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  1. DarkGuard

    PSA.......Last Jedi trailer is coming Monday ....

    when will the trailer play? some football game is it? what time is that on (im from australia)
  2. DarkGuard

    Maneuver template holder with LEGO bricks

    sorry tahts all i can upload for now, there is another 7 pics
  3. DarkGuard

    Maneuver template holder with LEGO bricks

    i do but maybe there out of order so here it is
  4. DarkGuard

    wave 11 not on the upcomming page

    sorry just saw the other topic page about this
  5. DarkGuard

    wave 11 not on the upcomming page

    i wonder when the upcoming page will be refreshed wit wave 11
  6. DarkGuard

    Bossk crew and TLT

    Thank you!
  7. DarkGuard

    Bossk crew and TLT

    If I have bossk crew if I miss on first TLT shot on the second do I get the focus and TL?
  8. DarkGuard

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Wantthe bb-8 promo and the duel side non acrylic pilit card. Can anyone help me out? I live in australia. Pm me to organizeva trade
  9. they have not arrived here in Australia yet and i want to see them, especially if there easy to swap out between ships thanks =D
  10. DarkGuard

    2016 Store Championship Results

    I won store champ in Auz (4x TLT unhinged Y-wings) 20 people
  11. DarkGuard

    What are you buying in March 2016?

    2 ghosts 2 punishing ones 4 Mist Hunter 4 TAP =D
  12. DarkGuard

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Xmas all!!
  13. DarkGuard

    T-70 and TIE/fo Psuedo Preview

    starting with the December 17th U.S. release of the T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack and the TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack. so when does the rest of the word get it? Australia for me
  14. DarkGuard

    How many ghosts are you going to buy?

    I want 4 attack shuttles but i think i only want 2 ghosts How many are you going to buy? Atm i onky have 1 on order but i think that will change after nextvspoiker article too two
  15. I hope Auz gets it before next Friday so I can go see the movie then come home with my mates and recreate a dog fight! Pew pew!