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  1. Rrok007

    Terrinoth PDF

    Well, I was supposed to be working on costume armor for Dragoncon today... Looks like I'll be reading instead... *sighs*
  2. You just made me realize that GeneSys would be perfect for running a game based on Mary Gentile's 'Grunts!' novel!
  3. "Why not? I'm verbally dexterous. I should be able to use Dex + Coercion to BS our way out of this!"
  4. Wow, that's pretty bad ***.
  5. Thanks for the learning. I get it now.
  6. Love these, though it looks like the "Creation Kit" folder is empty. At least, to me it seems that way. Had a few questions though... 1. Have you considered changing the "City/Settlement" card to "Locale" to make it more flexible and usable for other locations, such as counties, regions, nations, etc? 2. Do you plan on rounding out the Fantasy and Generic sets to have the same cards? For instance, I noticed the Fantasy set doesn't have a 'Vehicle' card (for carts, flying carpets, etc) and The modern set doesn't have a 'Deity' card. 3. Are you thinking of any additional cards, such as making an 'Implement' card instead of having it be a spell card? Again, really love the work you've done on these
  7. So I'm a bit uneducated when it comes to layout. What difference does vector vs rastor make? Also, any chance any of these will be made into form-fillable versions? Maybe a "no skills" version like the Master Thread has?
  8. I think I'm missing something here. Half the discussion seems to be about limiting the number of spells a character has, while the other half seems to be about how to let characters learn spells. If you're looking to limit how many they have, then I don't really have any suggestions to offer/add to what's been said already. If you're looking for way to let players learn new spells, I'd say borrow a page from 7th Sea 2nd Ed's 'Stories' aspect. Start by determining the difficulty of the spell's casting per the normal rules. Then turn that into a number of steps that the character has to complete in order to learn the spell. You can then make those steps part of the story, either the character has to seek out external guidance, such as a teacher or a benefactor that grants the ability; or they dedicate time in study or meditation or something. That way the character is limited to 'spells per level' (which I've always abhorred) and at the same time still has to progress in order to acquire new spells. For example: Say a character wants to learn an attack spell that slams into an opponent, knocks them back and maybe dazes them a bit. This would be an attack spell, with Impact, and Non-Lethal. That would be three purple D8s. So, the character has to complete three steps in order to learn the spell. The particulars can be flexible depending on the character and the campaign. For external sources of knowledge, maybe they learn from another magic user, or an elemental, or their deity of choice. Said benefactor may give them a set of three tasks that have to be completed. After all three tasks have been completed, they now know the new spell. If they learn the spell on their own, then maybe require that they have to spend a number of hours per day in study or meditation, for a number of days determined by the spells difficulty. For instance, maybe they have to study for at least 4-8 hours a day for three days. Or maybe they have to study for a number of days for each die in the difficulty. In this case, they'd have to study for 4-8 hours a day, for a total of nine days (3 days x 3 dice) before learning the spell.
  9. Rrok007

    Techno-Mage ideas

    Something I didn't see mentioned so far is the weakness of the techno-wizard. Something I know players (and GMs) often ignore or overlook is that techno-wizards need their items in order to cast their spells at full strength. A techno-wizard trying to cast a spell like any other magic user only casts at half power. Something to consider as far as "making things and passing them out" is that without psychic energy batteries, the devices have to be powered by the users. So you could always run with the idea that anyone using a TW-item would have to pay the same amount of strain that a TW would, unless their provided with a battery to supplement. Even then, you could rule that a battery may still require at least one strain to activate.
  10. It's not completely new. It's a CGI series that Anderson attempted a few years ago. I still haven't watched more than the first episode, but I wasn't impressed. Sad, cause I loved CS.
  11. New Captain Scarlet? As in newer than the attempted CGI series a number of year back?
  12. Some really great stuff here. Had a few thoughts on ways to incorporate some of the rules from the SW rpgs. Most of these are for the player's character, not the avatars, and represent "real world" elements that could affect how a character makes their avatar behave in the games. 1. Morality / Alignment - How a character has their avatar behave in games can reflect on the nature of their fan base, but also on the kinds of corporate/brand sponsorships a character develops. For instance, "heroic" characters might have a larger fan base, and may get sponsorship/endorsement from popular brands that like a positive image. "Villainous" characters on the other hand might be endorsed by shadier brands and companies. This can also prove to be a double-edged sword because the character may attract the endorsement of groups they don't want to be associated with. For instance, a character that often picks the role of a cleric or a paladin, may not only be endorsed by a charity like the Red Cross, but might also end up endorsed by evangelical religious group. A character who often takes the role of a rogue may be endorsed by a freedoms and rights group, but might also be the idol of militant anarchists. 2. Obligation - So a few obvious ones would be for family and friends that are also players. What makes it challenging for the character is maybe the other character they have an obligation to isn't a very good player, so they have to abandon something in order to go help. Maybe it means having to leave a game, or maybe they have to quit something "real world" in order to go help. Or maybe the other character is actually pretty good, but is taking on something they can't handle alone. All kinds of one shots can be done with this. Other obligations could be to the MC(s) or the Leagues. Maybe some kind of deal is made in order to have specific advantages or better gear in the games. This could also be applied to sponsors as well. Perhaps a character has a sponsorship/endorsement from a company that results in "real world" money, but it means in games, their avatar has to use the companies products, even if they're inferior or present some disadvantage. 3. Duty - So this one could go a number of ways. You could run a sense of familial duty, similar to obligation. Character defines what they call "family", could be relatives, friends, or a "guild" they belong to. You could introduce the character to some kind of idealist group, for instance, they learn about a group that is fighting corruption (or the perception of) within the leagues. Corruption that's getting players killed. Maybe they join a group that's vigilant about cheaters (again, or the perception of) in the games. Or it could be some other motivation, pretty much and ideal could be used as a cause for the characters to rally around.
  13. Tales of Equestria. I saw it at Barnes and Noble, but didn't take the time to flip through it really. I saw a few things. Normal ponies, pegasai, unicorms; evidently the alicorns (half pegasai/half unicorn) are considered rare and powerful and therefore are not a player race. Also saw something about friendship points, which look like 7th Sea 2nd Ed's Hero Points.
  14. Actually, Miniature Market is showing about $8 cheaper, and the dice are about $3 cheaper. Depending on where you live, the reduced price would cover most of shipping, or if you go with the really cheap shipping, I should cover it. I order from them all the time. In fact, I've pretty much ordered all of my X-Wing Miniatures from them, and need to order some more. I usually select the cheapest shipping, which is supposed to add an extra day or two. Having said that, I usually get my orders within a week. I'm in VA, so it's about halfway across the country.
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