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  1. Any word on this? Any idea what the potential month or even date might be? Edit - I meant Days of Ice and Fire.. seems to be no way to edit the thread title.
  2. First of all, there are times when it is advantageous to be lower on the Iron Thone track, and some card effects like Mance vs Marg is one of them. Another benefit can be having last strike in a turn, which is sometimes more important than first strike. As for Victarion vs Saan FAQ ruling, it makes sense. Victarion and Saan aren't exactly conflicting in the same way Mance vs Marg do, the latter speak directly on final combat strength. Victarion would give your ships a boost (+2 "instead of" regular 1) whereas Saan just completely negates all non-baratheon ships to 0 strength when that happens. Victarion doesn't say "ships are plus 1, instead of zero." In any case, FAQ rulings are to be followed for any particular case like this one.
  3. If you follow the FFG internet rulings, then dark wings and dark words would not generate any income out of ports, just Game of Thrones card. This ruling takes precedence over any of the hand out sheets that said otherwise. However, I don't see the harm of collecting power under this situation if you wish to do so. Just make sure everyone agrees one way or the other before the game starts, so there are no disagreements in game.
  4. Not correct. You would place the * consolidate order on the adjacent castle or stronghold as the source of mustering points. A star consolidate order in port is no difference from a regular consolidate order.
  5. The ADWD cards were not balanced for the AFFC game. They could cause serious imbalances, such as with the Baratheon cards, which are quite powerful in ADWD, especially with more wildling markers in AFFC.
  6. If you are interested at all in the AGOT board game, then our interview with Jason Walden (in Episode 103) may be of interest. http://podcastoficeandfire.com/
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