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  1. you see, great time to do it now.
  2. Hello all, It would be great if somebody from FFG would read this. I am a huge LOTR LCG fan. I have all cards and pack released so far sleeved in FFG sleeves + multiple core sets So you can image that it costs few euros. I guess I am not the only one who is so heavily involved in the game. Is there a possibility that we will get in an upcoming expansions or in some separate release errata cards? I would really appreciate it. I will gladly pay something extra.
  3. Do not get me wrong. I guess it is clear that Delve did not hit my taste. I just think that this should not be the future for Road to legend (of course this is my personal opinion). I started this thread for FFG. We are their customers and if they should develop games to hit our taste, then they need to know it. I speak for 4 people here and I want to know, if there were also others players that feel like this and maybe, they want to see the future for this game not delve like modules, but proper campaigns as I do. Since I am working as software developer myself I know, that feedback is important and also we can all agree that possibilities with this kind of application are endless. Away from all that, we can take it like my wish for what this game can be. And yes, as was said many times before, I want more! But not more delve stuff.
  4. Hello FFG, I hope somebody from Road to Legend team will read this. I am not writing this, because I want to complain. I took 30 minutes of my life and invest them to this topic, because I love Road to legend and I want it to improve and this is only way I can do it. We went thru our first delve and I must say I am disappointed. It was all too fast. Character developed so quick, that I did not even use some skills. Experience points were earned for nothing same as reward. I had a feeling that I did not deserve them, it was just too easy. One room took like 20 min and then BOOM you earn EXP. I did not even get familiar with my character. It simply did not have this accomplishment feeling. But the biggest problem in my eyes was the story itself. When I first time read about delve, I thought that hmm maybe you were called in Delve for a reason, to help the caretaker. But at the end you get pointless tasks which can be done by her. Especially the one with stone was really frustrating. ”Do you wondering if I could put the stone on the cave entrance, yeah I could. I just want to demonstrate that you will do as I say” When you play games like Descent or generally all RPGs you are doing it so, because you want to live thru the adventure as a HERO. You want to do meaningful heroic deeds which matters. In delve, nothing matter. You are just a Toy in hands of the Caretaker. Your actions do not matter. As pointless as you get in, you will get out and… I am doing pointless task every day in workJ I would like to do something meaningful afterwards. If I compare, what you did in Kindred fire campaign, it was fantastic. There were some minor problems but overall it was great. Story was meaningful, you could travel, world evolved, fame, xp, gold, this was real RPG feeling with choices which matters. E.g. you saved goblin, - fame, then goblins came to help you. Traveling on the map, I totally loved it! City visit, great! I thought that delve will be improvement but for me, it was step back. This game has such a potential. Because of Road to legend I bought stuff for Descent for 400 Euro and paint all miniatures. Please, improve what was good, give there more story, more RPG element, more choices at the end of the adventure: Shall I spare his life, do I take the artefact even if I know, that it may be cursed, Shall I go after my enemy, or shall I try to save my friends life? Put to your story living characters, that you can meet, you can get familiar with, you can start to like. Put there some artwork, more voice acting… Improve Kindred fire. Make this your road to Legend and create a best game ever! Maybe I am the only one, but I guess not. You put the game on app, now use that potential. There is precious little time for activities we like. Descent is one of those activities for me, that make life wort living and help me and my wife enjoy it.
  5. great,so the problem is known. And the solution is... now is the time for the software support to shine and fix this.
  6. Google play app: Monster only engage never attack Hello All, I have two different versions of RTL. One is on steam for my normal PC with Windows 10. There RTL runs normally. There are instructions like: -> engage the closest hero. -> attack the closest hero But when I am playing on my android tablet Samsung galaxy where is RTL downloaded thru Google play there is always only 1 instruction: -> engage the closest hero. There is never anything mentioned about attacking. By more complicated descriptions there is everything for example for fire imps or goblins. But for the monsters like hybrids, zombies or Splig, there is always only one instruction -> engage the closest hero. No matter how many times I force active the monster, or it is activated normally. Always attack instruction is missing, even in tutorial. So my question is, am I the only one who encounters this stupid behavior? If yes, is this a bug, or is it intended? (for example to save space on screen) I would say that this is a bug.
  7. Thx for answer. That is really great, so great. Now we only need a time machine. It is release day yet? and yet? perhaps yet? How can I stay whole day in my boring work with this knowledge? As you said, I will also grab a holiday for this game:D Do you know Adam, is FFG planing expansions for this product soon, or super soon?
  8. Hello I am super huge Warhammer proper OLD world fan. I was waiting for this day, for this game for so long. The best game in my collection so far is LOTR LCG and I always wished for the same game, but with Warhammer thematic. Instead of Legolas, some witchhunter, instead of middle earth orcs some proper WAAAG and so on. I wished for gigantic pool of cards and insane amount of quests. Now it is a little bit disappointing cause this will not be LCG. I want as many quests as possible and as many characters, enemies and more and more. One of the best things in LOTR was story. With every adventure there was a paper with before adventure read this / after adventure read this. It was such a great improvement. Those little papers, give this game spirit. We were not just taking cards, there was also a reason why, motive behind, story. So my question (probably to someone from FFG) is, will something like this be included in Warhammer Quest? And please answer yes. I want story, I want to know, why to smash this monster as many times as possible with my hammer. Add it to rulebook, add it to papers, write it in PDF. JUST DO IT!
  9. Hello again. Maybe it was covered before, but i did not find it anywhere so i will ask and hope, that someone will be so kind and replies me. My players have teleportarium on their ship. And they want to do hit and run action. Nothing special i know. But they do not want to teleport the troops but atom bomb in the middle of the enemy ship. Is it possible? probably is. And what next? Will it destroy enemy ship? Or cripple it? Thx for replies
  10. Sorry:-D little missunderstanding here. English is not my native language so maybe i have done some mistake. My question was about turning around 45 degrees or 90 degrees. When ship does its movement and have for example 8 speed. At the begining of the movement phase i move ship 8 or 4 inches or squares, then i can turn ship for 90 or 45 degrees. My question is. Can i first turn my ship for 90 or 45 degrees and then make movement for full or half of movement?
  11. Thx so much for replies, but i have another question. This one is about moving. Must I move first, than can i turn 90 for frigates and raider and 45 for cruisers? Or can first turn, than make my movement.
  12. THX so much for reply, you are life saver. And if i have 2 different macrocannons, with different damages? Do I chose, which hits were landed first? I did not find it anywhere in the rules that you get +10 BS when you fire salvo. Can anyone with BS fire macrocannons or is there some requirement like weapon training? And I have one question about evasive maneuver. If I chose to fire first, and then use evasive maneuver do my fire action gets – BS? And may I fire, than move? Or moving first, then firring?
  13. Hello, i am new to rogue trader space combat, so i have a question. Sorry if it was covered before, but i did not find answer anywhere. When you fire multiple macrobateries in single salvo how to calculate damage? You make single BS test and when you aquire 4 success it means that you hit with both macrobateries 4th times? Can you make an example for me please?
  14. Maybe a silly question, but i want to sure, if we playing it correctly. Is there any limit, how many relics can i use during one battle? It is stated in the rules, that you can use one weapon, one armour during the battle.
  15. THX:-) This helps me a lot
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