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  1. Obviously Calvadur is right, especially since it's just in Early Access plus the game, like the LotR physical card game, is designed to expand over time, judging the game by its starting content is nonsensical. However, for me, if I need to pay for each expansion, I'll stick with the physical card games.
  2. These announcements confused me... It said it's not longer free to play. In what ways is that changing? Are you going to need to pay in order to START the game? Or do you need to pay for new packs IN the game? Both? An option to pay for new packs with real money? I'm considering purchasing a Founder's Pack to get into Early Access now, but if I'm going to need to spend money inside the game to make any progress, then it's not worth it for me.
  3. I've found that even with sentinel, I prefer to engage the enemies on the side with the best defense. The sentinel is mostly a backup for when you can't engage them all or as a prerequisite for cards like The Day's Rising. Also, Captain of Gondor goes into one deck while the Dunedain signals would go into the other deck, so I can't just swap them. I agree about Sterner Than Steel, but I usually didn't need Golden Shield or Herugrim (especially both) except with the strongest enemies. With the latest rendition of the decks, Denethor and Elfhelm have become the defenders, and with Gondorian Shield, this becomes a non-issue. Yup I've seen this and I'm thinking about giving it a try.
  4. Interestingly, this is started because of the unique combination of Noble, Warrior, and sentinel. With this combo you're allowed to have Armored Destrier, The Day's Rising, Heir of Mardil, and Captain of Gondor all attached. Now, Leadership Gimli has all of these traits/keywords, so he can be "Voltron'd" like this as well. He loses out on Golden Shield and Herugrim, but gets access to plenty of attachments asked at dwarves. Anyone got any cool ideas for Leadership Gimli Voltron decks?
  5. Now that you mention the double questing via LoV, he does seem a lot better than I was thinking. I also really like the idea of trying to pair him with the new Gimli so you can double quest and still attack. With the right combos, Argalad is looking pretty nice. Note I'm staying to think of ideas for a new set of Silvan decks, but at that point it may be difficult to justify giving LoV to him because others may be able to use it pretty well too.
  6. Well, it was originally designed to make Tactics Theoden into the centerpiece, but I realized it made more sense to distribute some of the defensive capabilities. After a few variations and more testing than I usually get time for, I've settled on this pair of decks. I'd say more about it, but I already wrote it all out in the description on RingsDB: http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/2163/thoden-s-aid Any great ideas to improve this?
  7. The rule says "originating deck", so it would go back to the discard pile for the deck it was built into before the game started. If you put someone else's card into your deck, you'll need to figure out a way to tell it apart AND make sure it isn't obviously the other person's card while it is in the deck.
  8. I think a hero or attachment that gives bonus attack to heroes/characters that are attacking alone would be an awesome boon to Fingers, but would also help superhero decks (Boromir and Aragorn) and if it applies to all characters, then Mirkwood Runner may even shine a bit.
  9. I'm satisfied with this. I also like the potential synergy with traps that whiffed during staging. It's nice to have a way to return guys to staging on a hero so it can work more consistently.
  10. 1) I don't know of any apps by FFG 2) Partially because of #1 I doubt that they have the devs for it. I feel like they just want to be a physical card game shop. And there would have be updated made every time they release a new pack, plus they'd need to find a way to verify all the packs you've already bought... It's not as simple as just making an app for it.
  11. Interesting. Fits into a few decks pretty nicely but isn't really a massive boon to any of them. Making him an orc is an interesting choice, mostly because you like the thematic value of it in relation to his first ability, I assume.
  12. In addition to what Kakita has mentioned, Wandering Took (no limit) + Song of Earendil (no limit) inherently allows for broken combos. Another example is O Elbereth Githoniel + Vanish from Sight + Wandering Took + Song of Earendil. It lets you reduce every other player's threat to 0 and prevents you from threating out. You don't need Elbereth for that combo, but it does combo nicely with Vanish From Sight on its own Wait, why not? After Vanish from Sight ends, you would threat out. Elbereth lets you set your threat back to a level <50 so that when Vanish from Sight ends you are still safe. Admittedly, it would probably be worth threating out to get your teammate's threats to 0. Oh OK. I see. Nice.
  13. In addition to what Kakita has mentioned, Wandering Took (no limit) + Song of Earendil (no limit) inherently allows for broken combos. Another example is O Elbereth Githoniel + Vanish from Sight + Wandering Took + Song of Earendil. It lets you reduce every other player's threat to 0 and prevents you from threating out. You don't need Elbereth for that combo, but it does combo nicely with Vanish From Sight on its own
  14. I don't think putting a side quest as the active quest pushes the main quest out of play, does it? Unless it does, you REALLY do not want to use a side quest.
  15. That's interesting. At first, I read it as deflecting the damage, but after reading it a second time, Beorn is still taking the damage... He's just dealing it back out too. I like it, but it may be more powerful than it ought to be but the lack of attachments can certainly be an issue still and it is difficult to get him into pay and stay there without paying a hefty cost. Though it might be more fun to Sneak Attack him in and out, effectively healing him every time he goes back to hand. I would clarify, though, that he can't deal damage back if he is destroyed by that damage. That way you can't chump block a huge enemy (8+ attack) and deal 5 damage back at the same time. It makes sense too, because you can't attack back when your dead.
  16. Meh. It's hard for me to get on the Harad train with so little information about it. Though Kahlil is a great hero to stay off with.
  17. There hasn't been a single pack released that I didn't have some interest in. I just can't keep up.
  18. No no no. Not because others are having more fun than me. I just want to be able to catch up at some point, but they release faster than I can catch up, so I'm only getting further behind. If they end the game then I'll have a chance and won't have to worry about falling further behind.
  19. I almost never play anymore and rarely have time to interact with any of the community, but I still get excited about each announcement. I'm also somewhat looking forward to the end if this game, as long as I'm able to get all of the cards I don't currently have before it completely disappears. I just can't keep up right now.
  20. I've been waiting for Ranger Spear for forever. I created a custom card called Ranger Sword a long time ago that was exactly the same except it only worked with a trap attached. It seemed like an obvious piece that the Rangers were missing. Sooooooooo thankful it's finally here.
  21. We could if it was possible to copy/paste an Excel graphic into FFG forums. It doesn't seem we can, however, so nope. Screenshot and upload image?
  22. with The Storm Comes, it doesn't need mono Lore. hell, it doesn't need Lore at all...honestly, Halfling Bounder is pretty crazy. only costs 2 and can quest or attack for 1 until you need to discard him, plus he has 2 hit points, so he's a bit less vulnerable to damaging treacheries (so you don't automatically discard him to cancel something like Necromancer's Reach because 'he's going to die anyway'also, i'm glad to see a playable 'reprint' of Silverlode Archer I want implying that it worked best in mono Lore decks. I was simply noting the fact that a mono Lore deck is no longer gimped by lack of cancellation. Of course, The Door Is Closed provided that, but it has limitations and requires setup. So does this one, but with both cards in your deck, you might just have things set up for one of them when you need it.
  23. Yay for more cancellation. The mono Lore decks are getting better and better now that we don't need to rely on spirit for cancellation.
  24. Not sure why anyone is bringing up the exhaustion via Grappling Hook or double committing. Just wait until the action window after staging, then pop Eowyn's ability and then Grappling Hook on her to quest for 10. Also, since she takes with her ability, you should use something like Quick Strike kill something engaged with you before popping GH.
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