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  1. I think in the Canis Salient chapter of the Jericho Reach supplement there is a plot hook that really fits your idea. Basically the KT is assigned to bodyguard an Inquisitor partaking negotiations about a cease-fire around one of the worlds of the greyhell-front. There is a nice twist in there, and my KT really had some good fun with it. Don't wanna spoiler too much Also, Ebongrave hates you and would possibly like to execute you.
  2. I do second the notion that getting Rites of Battle is a good idea. The Emperor Protects is a very decent adventure arc, played most of it through in a Jericho-based Rogue Trader game. It does benefit from a killteam who have had a little experience and especially one who invests in a broad range of skills. The background books have tonnes of story hooks. I made good use of the Canis salient ideas in The Jericho Reach in my own Deathwatch campaign. My favourite NPC? Ebongrave. His paranoia has consequences for the entire Canis salient. And to a point, he's justified. There's more on him in the Rising Tempest adventure book. Yes!!!! When I first read about Ebongrave I thought he was just a paranoid idiot. Later I switched to it's justified and started to like him. By now even the Kill Team tends to favour his views
  3. ...I knew this would happen. Don't post before second coffee.
  4. While this is true the rules for Unnatural Agility clearly states that your AB gets doubled, your AB determines your movement and I have no idea why Unnatural Agility shouldn't count towards that if it's not mentioned anywhere (except in a book that's from a different system).
  5. Sorry, but I'm not with you on this one. Why shouldn't Unnatural Agility count towards movement? Your AB determines your movement, Unnatural Agility raises your AB. Unnatural Speed description even says "...doubles it Agility Bonus (after modifiying AB from other traits and factors...", which in my opinion includes unnatural agility. Edit: The only thing I know of so far that says something else would be that quote from BC. But otherwise I couldn't find any mentioning of why this shouldn't be counted. Also, all scales have to end somewhere, because otherwise the books would tend to become quite long. For example, an Assault Marine with an AB of 6 (+1 from size), using his Speed Solo Modo at a higher rank(+4) is already at a movement rate of 11. Another example would be flying with a Jetpack (movement rate of 12).
  6. Wow. By now this almost belongs in the jokes thread.
  7. Only warhammer joke I know: A sergeant who is in charge of the recruits has a chat with his priest. "You see, I have this one recrut I just don't know how to deal with. I told him to go out with his chainsword and kill 100 beasts, but he came back and killed only 95." The priest answers "Well, then send him out again. He has to fulfill the task." So the sergeants sends out the recruit another time. The next day, he meets his priest again. "So, how did it go?" the priest asks. "Not as it was supposed to. He came back and slaughtered 99 beasts, but still didn't fulfill his task." the sergeant replied. "Well, I guess you should go with him then, and show him how it is done." So the sergeants grabs his chainsword, gets the recruit and goes to slay some beasts. As they aproach the first beasts and the sergeants gets himself ready for the fight, he starts his chainsword, when the recruit yells shocked "BY THE THRONE, WHAT IS THAT TERRIFYING SOUND?"
  8. If they do not know what they want, then I go by the random-roll method. This is counter-balanced by not forcing the Player to wear an improper-fit Power Armour to the Space Marine's Basic Speciality. Obviously, a Power Armour History which benefits melee-combat is not going to be good for a Devastator, or a Power Armour History that requires it to be pristine and clean to provide its bonuses, is not going to go well with a Flesh Tearers Assault Marine . But for a "neutral" result, one that is neither ideal nor negatively-affecting, then I put my GM-foot down and say they must accept the random-result and must make it work for them. You shouldn't forget that you are allowed to pick the result above or below your dice result on the history table. That gives enough flexibility, so I wouldn't allow players to choose their history.
  9. If he wants to use SW on an armor, I see no problem. I'm not sure what Req is set for RoB armor, but let's just say it's at 40 Req. This means he has to buy SW AND SW (Master), which will sum up to at least 1500 XP (if he didn't already spend the 500 SW, otherwise he's looking at 2000 XP to spend). Besides, you only get to take SW (Master) once. If he wants to spend that on his armor, well, that's his choice. Also, in RoB you have rules to determine which kind of armor you get when you're writing your character, so I wouldn't go hard on him trying to get one of those armor. Just don't let him choose freely. Maybe he should make a roll to see which armor might be available for SW. Besides, you should have an eye on his dice when he's rolling for armor history, because some of them can be quite a pain in the ass (looking at you, noisy armor!). In the end, using SW for an armor isn't the best choice (except SW Hero for Artificer ).
  10. All in all, nice background. I like it Just one thing that popped up in my head. I suspect Inquisitor Brooks is a Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor, as he was to determine if Tanhauser is pure or not. But if he offers a place in the Deathwatch to Tanhauser, shouldn't he be Ordo Xenos?
  11. Well, it's no ingame explanation for cost and renown, but from a rule technical perspective the GL has quite some advantages: - No need to swap weapons (ML all count as heavy weapon, so no quick draw instant weapon switch) - Only one hand needed - Much more choice of ammunition, which makes it tactically a lot more flexible - It has a lot less weight (lol, as if anyone would take care of that in DW)
  12. I think you forgot about the Deathwatch Training. There is no roll to confirm RF against Xenos, so if what you thought about would work, it would only work against traitors, which seems quite unbalanced. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's a loooong time since a writer has been on the forum (or they are successfully rolling on concealment all the time).
  13. What software are you creating this with?
  14. Isn't this supposed to be erioch?
  15. Sustained psy powers stay at the psy level you created them.
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