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  1. Spray paint typically melts foam, so if you are using styrofoam or insulation in your terrain, it is generally a bad idea. Some sprays, like Krylon H20, are supposed to be safe, but I would test it on a scrap piece before ruining the terrain that you have created.
  2. This has been a big hang-up for me in regards to Legion. I have been stuck on the idea that there is a need for multiple factions - with each one having a combat focus (long-range shooty armies, rush-into-melee, or balanced-range armies that fair well enough in either case). Then, I compared it to X-Wing. Each faction has a wide range of lists that play very differently. It occurred to me: I don't need multiple factions to get the same depth. What if I could build a rebel army entirely out of Wookie marauders, who are itching to pull some stormtrooper arms out of their sockets? Trandoshans could serve the same purpose for the Empire. Add in some mercenary units with special abilities, and this game could have just as many interesting combat angles as other war games. I am not sold, yet, but I will be keeping an eye on it.
  3. Looks like the last three new announcements were posted hourly. I wonder how long that will continue. I hope the System Open Series article isn't the only X-wing related news.
  4. Sorry to hear that's been your experience. Have you flown Jonas Brothers? Here is my take on it, it's competitive and a blast to fly: 2x Delta+HLC Jonas+Determination+HU I have not, but thanks for recommending it. Does this perform well against Brobots? I have a friend who flies them pretty exclusively.
  5. I remember the TIE Defender being so good in the original TIE Fighter game, and Wookieepedia states that it has a profile in X-Wing vs TIE Fighter with the description, "Advanced space superiority fighter. This craft is too powerful to be put in this simulation. Dream on, fanboy!" I loved this ship so much (probably because it was OP) in the games. When X-Wing miniatures came out, I told everyone who would listen, "I hope they make the TIE Defender for this." I wanted to love it in this game too. I wanted to make it work. Alas, I haven't had any fun with it, yet...
  6. In the description of disarming smile it indicates that it is referring to "the target's defense [melee and ranged]" which to me, does not include defensive bonuses given by cover.
  7. IMDB lists the unfinished episodes as season 7. If they were finished, they would have been part of season 6.
  8. I hate to admit, but I'm a little disappointed by the model of the Kihraxz. It was one of the few Scum ships that I was actually looking forward to a release for. The standard Kihraxz is one of my favorite ship designs in Star Wars, but they decided to go with style 4, according to this picture from Wookieepedia. It's not a bad design, and I'll still pick this ship up at some point, but I just had different expectations.
  9. I'm in if there's still room. How do I sign up? I just noticed the link you provided for character submission.
  10. If you just want the backgrounds here is another zip file that contains two versions of each side (one with the millennium falcon icon and one without).
  11. There is only one runway open at DFW, right now.
  12. Also, on page 251, the table for spending advantages and triumphs has two entries related to component damage. For 3 advantage or 1 triumph, the attacker can choose a component to be temporarily damaged; or, for 2 triumphs the attacker can choose a component that is destroyed. There is no specific mention, that I have seen, that relates the ion quality to disabling a component.
  13. Where do you find the rules about shutting down a component? From what I can tell, the Ion rules in the CRB only mention that damage is dealt to the vehicle or droid's strain threshold.
  14. I live about 50 minutes from the venue, so it'd be silly not to go. I hear you! Mine was born almost as soon as we got back from Gamernation Con 2014, so he'll be a year old on the 20th. Nice! My second son is due on the 20th. Fortunately, I live so close, or there'd be no chance that I'd make it.
  15. Are you referring to the Lambda-class shuttle from the OT or the Theta-class T-2c Shuttle from Episode 3. The Lambda-class shuttle has a decent overhead map on Wookiepedia. I didn't see an overhead map for the Theta-class, but it does have this cross section that might be helpful.
  16. I am not convinced that it is possible to have too many sets of dice. After all, what are you going to do when you exceed FR5? I agree that you can't have enough dice. My only frustration with the dice sets is that, in order to get 5 or 6 force/challenge dice, you have to amass a horde of the more common greens and purples. Still, even if you have 15 greens/purples, you can spread them out for ease-of-access for players who don't have their own.
  17. How long did it take to collect that much XP? It seems like quite a haul.
  18. With all of the Star Wars related products that FFG is pushing out, this could be used across the board. Any new ships could be used in X-Wing (not to mention as additional ships in the RPG system). Characters could be used to expand Imperial Assault. Any number of combinations of locations, characters, vehicles, plot points, etc could be used in RPG sourcebooks or as themed expansions for the card game.
  19. Do you have a list of the campaign/adventure books that you have?
  20. As interesting as that would be, I don't think Disney is bold enough to try it. Ezra is the character that is most relatable to their target audience.
  21. For me, it feels like a suppression of the imagination. There is something engaging about mysterious elements of a story. It allows me to explore how I think it would work. I remember times, after binging on the OT, I would lie awake in bed asking questions. What is the Force? Is it faith based, or is there something tangible that drives it? How does a person become attuned to the Force? Can someone become attuned to it if they weren't born with that connection? There is something special about exploring those questions for yourself, and then realizing that you can never fully understand it. Midichlorians felt cheap to me, like I was force-fed a solution that made the Force seem less grand. It is now something that can be understood, which makes it feel less magnificent.
  22. Here is a quote from the CRB regarding the purchase of talents. It is found on page 93 (character creation section, under the step, "Invest Experience Points") in the Edge of the Empire core book. I assume this exact passage is also in the Force and Destiny book: Try not to picture your character being at a certain position on the talent tree. It is not a system where you move from one position to the next, snaking through the talents, like a board game. Instead, you have a series of talents that you own on the tree. You can purchase any talent that is connected to a talent that you already own. You can always (with enough xp) purchase all of the talents on a tree, regardless of how you decided to attack it initially.
  23. Just one thing needs to be clarified. A character is not defeated/incapacitated by meeting his threshold, but by exceeding it. So in your example, a minion group with 5 WT would require 6 wounds to defeat one of them. This is addressed in the FAQ to clarify the RAI.
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