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  1. I have Genestealer Cults pdf. Link.
  2. "Crew went mad, almost them all, captain loses his rigidity, flock of daemons with screwdrivers try to kill our hull stability..." But yes, we are still alive.
  3. MIU Weapon Interface from Only War is another example. But Hip Shooting talent isn't about shooting from the hip, it's about shooting while moving.
  4. Defensive quality give +15. Corebook, p.145
  5. By RAW Machine trait eliminate only your needs for air and heat. It's up to interpretation do Tech-priest need to sleep or not - I can imagine a lot of arguments to both versions. Short answer: "What is needed for the story".
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1KfVrfK4k7LWDBlWE43S3FHUmM/view?usp=sharing
  7. And second link with same topic but different content.
  8. "Understanding is the True Path to Comprehension" - and faith too easily turns into a blind faith without understanding. For the memory of Arch-Magos Paracelsus Thule, for the Explorators!
  9. Depends of the definition of the "balance". The Fifteenth Universal Law of Omnissiah says: "Flesh is fallible, but ritual honours the machine spirit" - and this is the perfect example of the balance for me
  10. Ah, you play Ascension. Then it's already too late to worry about balance/disbalance :-)
  11. "How difficult it is to attach a bionic or implant is up to the GM. He may decide that given enough time, and in an advanced enough facility, it is automatic, or he may call on the doctor to make a series of Medicae or even Tech-Use Tests that could lead to such things as permanent crippling or Blood Loss" - Attaching Bionics, Corebook, p.153. So, I think, you'll need both Medicae and Tech-Use to heal someone with Machine trait, because even cyber-resurrected character retains some biological components.
  12. I don't have any problems with Tech Priests in my games, but it's a fact that you can build almost unstoppable killing machine from two classes: Tech Priest and Psyker. After "The Lathe Worlds" Tech Priest received a power boost comparable with what others received in Ascension.
  13. Well, I wouldn't use DH2 rules in DH1, but it looks like FFG think another way. In my games Luminen actions are attacks, but not ranged or melee attacks, so you can't use talents like Swift Attack or Dual Shot or Hip Shooting etc - and you can't make Luminen attack and attack with weapon in the same turn. The same situation as in the case of Psychic Powers. Tech Priest is already a very powerful class.
  14. German 8-wheel musket with matchlock. Each chamber has a separate shelf, closed with a sliding cover. Specifically, this musket was made in 1580.
  15. We have this discussion some time ago, there is the link: