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  1. Well I will come back into this conversation at the same point I left it with AEG. When AEG killed the Mantis Clan for Onyx I quit the game. When FFG bought the IP I started following it again. If FFG doesn't resurrect the Mantis in 2017/2018 I will abandon L5R. And honestly at this point if they do something that sh*tty to the Mantis after it's rather horrible history of getting screwed I'm probably out of FFG all together. It'd prove to me they have as little concern for the fanbase as certain members of AEG did over the years.
  2. Umm, because I totally misread the rules and thought it was x3 for decks not x2? derp! ignore me! Gah!
  3. I am still looking for additional copies. NOT the character deck cards (which I would be OK with getting) I'm interested in the cards you'd normally toss so I can fully populate the scenerios
  4. Just FYI if you want a full playset of cards you will need THREE core set and TWO Deluxe Expansions as for some reason they went back to 2x cards in expansions instead of 3x I plan to keep a full set of cards in my folder as well as anything in play so it works for me, just seemed like a crappy discovery
  5. I want to keep the core set scenerios built in deck form and built in my collection so I'm looking to pick up the "trash" cards from 3 core sets. The ones that you'd normally throw away (basic weakness, encounter cards) I'm paying $10 per set shipped. Anyone looking to recoup a bit of cash drop me a line. I'll be happy to snag them from you
  6. still looking for this, please contact me
  7. When I heard about the story decision AEG made with the Mantis I was so happy that I had already quit the game. I don't see FFG ever making a horrible decision like that.
  8. I quit L5R for the third time 2 years ago for AGOT v1 specifically for the financiall reason. If they honor the game design and challenge I will be playing both of them competatively.
  9. Given the fanbase they have built in I would be rather surprised to NOT see L5R RPG getting made, L5R board game too. Might be in 2018 after they get a chance to recoup some of the expenses of the purchase and design changes of the LCG
  10. Given the 20 card static monthly releases I wouldn't expect to see a ton of that but FFG is very good about releasing previews for product as it comes out. Spider may make the cut, may not. If it doesn't I'd expect to see Shadowlands/Jigoku instead.
  11. They have stated they want to keep the feel of the game (things like honor/dishonor) and the story focus. The storyline may change but I expect the story to be well told and well maintained. (something I don't think AEG did very well recently, spoken from the Mantis mindset)
  12. I think it's likely we will see a change to complicated mechanics like Dueling and balancing of mechanics like Mantis Magistrates, Crane Dueling and Scorpion Dishonor. If they change the dual deck and provinces thing I would be rather upset. That's a core design fundamental of the game
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