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  1. but would he win three separate payouts? I'm thinking the two team zones would merge into one payout section and the central payout would be a second.. So if you happened to be the only participant in a matchup and each team payout zone AND the central payout zone had star player icons, you'd only draw 2, pick one (team zones) and then draw another and keep it (central payout).
  2. uh.. at the risk of raising the dead... bump diddily ump?
  3. sigh, I could really go for just one more expansion.. if only to get my hands on some Lizardmen. It'd be pretty easy to package them with a team of Amazons and maybe even an all Mummy Khemri team.. (though it leaves the Norse high and dry, and they'd be fun as well.) One can only hope that IF they reprint the actual Blood Bowl, then this might see a bit of resurgence in popularity and another expansion could see the light of day.. (but sadly, the reprint rumors have not become fact yet either, guhhhhh)
  4. So we finally got around to giving this game a shot; though the rules are somewhat confusing. Our group went with the Aye, Dark Master variant rules as it seemed a little more structured and 'game-like'; we are not necessarily known for our ahem, expansive role-playing pedigree and leaving the assignment of Withering Looks more or less up to a whim would result in such looks being given out almost immediately. Anyway, the variant rules are pretty comprehensive, except when we came down to utilizing the Freeze action. If one plays a Freeze card, are they basically hijacking the turn for themselves? or interrupting, playing a hint card, and ultimately returning the turn back to the original player? I get that the goal is basically to play the most hint cards and both uses of Freeze would have different impacts on those mechanics. Just not sure which is the intended use. I'm thinking Freeze is basically hi-jacking the turn and if you wanted to throw it back at the original player, you'd have to basically go Freeze, Hint, Pass-the-Buck (provided the DM doesn't challenge you first, or someone else Freeze's you); but the idea of interrupting a player only to force a revision to their story seems hilarious. The rulebook seems to call for both. We weren't too sure how to best use the Freeze cards and as such, I think people opted to only use Pass the Buck. It was still pretty hilarious; I think one player had the excuse of being dead at one point, to which the Dark Master asked them to continue since, obviously, they got better. There was also a minion who got sidetracked in retrieving treasure because they thought the Dark Master would like it if they got gold teeth instead. Upon being asked how exactly, one was supposed to retrieve said teeth.. the minion suggested the use of a Lightning spell.. whew. but any insight into how to best use the Freeze action would be welcomed.
  5. It may not be what you want to hear, but my advice would be to accommodate the +1. If its as bad as everyone is implying, the poor kid must be so bored. Talk to your player and if its the case that he will always bring his +1; I'd say make lemonade out of it. Heck, require them to create two mutually cooperative characters; a Wookie with a Droid he can never finish putting together.. or a sibling bounty hunter team.. It's Star Wars.. its fun.. getting somewhat pissy about it is really not what its about. And by no means am I insinuating you are; I would just say maybe you can see this as an opportunity to do something.. different.
  6. I like it. A player is first successfully tackled and then becomes downed. Makes sense to me, thanks for the carefully worded reply
  7. The rulebook is a little ambiguous but good clarification. One other point is that the stadiums ADD to the Team Zone payout.. so it is not separate. So if you had a player icon in the stadium portion, the Team Zone portion and the Central portion (and you won) then you would draw 2, draft 1 and then draw 1, draft 1 for a total of 2 cards in your improvement pile.
  8. So here's a question regarding Nurgle's Rotters.. its a basic timing question really but came up during a match where the Rotters were just decimating.. The orcs successfully tackled Pusbubble. They had a team upgrade that allowed them to roll a die to try for an injury; whereas Pusbubble has two regeneration icons. Does the active player (orcs) decide who goes first? Basically, can they roll for injury first and pre-empt the regeneration icons? Thanks for any input.. and dear lord those disease tokens are ridiculous..
  9. I would keep all star players in one deck, so you dont know whether you'll pull a freebooter or not. In games between teams of the same conference, if you pull a card you can't use, it goes to the bottom of the deck til you pull one (or two or three) that you can use and you draft from that. Just my two cents
  10. Prepare for War said: …But the Deathlace player may also want to say "I'll only use Deathlace if you decline to dodge." As in: "I'll use dodge if you use deathlace." "I'll use deathlace if you don't use dodge." Unless there's a stop point to passing priority defined, the loop can go round ad infinitum. But the Deathlace player can't expect that to hold water. The Dodge player can always decide to Dodge in response to the declaration of Deathlace being played. It's also exceedingly rare where such a case will occur. You'd have to have a case where the downing of the Dodge player doesn't affect the outcome of the match, but the injuring does.. (since most players would call for Dodge regardless) But IMHO, once you declare Deathlace, the Dodge player could declare Dodge.. and on the re-roll Deathlace would STILL apply… so you'd have to be careful since you might roll an X and really screw things up.
  11. When i said "free-booters"; I meant to include neutral star players as well.. the gray bordered cards. So you'd say the Dwarves need those non-dwarven star players? Hmmm.. I'll have to keep that in mind.
  12. Dodge would be activated to try and get rid of the Tackle symbol. And i dont think it would be smart, because deathlace would still apply on the reroll.. and the odds of getting X again arent that good.
  13. I dont think that is a correct interpretation of the rules, but the rules do not seem to explicitly negate it. The only notes that come close are the Bold text stating Cheating is mandatory (implies there's no way to avoid it) and the text in the Sudden Death expansion involving Downed Skills… After completely resolving all of a players downed skills… To me, this indicates that not using an optional skill is a method of resolving said skill and that the game intends you to resolve all available skills (barring getting downed or injured). There is also the text regarding Passing when you already have the ball. It tells the player to ignore the additional passing icon, but doesn't address ignoring ALL subsequent icons. But if you feel opting out of Block avoids the following Cheating skill, by all means go for it; without clarification it seems justified.. just a little hinky IMHO
  14. What I'm wondering is.. Does playing the SP decks differently affect the balance of the game? Is there any team team that would actually benefit more from two different setups? For instance: Setup 1: I'm playing as Wood Elves and in my SP deck are Freebooters, Dwarven, Elven and Human star players. I play as the rules indicate and when I draft SP, I can draft anyone (from the OWA).. even the Dwarf Death Roller.. Setup 2: I'm playing as the Wood Elves and when I set up my SP deck; I remove Dwarven and Human star player, so the OWA SP deck only has Elves and Freebooters (and if i'm playing against the Dwarves or Humans; we've agreed to not draft each others player is drawn and put them to the bottom of the deck) Is there a team that gains a signifcant benefit from playing under Setup 2? Just wondering because I tend to like the flavor of it better (especially if you're playing within your own conference.. and you pull your opponents star players)
  15. looking at the wording of dodge and deathlace… i don't see why deathlace would be negated by dodge. if one applied deathlace first; the opponent can choose to use dodge; but deathlace would still apply to the new roll. The requirement for deathlace is simply "when two dice are being used"
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