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  1. Aragorn's Wisdom is better than his Might. That's kind of one of the incentives of picking the Wisdom upgrade for the Sword. Similarly, Gimli's Spirit and Might stats are equal, but you can get the chainmail upgrade that increases his Spirit and the Axe that uses Spirit to attack instead of Might. They're very specific situations, certainly (especially with Gimli), but there's still valid reason to use one over the other. If you're talking about other items/armor/trinkets that also have attack stats but aren't traditionally weapons (like the banner, cloak, fang necklace, etc.), I think you can actually use those in tandem with your main weapon, so long as you're using the same attack stat and the range is valid. They're usually weaker than the main weapons, sure. But they give you extra hits for those rare situations where you have excess successes you couldn't ordinarily use.
  2. Finished Coalfang! I had to improvise a bit since I didn't want to spend all that money on the contrast colors Sorastro used (hoo boy are they expensive). But I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. Instead of the contrast colors, I used a roughly equal mix of Flat Brown and Buff, followed by a 2:1 ratio of Army Painter Strong Tone and Red Tone wash for the short fur. And for the rest, I used some Flat Brown with Flat Red followed by a similar wash (although I flipped the ratios, and added a touch of Dark Tone). I also thinned the paints down significantly so that they would flow better and show the zenithal highlights more prominently, but I left the shades basically undiluted to compensate. With that done though, the only ones I have left are the troll and Atarin. I'll do the troll this weekend, and then wait and see how Sorastro handles Atarin. But I might just wing it if I get bored and don't want to wait.
  3. I recently picked up painting over the summer, and your videos were a huge help. This was everything I finished up through about September or so (aside from the Trandoshans and Bossk, who I finished more recently before taking this pic). Although I didn't do anything special with the bases, because that was just another cost I didn't want to add on to the paints I'd already bought. So I opted for leaving the imperials grey, rebels red, and mercenaries green, and I did the rims of the heroes in blue to differentiate them.
  4. Currently me and a friend have settled on teams of Tommy/Mandy and Patrice/Tony, since we like how all the new investigators look so far. Most likely Patrice and Tony are going to be the Dreamlands team (he wants to give Patrice all of the cats)
  5. So how would you handle XP between campaigns? Eventually it'd just be worthless if no one swapped heroes, and it'd ultimately be pointless to tally XP after a certain point by about the end of the second campaign when every single player has maxed out their class decks. Maybe set some kind of limit on the XP amount of class cards each player brings into each individual mission? Then you could allow the Imperial player to swap between class decks freely (potentially opening up some interesting combos), and maybe the Rebels could swap between Heroes they've earned as a result of their side missions (or if specific heroes are eliminated in some fashion, just pick new heroes altogether). That way, once they're happy with how they've built one hero, they could start spending experience on another hero, giving the Rebels more versatility. Then, like the Imperials, they could adjust their team to match the mission they're facing. Although I think if you were to go this route, the rebels would probably need to assign each earned hero to a specific player so that XP totals could be managed accordingly. Also, how did you plan on determining the overall winner of the full campaign? Will it just be the winner of the final mission (presumably the Lothal campaign if you're going in release order), or best of seven? I don't know what order you plan on doing the campaigns in, but release order is probably the most obvious. But maybe doing something that's a close approximation of actual historical timing could also work, probably alternating between standard and mini campaigns. Probably like: Heart of the Empire -> Tyrants of Lothal -> Core Set -> Twin Shadows -> Return to Hoth -> Bespin Gambit -> Jabba's Realm I'm not sure what the best solution to managing agenda sets would be, since it's kind of the Imperial player's parallel to gaining credits and buying from the item decks. Obviously you'd retain any earned rewards or villains, but if you're playing by more recent rules, you'd only have a limited amount of agenda cards in play at any time. Maybe you could swap out agenda sets between campaigns, but retain all purchased agenda cards, regardless of what set they're from. And then only be allowed to bring 4 agenda cards per mission (and if it's a one-use card bought in a previous campaign, it just goes away for good most likely).
  6. Guardian: I'll go with Zoey by default. She just does a Guardian's job better than most of the others and she can generate resources better in a fairly resource intensive class. In the last Carcosa run I did, I made a Zoey deck for my friend to play and she basically would just drop a Lightning Gun turn 1 every game and then Emergency Cache / Contraband her way to infinite ammo. Seeker: Ursula, no question. I somehow find myself always being stuck as the Seeker in every campaign I play so it's the class I have the most experience with. And I just love being able to zip around the map with zero effort, snagging every clue on the way. Rogue: Probably the class I have the least experience, both due to rarely playing it, and rarely building decks for it (I'm mostly in charge of deckbuilding for my friend group because I'm the only one who isn't totally terrible). I'll go with Finn mostly just because I've played him recently. Just another case of me being stuck in the clue gathering role. Mystic: Gotta go with Agnes. I've built for Akachi a few times and I find her to be a bit more newbie friendly. But Agnes just kind of does the same things but more effectively. Honorable mention to Norman Withers, who is really just a Mystic in disguise. Survivor: Silas and Wendy are both super fun. But of the two, I'll go with Silas because I've included him in two of my most recent campaigns, whereas I haven't played Wendy since the days of Dunwich Legacy.
  7. It's a cool mechanic, but oof. Between these and the multi-class cards, this cycle seems to just love complicating my storage solutions.
  8. My first time playing Echoes of the Past. It was a 2 player game with me and a friend visiting from California. We had a series of the worst possible Mythos draws. By the start of turn 3 we were on Agenda 2, and Agenda 3 on the following turn. We had no choice but to resign. Hilariously, on the second time I played Echoes of the Past? We never advanced past agenda 1 throughout the entire scenario.
  9. Currently I've just been using RttNotZ to hold all of my tokens and rule sheets from mythos packs, the core box for the rulebooks and all my campaign logs, and all my cards in a large white box. But since that's getting a bit snug between the player and encounter cards, I was probably going to use the Return to Dunwich box to hold the entire Dunwich campaign, and RttNotZ to hold NotZ and all of the standalone scenarios. And just shift all the tokens back into the core box.
  10. I was playing the 10:50 to Arkham scenario earlier, and at one point I was instructed to spawn a random flying monster. But after the event was over, there was no way to interact with the monster that spawned in the app. How are we even supposed to fight it if there's nothing in the app to interact with?
  11. Innsmouth/Cthulhu and Shub-niggurath seem like the most likely candidates for the next two big campaigns. And if FFG intends to include every investigator from the AH Files in this game, they've got a massive 53 to choose from, assuming they don't add any more. Meaning we might be getting about 6 more campaigns after Path to Carcosa finishes up. Personally I'm hoping for something involved At the Mountains of Madness, anything involving the Dreamlands, or maybe something with Nyarlathotep as the big bad.
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