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  1. As long as the story needs it be, this may not be satisfying but is really the basic answer to so many technical questions in the star wars universe.
  2. Is the Sarlacc even something worth stating up for most campaigns though? They are pretty rare and it is something that you are probably going to encounter once are twice at most not to mention it is really more of a environmental obstacle than a true adversary.
  3. I'm pretty sure Spintiri glowbats are not in any previous product. Vrblthers, too, I'm reasonably certain, although less certain given I just statted them up and didn't create them. I can't discuss any creatures not mentioned in the article, but I would suggest waiting to check the product out at your local game store before making calls about how much of the material is repeated. Ah you were right about the glowbats but Vrblthers are in Lords of Nal Hutta.
  4. My only complaint is, I know it's a shared system, but the bestiary looks like it will have a lot of if not mostly rehash of stats we have from other sources. Every creature mentioned in the article had already been statted up in some other product.
  5. This it would a miracle for pretty much any number of frag grenades to do any considerable damage to something even as small as a YT freighter
  6. Intuitively. its a net loss of one wound. Early when my group first played with this system everyone did it like your player did, what people failed to realize though that when they hit 0 exactly they were not exceeding their threshold. Players will see 13/13 wound and say good I am still in this but if someone sees 0/13 most of the time they will conclude they are knocked out even if they are actually at not beyond their threshold.
  7. Can you tell us more about what NPC statblocks we can look forward to? Also is there much on Kintan, personally hoping for Kintan Strider or Morgukai stats.
  8. They want this stuff for nothing...at the beginning of a campaign?....I sense problem players.
  9. The Unofficial Species Menagerie has them statted up
  10. I think they were in the Age of Rebellion Beta go and look at the Fringe Dweller Age of Rebellion Beta Stat sheets here.http://triumphdespair.wordpress.com/
  11. I feel we only need a few creatures that they should not really be mounts that would be more appropriate for the Ace splat book coming out and for the Seeker's inevitable splat book but I do like the idea for including some smaller creatures like the the kath hound. I feel that overall we need a much higher power level of enemies than we have had in past books to help people throw some challenges when your party all has breach. Oh and please please may they add a Krayt Dragon.
  12. Although I am not a big fan of trying to stat up people from the movies in this system I would wager that Brawn as quite a higher than 2 on maul...
  13. They are related to ewoks sort of an evil swamp counterpart...a very odd choice for a campaign but here is a suggestion, Brawn: 2 Agility:2 Intellect:1 Cunning: 3 Willpower:2 Presence 2: WT: 9+BR ST 10+Will Duloks begin game with free rank in Coercion or Survival Silhouette:0
  14. I am kind of surprised that they didn't post an official article or announcement for these (at least that I can see) only one of my players has ever even somewhat considered buy the specialization decks and from the forums it never looked like demand was very high but I remember people asking for these since the spec decks were announced. I will be buying all 3 .
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