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  1. As it stands in this moment of the game, some clans are just favored. Maybe this trend settles as more cards are released, and different design philosophies surrounding each clan are shored up.
  2. I have been under the impression that Way of the Crab required the friendly crab personality to leave play to take effect. This would mean that if you used an effect to prevent the personality from leaving play, your opponent would not have to lose their personality. Is this the case or have I been playing it wrong?
  3. I hope the holding synergy wasn't intended to be a drawback, because that would be pretty sad. As it is, there are so many personalities in this game that suffer zero drawback and offer such great utility that it would be nice if the Crab got a few.
  4. When it would have synergized so much better with Crab. Its a problem I see with cards in the game. It would really help one clan but ends up in another.
  5. So I'm clear, Kaede allows you to resolve Void and whatever ring you actually won? For example, I initiate an air conflict with Kaede and win. Do I get both effects of Air and Void?
  6. I will be at Silver Dragon Games tonight at 7 pm with decks. Looking to for a challenge. =)
  7. It also keeps people from temptation. Writing stuff. Dials. Those can be fudged with. If I see you grab an extra honor token, by accident or on purpose, there is no fudging that.
  8. I am showing up at Silver Dragon Taven and Games Tuesdays around 7:30 with my L5R cards, ready to lose. http://silverdragontavern.wixsite.com/tavern
  9. I'm currently splashing Crane for Stewards and Above Question. I will try what I have, and see what happens when I am not cheating through ignorance.
  10. I like the Crab sacrifice mechanics, but they seem watered down next to the tools other Clans have. Funeral Pyre was my great hope that dishonor Crab could be efficient.
  11. Agreed, its just not the card engine I would have hoped for. =)
  12. Hrm. And Funeral Pyre becomes less interesting. I figured the point would be once per phase or something. I guess that would be too much.
  13. 1) If I have multiple Intimidating Hida or Vengeful Zerkers out, do I get the benefit of each separate reaction? i.e. if I lose a character, do both Vengeful Zerkers get +3, if my opponent doesn't declare a conflict do they lose 2 honor? 2) If multiple characters leave play in the same conflict where I have a Vengeful Zerk, does it double each time? 3) How many times can I use Funeral Pyre a turn? Thanks.
  14. See, here is where I have the issue. Under normal circumstances, Boba would not have had enough dice to evade the critical to begin with. I had a similar situation crop up in a game today. Ten rolled 3 crits (mangler) my opponent rolled 2 evades. My question boils down to the defense dice. One crit would go through, no matter what because my opponent doesn't have enough defense dice to cover it. Then you move on to the red dice that could be cancelled. One of those crits would not be able to be cancelled by defense dice due to Ten's ability. The other would. Does that make sense?
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