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  1. 1. If you do not have a command unit on the table as they are in reserve and you have a single platoon. Can you do anything in the Command Phase? 2. Hell Boys are a Platoon Command…. Why don't they have a radio? Seems weird. 3. If a walker is on fire, you can in fact put out the fire during the command phase? 4. I used a lot of Jump capable troops yesterday, my friend was getting frustrated because he couldnt react to me. We played it righ tthat you can only react to firing within 12" if you are the target? This is more for him as he was getting angry lol Cheers,
  2. Thanks for the replies guys…. It seems i am stuck with the Icarus box set since I bought it online…. I got it dirt cheap so im not too upset about it… I will be buying the cerebrus box set though mainly for the building….. What you guys say about the situation I gave is 100% correct i got rocked… but it only went south because reserves came on and surpressed by jump units… if they never came on I would have had that reaction or command phase activation for sure… I just wanted to see if it would work and paid a heavy price lol… My head is still getting around the game right now but everyone who has played it LOVES it… coming from 40k, whfb and FOW etc this is quite a change.
  3. 1. I just bought the Icarus box set….. nothing in it relates to Warfare at all…. Was there something else I should have bought to get all the stat lines and information related to Dust as opposed to Tactics? I know I now have the 2 special characters and some huts.. but this wasnt exactly what I thought I was getting… Like I said im new lol… Should I have bought the Icarus Campaign book instead? Is that what I need to do for Hades and Zverograd too? Just get the books if I dont want the terrain and models? 2: Im playing Allies right and slowly collecting an SSU force in the background…. If I use my Hammer unit on a full march move and land behind a walker or even in the middle of a unit so to speak…. My interpretation of the rules is that i cannot be fired on since im jumping. So if for some reason im still alive after the next command phase… if my opponent wanted to move away I could punch him int eh face before he moved, or if he decided to shoot me I could react with punching again?
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