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  1. Some great ideas here. Thanks everyone for responding. Here is what I have so far: Order of the Burning Hand is an ancient cult that has been long thought dead, exterminated by all forms of government and force wielders, Sith or Jedi. The single belief of the cult is pure chaos, no governments or order (The irony of being an Order is not lost on me) should control the galaxies. The PCs are introduced to this cult through an ancient temple that they will find on their way to Nabat after their triumph at New Meen. They are caught in a sandstorm and must find refuge until it passes. The entrance is revealed in the morning. Eventually, they will be fighting the Order as I plan to tie it in which each of their obligations.
  2. Thank you for all the great ideas. I definitely like the idea of doing something with one of the basic elements and creating an Imperial agent as the Nemesis. The Anti-Force cult has potential and an interesting way to start killing Force-sensitive individuals.
  3. My PCs have just completed the open scenario and are no working their way through Long Arm of the Hutt, but I want to throw an interlude in with ten discovering ruins of an ancient cult. The times are perilous and the cult is returning to power. I want the leader to be a nemesis for the group. But here's the thing. Most cults I have found in Star Wars are related to the Force. I don't want that or a droid base one. Any ideas?
  4. The Dashboards look great. One suggestion would be to create a space for the name of the ship and not just the type of it.
  5. I never played Saga, but played WEG extensively both the written modules as well as a lot of original material. It is great if your PC want to be part of the Rebel Alliance or have leanings towards it. I think it breaks down (especially for pre-written material) for characters that want to live on the fringe of the Galactic War. There are several guides and material of it but very few adventures. Also the balance between Force users and mundanes at higher levels is non-existent. Force users are way overpowered in my opinion. I really enjoy the FFG "feel" and the edginess of it, particularly the EofE material. If you are looking to run a campaign where your players want to play bounty hunters, smugglers and thieves, then I would definitely go with FFG if you can afford it. As mentioned before, it is somewhat expensive since it is new.
  6. This is exactly what I had in mind.
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions and insight. I think in this situation, I am going to use Int as it is a conversation one of the current PCs had with Oskara about a character named B'ura B'an on her home planet.
  8. I've been reading the forums for a while now and have run Escape from Mos Shuuta once with the provided characters. My players loved it so much they want to go through it again with their own characters along with The Long Arm of the Hutt, to start a campaign that I hope will last long time. My question revolves around PC memories. What skill would you use for them to remember a conversation that never happened in game but that happened with the character? I was thinking it could be Perception, but that does not seem quite right. Thanks for your responses in advance.
  9. Thank you for writing up the (mis)adventures of your players. The write-ups are fantastic. Out of curiosity, does Episode 8 exist or did you just mis-number Episode 9?
  10. Another set of origins (or class of origins) to consider might be those that were born and have lived their lives on ships in Space, maybe called Spacers and those that have never left a planet. Knowledge: Reavers could be another skill to include, but the PC should have a good backstory.
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