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  1. when will the trailer play? some football game is it? what time is that on (im from australia)
  2. sorry tahts all i can upload for now, there is another 7 pics
  3. i do but maybe there out of order so here it is
  4. sorry just saw the other topic page about this
  5. i wonder when the upcoming page will be refreshed wit wave 11
  6. If I have bossk crew if I miss on first TLT shot on the second do I get the focus and TL?
  7. Wantthe bb-8 promo and the duel side non acrylic pilit card. Can anyone help me out? I live in australia. Pm me to organizeva trade
  8. they have not arrived here in Australia yet and i want to see them, especially if there easy to swap out between ships thanks =D
  9. I won store champ in Auz (4x TLT unhinged Y-wings) 20 people
  10. 2 ghosts 2 punishing ones 4 Mist Hunter 4 TAP =D
  11. starting with the December 17th U.S. release of the T-70 X-wing Expansion Pack and the TIE/fo Fighter Expansion Pack. so when does the rest of the word get it? Australia for me
  12. I want 4 attack shuttles but i think i only want 2 ghosts How many are you going to buy? Atm i onky have 1 on order but i think that will change after nextvspoiker article too two
  13. I hope Auz gets it before next Friday so I can go see the movie then come home with my mates and recreate a dog fight! Pew pew!
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