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  1. scarey33 said: He can move diagonally to cover more ground. Players should note that the black edge of the map tile does not block diagonal movement around corners - Official Rulebook
  2. While carrying an item token, that character is defeated and both the item token and character marker token is placed on the space where the character was defeated. If no one else picks up that item and the character who was defeated while carrying it stands up or is revived, is that character considered to be still carrying that item or do they need to spend an action to pick it up again?
  3. Please clarify! Where two map peices are joined creating a thick black border line, which starts at an edge and ends inside a movement space (partially breaking its border so in that corner of the square, no two white border lines meet)….can a player move upwards diagonally from the space which is completely blocked at the top by the thick black border, to the space that is ketty-corner to it where that thick black border line ends inside? I was not quite sure how to word this without visual aid. Hopefully this can be cleared up. Thank you!
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