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  1. I'm playing a character with Deadly Accuracy again and again it's just so overpowered compared to anything else. Last time I had this talent was when the game first dropped so we really didn't know much about the meta etc. Deadly Accuracy has nothing to do with accuracy. It just adds flat damage based on how many ranks in a combat skill you possess. Why not do this instead. Add ONE success per combat skill rank that you have. IE if you have 3 ranks in Ranged Light you add 3 success to your roll. To me it just seems more fitting since now you are more accurate and your damage output can be diminished by setbacks. Let me know what you think.
  2. I could be wrong but I think when using a two handed weapon to use the other side the weapon needs Linked, ie the double lightsabre. I could be wrong though. But I'm not sure if this game has a lot of two handed weapons. The double bladed lightsabre is honestly the only weapon that comes to mind. You could in fact be holding two pistols and opt to kick. But you can't hit with two pistols and then kick in the same round. You would have to choose between using the second pistol and using your feet. There's a cap on the number of attacks you're allowed to make?
  3. punch, punch, kick, kick, elbow, elbow, knee, knee and head butt. I'm going to need a lot more dice.... Also couldn't you use 2 pistols then kick someone? or use a vibro axe then kick etc?
  4. I thought luke was the guy with the cross guard lightsaber?
  5. My GM totally misread the rules. He thought the +1 silhouette size meant you could put attachments and weapons on ships with a smaller silhouette. IE medium turbo laser on a silhouette 4 ship. We own Fly Casual. I read it and he laughed and said he had no idea where he got the original idea for mounting turbo lasers on smaller ships from. We got the ship from a Hutt as a reward for making her a crap ton of credits.
  6. You know that with "Larger Project" you can go higher then Sil 3 right? What kind of smuggling are you going to be doing? With your other existing mods I'm guessing Lum Runner. I'd think about Hardened Circuits for extra system strain. Hyperdirve for super fast runs and tighter jobs. Physical countermeasures if you're worried about missiles (since they have a longer range then lasers usually do). Gravity Mine launcher to slow down pursuers....and with that Speed 6 of yours you'd be crazy not to consider boosting the shields. GtA+Evasive Maneuvers+Above Average Shields+angled deflectors=one tough target. There's lots of options... It's a trap! You can't mount a medium turbolaser on a 1000, even with an oversized weapons mount. If you go with a light turbolaser with an oversized weapons mount, you'll just end up penalizing yourself. It'll use up 3 HP, cost you 24,000 credits minimum, reduce your handling to 0, your SS to 11, and the rarity will be more likely to end up with you getting shot and robbed then buying the gear. If you're worried about bigger ships... get a missile launcher, or a torpedo launcher. An ECM package and modded Stealth coating will also be useful. Makes sense. And Speed 6 is... really really good. This and the medium turbolaser thing I'm starting to wonder if your GM understands the rules....he's being just a little too super nice. Apparently we both don't know the rules. I haven't even looked at the rules for oversized guns but he owns the book! I also have supreme full throttle so I can hit speed 8 for 4 rounds. I'll skip the turbolaser if it has all those drawbacks you listed. It sounded like Spike's Swordfish in Beebop. Bigass gun on a tiny ship. We currently work for one of the Hutt cartels. The sneaky behind the scenes one. I forget the name. It's in the hutt book if you own that. We mostly do things from basic smuggling runs (guns, spice, information) to piracy to spec op missions to stealing information or valuables. It's really crazy sometimes.
  7. I acquired a HWK - 1000 and would like to start modding it out. My character is a Gunslinger/Pilot/Rigger, yea I know it's not silhouette 3 or less, GM hand waved that since this is for coolness and our other pilot and his ship never show up to play anymore. I'd like to get your opinions on what the best mods would be. It's mostly going to be a smuggling vessel with attack capabilities. My GM suggested putting a medium turbo laser on it. It kinda threw me for a loop. I'm kind of worried what he's going to throw up against us if he's suggesting that kind of firepower. I definitely want the sensor array and targeting computer. We won a new prototype Ion engine in our last game to replace the old engines. (speed 6 now) If I add the medium turbo laser (when I get the cash) that would leave me with 2 more hard points for mods. Maybe a quad laser to use against snub fighters and a new hyper drive so it can hit 0.5 past light speed to get us places asap. Thanks!
  8. Yea that's how I envisioned it. I really didn't even care if I hit anything. I was doing it more for the cool factor.
  9. Yea that's how I remembered it. My buddy was telling me something different but without the book I couldn't check it.
  10. Is there a reason to dual wield autofire pistols other than it being cool? I left my book over the GMs house and I haven't played a character that used a gun since forever. How do you even roll this? Thanks!
  11. Same thing happened to us last night. I was 5 to 1 odds to win a swoop race and my whole crew bet everything we had on me. We cleared a tad over 100k. We almost have enough to buy a HWK - 1000
  12. Deadly Accuracy + Lightsaber + Tinkerer + Jury Rig = Profit
  13. Just remember that Pressure Point can't be used with Brawl weapons. Ah, missed that line. Oh well... I'll use the Stun Gloves up until I pick up Pressure Point. Would take me a while anyways. Yea that's what I did. I had a hard time coming up with a second spec for my Doctor as well. I took Force Sense and still can't figure out what to take. I was thinking about taking Entertainer and call my band The Hong Kong Cavaliers.
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