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  1. Bjorn Rockfist

    Store Championship Locations (USA only)

    There will actually be 2 Store Championships for Dragon's Hoard Gaming in KY. He has a store in Murray and a store in Paducah. Here are the links to the FB events for them. The Paducah store's is on Feb 6th https://www.facebook.com/events/1664766093808258/ The Murray store's is on Feb 20th https://www.facebook.com/events/1178541408825991/ I am the person that will be running both events. So if you have any questions feel free to either leave them on the events comments or message me here.
  2. Bjorn Rockfist

    Omg. Falcon with a cannon.

    Yeah the new Falcon toy for TFA has a fold down pistol grip, flip up sight (turret window), and a "cannon/barrel" which fires Nerf darts that pops up. So a kid can.....wait for it.....actually play with a STAR WARS toy. Hasbro thanks to Disney have started making toys again for STAR WARS so kids can play with them and parents can afford them.
  3. Bjorn Rockfist

    Paul Heaver needs to be a pilot in this game

    I say that is what card the winner should make. Paul Heaver pilot card.
  4. Amazon has this in stock now. http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Black-Risk-Game/dp/B00SDJGDI8/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1446690716&sr=8-7&keywords=star+wars+risk+black Nicer components all around.
  5. Bjorn Rockfist

    The $1000+ club... Have you spent more than you thought on X-Wing?

    I think my signature speaks for what I have spent......and I know what I spent. If you are surprised by how much you've spent on a game then there is the actual problem.
  6. Bjorn Rockfist

    CoolStuffInc Satisfaction?

    CSI is the main place I buy all of my X-Wing. They have excellent customer service!
  7. Bjorn Rockfist

    Collection Count: How many of each ship do you own?

    Rebels X-Wing: 6 Y-Wing: 5 A-Wing: 11 YT-1300: 3 B-Wing: 10 HWK-290: 6 E-Wing: 3 K-Wing: 4 Z-95: 8 YT-2400: 3 CR-90: 1 GR-75: 2 T-70 X-Wing: 1 Imperials TIE Fighter: 8 TIE Advanced: 5 TIE Interceptor: 13 TIE Bomber: 6 Lambda Shuttle: 4 Firespray-31: 3 TIE Phantom: 4 TIE Defender: 3 TIE Punisher: 4 VT-49 Decimator: 2 Raider: 1 TIE/fo: 2 Scum & Villainy Aggressor: 4 Kihraxz Fighter: 5 StarViper: 4 M3-A Interceptor: 7 Y-Wing: 6 Z-95: 12 YV-666: 3
  8. Yes it does. There is no longer an option to turn it off. If that is something people want I'm open to it. I'll put together a report on how my new function works, but i think it is much better. For random pairings, it will rerandomize by shifting which player is moved up or down a single points bracket. If it can't fix it that way though it will leave it to the TO. I'll try to explain it more when I'm not at work typing on my phone. I'm all for your new way. The less I have to worry about the better!
  9. Bjorn Rockfist

    New C3P0 crew card?

    Well we know 2 things about Luke from his new novel, which is part of the "Journey to The Force Awakens", and what we know isn't there in TFA.....so I doubt he is a Jedi Master.
  10. Bjorn Rockfist

    New C3P0 crew card?

    I guess we'll need to wait until the C-3P0 comic one-shot comes out next month that explains how he got a red arm. Then we can assume and speculate as to what he may do....IF they make a new one.
  11. So does this new version auto fix duplicate pairings? I noticed there is not an option to check to enable that.
  12. Bjorn Rockfist

    Orange Pegs and Bases are broken.

    A lot of players wanted them......but I guess swimming in to much p!$$ and vinegar has dulled you to realize there are others that play this game. I personally won't buy any except the clear for replacement needs or grey and black once those come out, but I'm not going to roll on the forum floor kicking about the others.
  13. Bjorn Rockfist

    Voidstate Squad Builder Question

    You say lazy.....I say smart on that idea!
  14. Bjorn Rockfist

    Which preview will be out today?

    If we get anything it will be a wave 8 ship preview. They aren't going to show a new TFA ship that would be wave 9 until all wave 8 ships are spoiled.
  15. Bjorn Rockfist

    Voidstate Squad Builder Question

    Anyone know if they are going to add the new asteroids to the obstacle selection soon? I know they have all the ships and upgrades from the new core set added. I know it's minor, but it would be nice to have the new ones on there as well.