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  1. Only if you use two-handed weapon with one hand.
  2. By RAW - no. He can change chainsword to eviscerator (big 2-handed chainsword).
  3. Well, even in unmodified version it isn't broken, just little overpowered for my personal tastes, so in general everything is fine.
  4. The Lathe Worlds, page 54. Better throw 20 rags-cladded cultists with autoguns at them, when they are at the center of large empty space - this would be FAR more deadly.
  5. It isn't necessary to play for money or debts, you can play for fun, for memory and calculation skill training, for the development of strategic thinking etc, and according to Codex they can have 15 minutes of free time every day, so your player's PC can play some strategic-oriented games (regicide, for example) and be glad to be the best of Kill-Team in this.
  6. BTW, I think you forgot to convert OW Felling (4) of Triplex burst mode to DH Felling (1). Also Trade (Armourer) tests in DH are more difficult (IH, p.240, table 9-4) than in OW.
  7. Both Proven Innocent and Thy Name I Keep have serious drawbacks that compensate their overpowerness. And The Lathe Worlds and, especially, Book of Judgement are criticised by many for imbalance, I prefer to be closer to Inquisitor's Handbook with power of additional character options. Good examples of war backgrounds are, IMHO, Soldier of Margin Crusade and Tranch War Veteran from IH.
  8. Errata, p.4: “The Avenger power works exactly like a shot from an Adeptus Astartes heavy flamer (see page 145), with all the usual chances to hit and set targets on fire, and affecting Hordes as an Adeptus Astartes heavy flamer rather than as a psychic power normally would (see page 360).”, so against Hordes it does 8+1d5 hits for 2d10+6E, Pen 2x(PR). Without Errata it would be 8+1d5+1d10 hits. Smite against Hordes - (PR)+1d10 hits for (PR)xd10E, Pen (PR) If you agree that Smite affects area. It seems that choice between them depends on the PR and on high ranks Smite is more powerful, if you use Errata.
  9. Now reading Alternate Ranks and I think that +10 and +20 skill advances for 100 XP are too cheap. Look at official Alternate Ranks, +10 and +20 are at 200 or 300 XP category usually.
  10. Ogryn and Ratling homeworlds look a bit underpowered compared to Only War "Shield of Humanity" versions. Backgrounds, on the other hand, are very powerful. Most backgrounds from official books give you 2 Skills and 1 Talent, sometime Characteristic bonus in exchange for Insanity or Corruption. Your version with 4-5 Skills and 2 Talents are at the level of Class Starting Packages.
  11. Impressive work! I just have skimmed the text so I'm not ready to make any detailed comments, but why do you have listed Multilaser as a new weapon? It's in the Inquisitor's Handbook, p.173 (Heavy, 250m, -/-/10, 3d10+3E, Pen 4, Clip 60, Reload 3Full, 50 kg* (* without power backpack), cost 2000, Scarce).
  12. Make rounds longer. Or make narrative pauses between rounds. 1068 rounds even without rolling is just boring. Round is an abstraction, formal 5 second duration should not restrict you. I personally would limit the combat to 30-40 rounds maximum.
  13. It's your work as GM to adjust NPC stats. You must know what challenge what enemy presents to your PCs team. The only way how you learn this that I know is to try, try again and again.
  14. It's DH2 Beta section. You can try at final DH2 forum https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/392-dark-heresy-general-discussion/