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  1. I could basically say "the entirety of my Return to Carcosa run with Calvin and Patrice", because the final two scenarios were the only ones that didn't end painfully. Patrice kept drawing every Hidden weakness and could never get rid of them, so she was only ever drawing 2-3 new cards every turn. And racking up insane damage whenever she tried to get rid of them. It was a bad time. In a recent run through The Secret Name with Stella and Jacqueline, I was literally one turn away from winning. Jacqueline was in place to end the scenario at the start of her next turn, then she drew Ghostly Presence and Nahab killed her. And Stella was in no state to wrap up the scenario by herself. But the single worst luck I've ever had was my very first run through Echoes of the Past. It's been a few years, so I don't remember the exact sequence of events. But it was a two investigator group (Ursula and Akachi) and we weren't able to dispatch all the cultists right away. Come mythos phase, we get a bad pair of cards that forces the agenda to advance on turn one. And then advance again on the very next turn. We were forced to retire on turn three with no victory points, no proper resolution, nothing. It was miserable, and despite the whole experience taking less than half an hour, we were so pissed that we didn't even feel like continuing the campaign that day.
  2. Got my copies on Monday, way earlier than I was expecting. Never even got tracking info, they just kinda showed up. So yeah, they'll definitely be out soon for everyone else. Especially with the election chaos finally out of the way.
  3. It might be a little less painful on vanilla Carcosa, but we were doing the Return To version, which has much nastier hidden weaknesses. Sure, we could've brought along more treachery cancellation effects, but you're a little at the mercy of the draw with Patrice. I know we didn't include all of those. I wasn't the one playing Patrice specifically, so I don't know the exact deck composition. But in general, the Return To hidden cards are especially nasty on Patrice. For any other investigator, they're annoying. But for the most part, you don't think about them unless you're running close to your hand size. But Patrice? That's one fewer card she draws every turn. Especially (Horrors), because on Patrice, well. That little bastard's gonna sit there in her hand for basically the entire game. The rest of em, well. Patrice needs her card draw. Which means getting rid of those Hidden cards ASAP. Which means racking up a LOT of damage over the course of a scenario.
  4. I'm gonna add to the universal opinion of Carolyn being great in Carcosa. Not only is she great at keeping everyone's sanity managed, she helps generate resources and makes a decent clue gatherer. Helping to generate resources means you might want to pick a more resource intensive class like Guardian or Mystic, or certain Rogues. The one thing Carolyn doesn't do too well is fight, so if you pick her, you'll likely want a heavy hitter. Either a more traditional Guardian, like Mark or Zoey, or a more Fight oriented Mystic/Rogue, like Diana or Tony. Of course that's just assuming you pick Carolyn at all. There aren't really very many bad options. Except maybe Patrice. I ran Return to Carcosa recently with Calvin and Patrice, and she was constantly being crippled by all the hidden weaknesses. It's a bad time. I do not recommend Patrice for Carcosa. Ever.
  5. The Supplicant is the only one of mine that actually looks fine. I'm gonna have to eventually use some green stuff on Ollie, which is always annoying. As for Ursa, well... the quality on that one is just abysmal, but considering the monochromatic color scheme, maybe I can just ignore it. I just really hope this isn't the start of a trend with this game, or other FFG miniature games. Because it's really put me off from wanting to continue working on these ones.
  6. Been replaying through TCU finally. First time since the campaign ended. I wanted to try out a few of the new starter deck investigators, opted for Jacqueline and Stella. First two scenarios went pretty well, as did most of the third. Then I got the worst possible mythos draw in the world and Jacqueline went insane right as I was about to win. Haven't touched it since, but to be fair, I also got distracted by finally getting my copy of Kingdom Death: Monster. I'll get back to replaying TCU eventually, but I'm hoping to start up my Innsmouth campaign next month with my friend. I'm gonna use Trish for sure. Undecided on my second. We usually play two investigators apiece in our campaigns.
  7. Even the early IA minis were never quite this bad. Even the first edition MoM minis didn't have gaps like this. It's really a shame, because Shadowed Paths was only three months ago, and those minis were fantastic. That Balrog is one of the best FFG has put out, at least in terms of the games I own. And even the generic orcs and goblins look really great. I was expecting the Orc Taskmaster and the Balrog to be kind of frail because of the whips, but they were surprisingly sturdy. Nothing like these. The plastic is absurdly soft.
  8. Now, it's entirely possible this is all in my head and I'm just over analyzing these in comparison to other minis I own. (I recent got my hands on Kingdom Death: Monster and have spent the last three weeks putting those together, and those are some high quality minis to be sure) But I feel like even in comparison to many of the minis from the base game, and especially Shadowed Paths, these seem to be... of really subpar quality. I don't know what happened. Now I don't have any of my other JiME for comparison here (because I've either primed or painted all of them), but right off the bat, the plastic struck me as being... much darker than usual. Not really an issue per se, but it struck me as odd the moment I opened the box. And again, maybe that's me comparing them to the much lighter plastic used in KDM. But the plastic also feels a lot softer than my other JiME minis, painted or otherwise. Like I accidentally almost bent Ollie's chain just trying to take some of these pictures, not realizing how soft they were. A lot of the detail also seems... very muddled. Especially on Ursa here. Two of his fingers are basically melded together, and the detail on his palm and the undersides of his fingers is nonexistent (I couldn't get a good picture of the opposite side of his hand because the camera wouldn't focus properly on the hand). There are a few other spots that look kinda muddled, but the worst by far is the top of his (her?) head. Shortly after the rim of the ground, any detail in the hair just utterly ceases to exist. It's completely smooth. (The same problem I had with Ollie's chain also applies to the hammer here; very soft and fragile) And then there's the massive gaps on Ollie's mini. These run all alone the sides of his torso and up his left arm. At least unlike the muddled details on Ursa, these could possibly be fixed up with some green stuff or other gap filler. But I've never seen gaps this bad on a preassembled miniature. So what's the deal? Am I just going insane and imagining all of this? Did I just have really bad luck and get shipped a bad batch? Or did anyone else notice any of these glaring issues?
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