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  1. Yes, indeed, 3x cores gives you enough neutral cards for 2 decks. Weird how you state that as a positive, while that's basically what I'm complaining about. You'll have a load of cards you can't make into a deck without switching over the neutral cards from your other decks. Sure, it's not a huge hassle to do that, but it's still not ideal. In Conquest, when Promotion and Void Pirate became promos, there was much celebration, as it meant that 3 cores + expansions could now create more fully built decks at any given time. It's not clear to me what the every-deck neutral cards are yet, but I do know that my early deckbuilding efforts have created overlap between decks in those cards.
  2. Okay, I know that FFG don't read these threads by default, but I'd like to get the idea out there in the community, to give it some momentum. When it comes to tournament kits, can we please have the early promotional cards be alternate versions of the neutral cards? The biggest obstacle to deckbuilding multiple decks from 3 core sets is not having enough copies of neutral cards. This has been true of every LCG so far. Please address this early via the competitive scene.
  3. Fir sure, provinces refill as fast as you empty them, but the conflict hand essentially costs honour to refill. So we're basically trading 3 Honour and 3 Fate for single turn's surge of conflict effectiveness. Agree that this may have uses before the endgame as opportunities arise, just thinking that it's in the endgame that a card like this will really shine.
  4. Apologies if this has been mentioned and I missed it: I'd note that "put into play" effects don't let you place extra fate onto the character in the same way you would if you were playing them. That means that they'll be gone on this turn's fate phase, which I think will be a big downside compared to playing them conventionally. Basically, this card says spending 3 Fate and 3 cards to get two characters worth 6 total for 1 turn. That last bit means you're burning a lot of resources for a short surge of power - very much an endgame move, in other words.
  5. Man, Wamma was my cardgaming hero for a bit, before I moved onto hero-worshipping Kingsley. Shame how that turned out. I know a lot of my UK friends from Conquest are moving to Five Rings. Hoping to see lots of familiar faces at tourney.
  6. Fair point. Always been impressed with your AGOT thoughts, btw. Happy to see you playing this game. Edit: ****, just had a thought. Random JC, are you JC Wamma?
  7. So, August 2017, and this game has died along with all the other Games Workshop licenses, and is definitively dead, deceased, gone, a dead parrot, etc. However I just have to say we are STILL playing this game, at least once a month, and we have well over 200 games played as a group, and we're STILL learning new things each time we play. All I have to do is text "CitOW?" to my buddies, and a few hours later, we're playing it again, and saying how much we love it. This is basically, without question, the best value I've ever got out of a board game. I know this game is never coming back, and I know that a reskin to an owned IP is unlikely, but I just have to say to whoever was behind the game design: Bravo. Whoever was the main driving force behind this game, give them a raise, because he or she makes **** good games. You have no idea how much me and my group have enjoyed and are still enjoying your most excellent creation. Thanks for your creativity.
  8. I thought "huh, that's weird, an advert for the Fallout computer games on the FFG site... hang on... wait..." OH MY GOD. Basically instant sell, this one, by virtue of being Fallout. Can't wait to see more previews. My only caveat here is that if it's a pure co-op game, that'll be a dealbreaker. Nothing I dislike more than co-op board games.
  9. I'd turn it around and point out your preferred clan's edibility, but I prefer my crab properly dressed, and that's a rarity.
  10. Good point. Just trying to work out a starting point for mental analysis of cards, like in Conquest where we decided that 2 resources = 1 card, at least till the meta shifted. Clearly the analysis is always going to be tricky, and no amount of theorycrafting will predict emergence from a complex system. Just looking for a starting point.
  11. Actually, maybe its more like 1 card = 2 honour, given that 1 card of difference creates a 2 honour differential...
  12. I mentioned on the other thread, but will repeat here as it's more on topic here. This is a very good card here, but don't forget the hidden cost. This game explicitly has an equivalence of 1 card = 1 honour, and the inbuilt honour cost basically makes it 2 honour spent to flip the outcome of a single conflict. That's good, but not exceptional. Ultimately, turning around the outcome of a conflict is the baseline of what we expect any event to do, it's just a question of how reliably it does this, and the price point.
  13. On topic, I have to say that this clan look really, really strong. Like meta-dominant strong. I mean sure, switching political to military will be a huge game-changing event, but while it is undoubtedly good, it's basically "play event = win conflict unexpectedly", and there's no shortage of effects like that. You're trading a card for an advantage, and when 1 honour = 1 card in explicit rules, we're basically talking a cost of 2 honour to flip 1 conflict. That's decent math, and this card is strong, but not the reason I'm saying this clan will be meta-dominant out of core. No, what I'm talking about here is sheer efficiency on cost to strength for the characters. 1 for 2/2/1 on the Meishodo Wielder? 3 strength for 1 cost on Moto Horde? That sort of stuff WINS GAMES. For sure, there are ways you have to play them to make use of them at full potential, but LCG history tells us that (cheap cost + efficient stats + drawback) makes for the best cards in the game. These cards are the ones that will make Unicorn the dominant clan of the core meta.
  14. Eh, Rokugan is no more medieval Japan than Dungeons and Dragons is medieval Europe. There should be no expectation of anything other than the occasional borrowed trapping.
  15. Ok, I just saw Meishōdō Wielder. I guess efficiency belongs to Unicorn.
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