set your threat back to a manageable level. Works great!
  3. Are you required to switch heroes though? I know it makes sense thematically, but from a gameplay standpoint I'd hate to switch out my lineup after they've done so well for me.
  4. I used Treebeard, Elrond and Glorfindel, took me a few tries but I managed to win. First couple tries I kept threating out, mostly due to Deeping Wall's forced effect. Healing is a big help for dealing with all the archery. This is probably my favorite quest to be released. Very fun and challenging, though I personally found The Uruk-Hai to be harder.
  5. Earlier today I was playing through Journey in the Dark and had something come up. At some point during the game I had the Great Cave-Troll attack and I defend with Treebeard who has Protector of Lorien attached. I activate the protector 3 times to boost my defense, but then the revealed shadow card forces me to discard an attachment. Sadly the Protector of Lorien is the only legal target I have so I pitch it, but I was wondering if I still keep the +3 Defense since it was activated before the card left play. Either way would not change the outcome of the game, but it's better to know for the future in case it comes up again. Thanks!
  6. Still waiting on this. Hero Treebeard demands recognition for his deeds!
  7. Congrats on your wins, especially the second one. The tougher victories are the most rewarding! Journey down the Anduin is still no slouch of a quest even to this day with the large pool of player cards.
  8. I play exclusively solo and I really enjoy it! As its been said before though, the game can be tricky early on, so don't get frustrated if you have trouble winning. The later 2 quests in the core set are quite difficult with the limited pool of player cards you'll have and even the very first quest can be tricky when you're still learning, Still, the game is a lot of fun and you do get a genuine feeling of accomplishment when you win a tough scenario for the first time. There's also an optional 'easy mode' which tones down the difficulty a bit by removing some of the more punishing cards from the encounter deck. Hope you enjoy the game!
  9. Likewise, got my scores recorded, waiting to log them
  10. They could still include a Smeagol player card in the future and just make him unusable in scenarios where there's a already a Smeagol/Gollum. That's what they did with Saruman and Grima in The Treason of Saruman.
  11. Really enjoyed this set! 1st quest was the most difficult for me. Losing a hero right off the bat brought back some bad memories of Escape from Guldor (thought not nearly as bad). Merry was my captive, which meant losing some of my Hobbit synergy AND my heaviest attacker. Combat was tricky do to all the enemies with toughness, and archery is bad for squishy heroes (again, hobbits). Took several tries but managed to win eventually. I did have to crack my Phial of Galadriel to survive though =( 2nd quest was the easiest, but probably my favorite out of all three. I loved the defense mechanic and hope we see it show up again! Last quest was another tough one. So many different things get thrown at you over the course of the game. Take your time in first stage and get those Ents! They made all the difference for me.
  12. Merry (who has 2 HP) was the captive in my playthrough. So... that was a problem when Grishnakh showed up.
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