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  1. I'm almost afraid to wade into this conversation, but here is something that I've done... In my current campaign, I adopted one the Genesys restrictions on the Dedication talent. "You cannot increase the same characteristic with Dedication twice." The reason why I did this was because there are seven players in the group, and I plan on going for over a year, playing every week, offering 5XP per hour of play with an extra 5XP for a particularly enjoyable session. I wanted to keep the dice pools manageable for a longer time without arbitrarily increasing difficulties to prevent checks from becoming rote. It dissuades players from just grabbing multiple trees and racing to the bottom for the Dedication. After 700 awarded XP the dice pools are still manageable and the PCs are fairly diverse with skills and talents. The unintended consequence was that to get to a 6 in a characteristic, a PC is forced to start with a 5, which is not always possible with all species. It seems to work for us, and the players supported the idea from the start. This is our 4th campaign together as a group, and my 2nd time running.
  2. There is also the question of whether or not FFG would even want to do a Kickstarter. Have they ever done it before? I don't think so. They parted ways with Dust and Pablo Parente before they went on to a disastrous relationship with Battlefront Miniatures and a kickstarter that failed to deliver (That's an entirely separate topic and a rabbit hole of blame games that I don't want to go down). My point is: before we blame a Disney/Lucasfilm overlord conspiracy, does FFG even consider Kickstarters as viable business plans? I'm guessing no.
  3. I want to like Astrogation and navigator-builds, but while jumping into hyperspace may not be like dusting crops and is an iconic part of the genre, I've found that you can only do the quick jump to avoid the pirates/law so many times before it becomes repetitive. IMHO, a PC built around navigation (only) is a clear indication that you have too many players in your group and not enough weapons on the ship.
  4. Scout. Because it doesn't have a single combat career skill yet has Quick Strike. I'm not saying it needs to be a combat tree, but at least give it a chance to get some trigger time on dad's trusty ol' 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle before heading out into the bush!
  5. If you want them to be amphibious, make it so, because I don't find it worth the XP in this setting. I have never played in a Star Wars game where I was like "oh man, if only I had the amphibious special ability..." YMMV, of course.
  6. Seriously, though, I was totally just kidding about this. But for your reference, the Thief and Scoundrel trees have it.
  7. Have you considered giving the shipbuilding rules from Fully Operational a go? It’s difficult to make ships better than the some of those already provided, but if the players build it from the ground up and are successful, it will be exactly what they want... maybe.
  8. In addition, I prefer species with planets that can be found on the altas. It seems like more than half of the species in the books introduced this year do not have coordinates associted with their homeworld. Just a personal preference, but I like to know where things are.
  9. No wonder nobody could guess what that is. The preview article says they are “new to the galactic stage.” My book is still in the mail, but I want to know: How long ago was their planet discovered? Pre or post Clone Wars?
  10. Does anybody have a reference or link to Phydolons? I can't find anything about them anywhere.
  11. I believe the proper term for the "Rebellion" in this nascent stage is an insurgency. According to Meriam-Webster, "the quality or state of being insurgent; specifically : a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency." Insurgency also has fewer negative connotations compared to extremism or terrorism.
  12. I let them take on the roles of some of the NPC racers to get in on the action. If they’re mature enough, they won’t completely throw the race. If you design the course with decisions on how to avoid obstacles, it works ok.
  13. Totally agree. You’re right by the RAW (just double-checked) that active requires some sort of action to activate but goes on to spell out what type of action is required (Incidental, Maneuver, or Action). Not exactly precise language.
  14. Actually “active” implies a choice rather than “passive” which something that is typically always in effect. I typically allow an unlimited number of active incidentals that modify a particular action. The PC spent the XP on these talents, so why not? As a GM, I may limit the number incidentals when it comes to distinct motions (avoiding the term action to avoid confusion). For Example, a PC wants to peak around the corner to see an enemy (incidental), whisper to his team (incidental), drop his vibrosword (incidental), quick draw his blaster (incidental), set it to stun (incidental), aim as an incidental at a short range target with his electronic sighting system (incidental), aim for a second boost (maneuver), and finally fire (action). A GM might think that’s a little too complex and rule all those incidentals constitute a single maneuver. It’s debatable and totally up to you.
  15. I assume that an Android: Genesys supplement is in the works given the announcement that the CCG-license has run its course, but FFG will continue to release other Android: Netrunner products.
  16. The PCs in my Clone Wars-era game are about to perform an illegal salvage operation of a Republic vessel in Separatist territory on an uninhabitable moon with no atmosphere and 1/3 gravity. They are looking for equipment to help with this difficult operation (repulsed clamps, EVA powersuits, envirosuits, etc.). They may also want “magnetic boots” similar to the ones used by the Ranger Troopers in the train heist sequence of Solo. This is what I was thinking to recreate them: Mag-Boots (250 credits/rarity 2, 1 ENC). Through the use of powerful magnets, Mag-Boots grant 2 boost dice to Athletics checks climb sheer or inverted metal surfaces in environments with normal gravity. Failure on such a check typically represents a lack of progress, and a wearer will not fall unless, at GM discretion, a Despair is rolled as part of the result. In a zero- or low-gravity environment, under normal circumstances, the wearer can climb such metal surfaces without the need of an Athletics check. Mag-Boots are bulky and not designed for running. Therefore, a wearer may not spend more than 1 maneuver per turn to move. Opinions?
  17. Background: My players are going to start using the ship crafting rules soon to create some "salvage pods" to go in a Wayfarer with retro-fitted cargo bay. Most likely, they're looking at building small, highly maneuverable starfighters with a hope to get the "elegant design" result to reduce the silhouette to 2. They're mainly for salvage operations and impromptu fighters, like the pods mentioned with the Deep Space Recovery Vessel in Special Modifications. Question: If Elegant Design reduces "the craft's silhouette by one," when you get to table 3-10: Assembling Vehicles and Starships, do you use the original "Frame Silhouette" of 3 or the new "Craft Silhouette" of 2. I know it's seems like semantics, but there's a huge jump between 1,000 and 10,000 for extra supplies. Given their intent to create these types of ships (which I think is cool for the campaign) and the fact that they're not abusive players, I'm inclined to go with the Craft's Silhouette for Table 3-10. I can't find any rule to support either option, so does anybody have any thoughts?
  18. It’s also possible that you don’t need to figure out the exact number depending on the type of campaign you’re playing. Let’s assume that your character’s involvement in the campaign is supposed to be more or less secret (you wouldn’t want people to extort you in an EotE campaign, you need to hide your activities from the empire in an AoR campaign). With that in mind, you can’t just spend a ton of your salary to accomplish things in the campaign (buying weapons for the whole team, a new ship, etc) without drawing attention. So I would just assume your character has a nice place to live close to the senate, plenty to eat, free official travel, a cool wardrobe, a staff of aides and advisors, etc. Otherwise, I think a senator actually would make a bit of money (some salary and some bribery), so I’d go with the higher estimates above. You’d be either the elected or appointed sole representative for anywhere from a few hundred thousand to a billion people, part of a decision making body that influences galactic trade.
  19. I hadn’t actually read the thread before. That was the only point I was trying to make. I apologize for the tone and any snarkiness on my part, though. Moving on? Hand shake and all that? Good burn with the violin, btw. Got nothing for that except some ointment.
  20. I apologize, and I’ll say no more about it.
  21. All I’m saying is leave anything remotely specific out of the thread topic name, but whatever.
  22. Didn’t read the thread until afterwards to be clear. I came to a forum for the Star Wars RPG and saw “Solo, was it murder?” Doesn’t take a huge leap to know what’s going to happen based on that. As far as the refinery planets penal code, you prove my point on how pointless this debate is.
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