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  1. No you dont..... but it depends on what premise you are making it from. Spells that make creatures often a lot an amount of dp to their creation. To be honest making you sack dp to make a creature is INCREDIBLY inhibiting in anima. Considering how much it would cost to make any viable creature. And as for levels it normally has dp as per a character of the same level and the dp gain (for example by a spell) just goes to making the creatures stats and abilities. Then you spend the normal dp as you would any other character. But it is the dms final say really.... but that is rather unfair to the players in my opinion.
  2. You can view it as a matter of reaction and effect. While your character herself might not be able to actually push him, she can try and therefor facilitate him moving out of the way. She doesn't necessarily need the power to move the character, just enough for the character being "pushed aside" to relize there is a direction there needs to go. That and it is also something to note that something big and heavy isn't necessarily hard to push over?
  3. Man has it been a while since I have been on these forums. I hope everyone is well. Anywho onto my point in general. It has to do with the Nemesician specialization. My biggest quip with it is the inability to develop ki abilities or ki techniques. This limits the technician pretty greatly on his versatility. i understand the bonuses to the nullification and armors is okay... but it is only okay as far as i see. By eliminating ki techniques you remove a HUGE portion of a technicians versatility and "move pool" i suppose you could say in exchange for arbitrary and fixed bonuses that only mean anything significant in the late game (and even then its significance can be called into question). Whats more, on top of it all, you only have access to magni, limits (which in this case has limited uses due to having such few options to use up ki), and nemesis abilities. If we exclude magni for a moment and just consider nemesis abilities the following comes to mind. While Nemesis abilities have a steep MK cost, there are not that many. This causes overflow of the technicians MK at higher levels as they no longer have anything else in that tree to vent it into. This makes you wonder if taking the specialization would be worth it. I have played around with several magni in my time playing the game, and on the topic of impossible weapons; unless you are going for endgame magni that on their own are powerful, you almost always need ki techniques to supplement and aid in them. From my experience cancer is in need of this the most as late game i find its abilities to be VERY low for the level at which it tries to compete.... at least alone. Then comes the topic of ki accumulations, all you would be dumping your DP into for this is increased null powers. And that would be just about it, no other benefit aside from being able to pool up your ki quickly that would then be vented because you have no proper focus for it. So the reduced costs for ki accumulation seem very diminished in value. Then there is ki pool increases in general, this particular specialization makes most of this useless as there are very few abilities in nemesis that even use ki. So outside of magni you have very few things you need to power. In the end significantly reducing the value of the technicians most impressive cost reductions. Again this may just be me nitpicking at the whole thing, but to me it seems like a greater sacrifice to specialize in nemesician than it would be to just go as a normal tech that uses both nemesis and ki in unison. I am open to input as this is my opinion and speculation on the whole Nemesician idea in general. I am sorry for this long (and possible redundant, as i tend to repeat myself sometimes) criticism.
  4. spiritual spells are innately invisible unless you have the aforementioned advantage. But for the most part use common sense, a fireball will NOT be invisible. however as previously stated, someone with see supernatural would see the flow of energy and be able to see who it comes from.
  5. No but the character sheets do have a section only for dodge labeled as "Special"
  6. I wish i could offer my help..... but I do not have much coding knowledge to be of any benifit... If there is anything i can help with william just let me know. Maybe I could help with cataloging all of the abilities and power descriptions? As from what I am seeing they are still in spanish.
  7. My ruling on innate magic regarding this is, as with all magic, it requires both vocal and motion components unless you have the appropriate advantages. As for the consequences, you would reduce your MA appropriately and then recalculate your innate magic potential using the new value. The reason for this is that innate magic is not something passive, you cannot cast other spells in the turn becuase it requires your attention. The reason why you can cast innate magic to begin with is because, your massive magic accumulation is so high that you can naturaly draw zeon from the environment fast enough to pay for the spell without it effecting your own reserves. And remember innate magic is dependant on your Magic Accumulation. So anything that would decrease your MA would also decrease your innate magic potential.
  8. Isn't Navigation only for travel and directing naval vessals? Because the way i read it, it was used for navigating ships across the sea.
  9. If you are regarding armor then it is a penalty applied to all secondary skills listed as thus and initiative. It is not applied to combat value as is my understanding. They do not touch carrying capacity OR movement. The reason for this as the armor already weighs so much and that is counted against the characters weight load, and for movement... well armors already have a movement restriction so it seems redundant to stack even more on there. They also would not reduce characteristic checks as there is no inhibition like there is with all action penalties. All action penalties means there is something REALLY wrong with the character that causes all of their stuff to fall into dissarray. My final ruling for "Penalties to Physical Actions" Is that the apply to the following only: Secondary skills marked that they take such penalties, and initiative. EDIT: Although.... now that I think about it, it may be plausible to apply it to dodge. Not block, but dodge. I would like other opinions on this thought though.
  10. from what i gathered the first part of sun. "Cutting Through All" is redundant. Saying it ignores half the damage barrier is irrelevant because by having energy as its primary damage type it already does so. On top of that, by having aura extension you also bypass damage barriers. It would probably be best to remove that, as it just seems redundant. Unless it is meant to inhibit the magnus.
  11. that really depends on your technique tree. There is little to nothing more i can say on that. It is about balancing your ki techs with your accumulations to round out your character
  12. Very nicely tuned. I like this, I can tell you put a lot of work into it. But I have a question... Is it possible that this will ever make it to an offline standalone program for character creation/archiving. Becuase I do not have access to the internet at all times and I would love to see this implemented in a way that both GMs and players can utilize at ALL times.
  13. *claps* Wonderful! I have been thinking about doing something with mounted characters myself, but you hit the nail on the head. However, might I suggest a change to powerful charge? As what is currently in place can be abused with relative ease by a player who tries. Instead how about doubleing the bonuses to attack from charging and adding the mounts strength to the base damage, along with the players strength of course. This way it seems less dependant on the rider themself and more dependant on the mount and rider being a team. Also it could be an added benifit to remove the penalty to defenses for charging on said powerful charge. Godlike charge is very good as well, but I would have the range of movement dependant on the mounts movement, and of course add the mounts strength to the damage roll as well. These are just my opinions on the matter. Overall I absolutely love the concept and idea! Thank you for this contribution. Edit: When I was refering to adding the mounts STR to damage, I meant in addition to the bonus already in place for charges detailed in mounted combat. (I.E. adding another multiple double becomes triple etc.)
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