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  1. Looks good. I have also begun painting the new heroes. But only done Nanok and Jonas so far. Two different background(Playing around, to see what looks best)
  2. I use an app on my MacBook called Reflector 2. This mirrors my phone onto my mac screen It's also available on Windows
  3. Yeah my group is the same. The heros WANT to win, but they get a good laugh out of loosing in completely stupid ways. We often talk what we could have done differently and there are no maps where you really DON'T have any chance at all... except for some maps of course, where one side looses without being able to do anything. On another note, this is what stands in the news from about a month ago (on the bottom of the page): "Now, you have the opportunity to take your adventures in a bold new direction. Keep watching the Fantasy Flight Games website for Road to Legend previews, and get ready to download your own copy of Road to Legend in just a few weeks!" Any speculations, when "in just a few weeks" is? I mean they didn't say months so we could suspect less than 2 or 3 months.... a "real" release date was never stated, right? On Instagram they wrote late april release on IOS and Android, and steam sometime after
  4. I hope they are gonna make quest vault work with this app. Would be awesome to see player created scenarios!
  5. On one of their instagram pictures. Late april release on IOS and Android, and steam after. Hrmm link? All I can find is some random guy saying he 'heard from FFG'.. hardly credible. Not trying to put you under the interrogation lamp or anything but that is a statement that should be backed up by evidence if we can take it for more than anything but rumor. Haha no problem. Here https://www.instagram.com/p/BDgo3ILEcIG/?taken-by=fantasyflightgames, out in the comment section.
  6. On one of their instagram pictures. Late april release on IOS and Android, and steam after.
  7. Finally some long awaited news! By the way, they are aiming for a late april release. This is going to be so goooood!
  8. Yeah i experienced that tonight! Auch...
  9. Thanks for clarifying it for me! It's only when i play solo it is a problem. When it's with other i just think it will give the game a more thrilling experience
  10. The rules says that an enemy doesn't have any boundaries when i comes to ranged, when the COG is in line of sight. But there must be some sort of max ranged for Locust? The other day while playing, i got shot and died from a Locust attack from over 3 boards away(!!!) because nothing disturbed its LOS.
  11. When i throw a bolo grenade, do i just discard a grenade token, and then i can do a normal attack afterwards, or do i have to do it as a part of an attack move?
  12. I have a question. Last night a mate of mine and i were playing X-wing, and he got hit with a critical and drew "Minor hull breach" its says "After executing a red maneuver, roll 1 attack die. on a hit result. suffer 1 damage". My question is, does the damage he recives on a hit go to his shield(if he has any) or do it go directly to his hull? In my opinnion the damage is already "inside" and therefor he should recive hull damage. ^ Mathias
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