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  1. Thank you for everyone who took the survey. Another post here to request that you please share the survey link with the other players in your game of thrones gaming group and anyone else that plays the board game that you think may be interested. There needs to be a sufficient number of people taking it for statistically significant results.

    Sharing the link itself is the easiest way but if you have a playing group at a cafe or board game club then the attached poster may also be helpful.

    Thank you

    board game survey poster.pdf

  2. I believe you could use the arryn cards from AFFC for one of the card setups but otherwise there is no specific advantage in regard to mother of dragons.

    That being said, feast for crows is a great version for 4 player and is good when you want a faster game. Having mother of dragons already is nice in that you can use the arryn pieces and orders when playing AFFC.

  3. 1a Yes it moves at step 3 of combat (playing cards and resolving text ability), so it switches before the blade can be used by Baratheon

    1b Yes, Martell can now use it at step 4 of combat.

    1c The blade can only be used once a turn, so it is considered used (and remains flipped to the used side) until the next turn.


    2a & b It won't affect the orders already on the board for that turn. This question is actually in the faq - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/54/52/5452515d-61a6-47d3-898b-ee4913228b0b/va65_agot2_faq_v1_4.pdf



  4. Hello all. I have made a form to gather statistics on player interest in another official board game tournament to succeed the tournament held at Days of Ice and Fire 2013.

    I am not affiliated with FFG, but I will be sending the results to FFG in hopes of demonstrating sufficient interest for a similar tournament moving forward. 

    Survey link: https://goo.gl/forms/NsxeiaGoi1v2lt6p2

    Thank you.

  5. What are you talking about? Yes, you wouldn't normally choose to return Melisandre itself. But otherwise you can get back an important card, particularly your 4 card (but perhaps some other card needed for the sword/fort icons or text ability), which is powerful as you bypass the need to cycle all your cards first. 4 card is a steep price for Stannis but it can be worth paying it, Mance is the best to return as you get him back for free but he can be quite powerful in combat due to the text ability.

  6. It is option 1, in that in writing the rules they were a bit looser than they should have for people who like to nitpick needlessly at word definitions. But for any rule interpretation there is both the technical reading and the intention of the rules. And I guarantee that the intention of the rules was to to be the same as ACOK on this point, because 1) they lead to absurd gameplay and balance situations otherwise and 2) We played it the proper way at the Days of Ice and Fire 2013 event at which Jason and other FFG members overlooked the gameplay.

  7. You can get some hand held magnifying glasses/reading screens from a dollar store for very cheap (it is a big square glass usually used for reading small text on paper). Then they can hold it over the map areas when trying to read/look at somewhere in detail.



  8. This was answered here:
    In short it helps to read the port rules from ACOK if you are confused:




    Answers below



    Situation A: In the Sunspear port and East Summer Sea there are a Martells' ships.

    In the Shipbreaker Bay there is a Baratheons' ship.

    1) Can a ship from Sunspear port support attack on Shipbreaker Bay ship?  NO

    2) Can a ship from Sunspear port raid on Shipbreaker Bay ship?   NO

    3) Can a ship from Shipbreaker Bay raid on Sunspear port ship?   NO


    Situation B: In the Sunspear port there is a Martells' ship.

    In the Shipbreaker Bay and East Summer Sea there are Baratheons' ships.

    1) Can a ship from Sunspear port support attack on Shipbreaker Bay ship (ignoring ships in East Summer Sea) ? NO

    2) Can a ship from Sunspear port raid on Shipbreaker Bay ship (ignoring ships in East Summer Sea) ? NO
    3) Can a ship from Sunspear port raid on East Summer Sea ship? YES


  9. I think you are being too finicky with the term "position". It is meant to be the strength listed there, which makes more sense than Mance varying from 1 to 7.


    But if you want to focus on the word position, we have to look at how it is used in the rule book.


    "Advance Wildlings Track: Count the number of Wildling icons on the three revealed Westeros cards (if any) and move the Wildling Threat token forward that many spaces on the Wildlings track. If, during this step, the Wildling Threat token reaches position “12”, a Wildling Attack is immediately resolved (ignore any surplus Wildling icons). Read how to resolve wildling attacks on page 22."


    So "position 12" => final combat strength of 12, as would the rest for the strength values, there is no position 7 and Mance would never create a final strength of 7.

  10. So I have been playing this game for a few months and every time Mance Rayder is played there is always a debate. Should the tides of battle cards add onto Mance's wilding strength? In the rules (p20) it makes no mention of tides of battle cards. Only that the initial, House Card, House Card modifiers and Valyrian Sword are used to calculate it. I have always assumed that the tides of battle cards simply add on to the final combat strength. Lucky it hasn't made a difference to any battle as the outcome would of been the same if we had used either set of rules. If I could get some clarification on this it would perhaps put an end to an future arguments. Thanks.


    Mance rayder (or Marg) are not affected by the tides of battle modifiers. Final combat strength is final. Valyrian blade +1 would be ignored as well, and that decision is made after tides of battle cards are drawn (and revealed if the holder decides not to use it) [see faq on blade and tides of battle - https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/agot-bg-2nd-ed/support/faq/VA65_AGoT2_FAQ_v1_4.pdf]


    So final combat strength for the relevant player is set by Mance (or Marge) in battles involving those cards - if both are involved, it goes by iron throne order. However, you would still resolve the icons from the tides of battle (sword, fort, or skull)

  11. AFFC Variant is the best for an actual tournament. It is faster to play and made for tournament play. If it is just a general event to introduce players to the game, then base game should be fine. But I would look into getting a few copies of the variant for repeat events.


    You don't necessarily need to be that experienced to play AFFC either. It is a bit more rules to learn, but supply is actually easier to understand, and the objective cards give players something to aim to do each turn. Of course, new players will not play a balanced game, but they won't play a balanced base game either, so it is fun either way.


     If a player leaves the land area connected to a port but still has a ship in the port do they maintain control of that area?

    This popped up in a recent game where I attacked the last castle needed for my victory, won the combat but the other player played his Arianne Martell card  which meant I couldn't move my troops in. The other player was forced to retreat but still had a ship in the port. What happens to it?

    i have this same problem and was wondering and noticed that nobody addressed this issue. could someone please clarify this for me?



    The ship is destroyed as control is lost over the territory - having a ship in port is not sufficient to control an adjacent territory by itself and any power token (if there at all) would have been removed during the course of the battle (your troops were already there, they just had to 'retreat' due to Arianne)

  13. Yes, easily. The 2nd edition rules are available online or you can stick with 1st edition if you want. It is really just a variant on starting positions plus new cards to use for the different houses.


    Balance wise, you'll probably want to turn that 3rd siege engine into a knight - 3 siege engines are too much and cutting down to 2 + bumping up to 5 knights was a good fix for 2nd edition

  14. From the FAQ, Page 1


    Q: If a House card’s text ability says “after

    combat...,” when is that card resolved?

    A: At the end of the Combat Clean Up step of

    Combat Resolution (after played House cards are

    discarded to their respective discard piles).


    From the Rulebook, Page 20


    6. Combat Resolution

    The combat is concluded by performing the following steps:

    1. Determine Victor

    2. Casualties

    3. Retreats and Routing

    4. Combat Clean Up




    Ilyn Payne's text doesn't say "After Combat", but does say "in addition to normal casualties", so my guess would be that the Footman is removed during Casualties step, BEFORE Retreat.


    This would most likely be a moot point, because if the Boneway now contains only Routed units, they will not be able to March anyway.


    I agree with your ruling. It can be important, if fresh Martell troops are marched into the area later in the turn, which can then use the surviving march order. Or it is relevant for other orders like defence, consolidate, and perhaps support (depending on what rules interpretation you go with it).


    edit - it was also an important distinction in a recent game where a player would have lost a unit due to suppply on the retreat, but didn't because the extra casualty lowered an army elsewhere.

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