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  1. Found! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1992oPZmjCrXXtgbtO31aHOGoouWexUCQ/view?usp=sharing But this is non-revised version. I'm sure that I have updated file, because I've commented on it, but I can't find it now :-(
  2. I have the file... somewhere... I'll try to find it.
  3. I missed that update then, so can't help..
  4. I have version 19.7.14 (file created 19.07.2014) - don't know, is it last or not. I can share it on google drive, if you want.
  5. I think the good example of how field promotion works and how it's different from "real" officers can be found in Heinlein "Starship Troopers" - in the part describing Rico's experience in the Officer Candidate School .
  6. They did something like that, in fact. In the end they survived, and their understanding of their abilities and their responsibilities has changed a lot.
  7. My party one time was undercover in the deep underhive - really deep, so that even arbiter stub revolver, saved only because of nostalgia, was obviously too noticeable. And then they was caught in the "hunter and prey - or maybe you are the prey? - or maybe we all are preys?" game between Night Lords infiltrator, Fallen Angel Librarian posing himself as Alpha Legionnaire infiltrator and Dark Angels Ravenwing Veteran Watch Captain, hunting the Fallen. How you think, could even Baneblade help the party then?
  8. And, after all, in Dark Heresy game your best weapons are Awareness, Charm, Deceive, Inquiry, Interrogation and Scrutiny at +30 and DH1 Psychometry and Mind Scan Psychic Powers.
  9. Actually, in other threads I argued that bolter Tearing and X criticals are a lot better :-) Found it - https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/242158-arbites-combat-shotgun-typo/#comment-2632354 But the original request was about and it's why I described exactly this process of creating
  10. Take hand cannon, add Man-Stopper bullets and there is 35m 1d10+4I pen 5 weapon against 30m 1d10+5X pen 4 of bolt pistol.
  11. Ok, all I can say it is how I would solve this situation as GM. I would use DH1 crafting rules from Inquisitor's Handbook and Variable Pattern rules from OW Hammer of the Emperor. I assume in advance that the character has access to the workshop and materials, and most importantly - to the design patterns and schemes. Creating customized boltgun is, obviously, Very Hard (-30) task ("improving upon the STC design") and it would take a lot of time so looking at table 9-5 in IH - 2d10 days with time interval of 1 day. In the end of every day character make Trade (Armourer) test with the aforementioned difficulty with appropriate modifiers for quality of workshop and materials (collection of materials can be a separate quest of Trade[Prospector] skill, btw), possible cooperation, voluntary project slowdown for more thorough work, etc. Creative ideas from the player's side, coinciding with setting lore, give the greatest bonus. In the end of the project full time I'll sum up the failures and successes and determine the result depending on the outcome: 5 degrees of failure or more: project failed, all materials are lost. 4-1 DoF: item created have Poor quality OR Common quality and 1 random Pattern Negative from OW - by player choice. Just a success: Common quality item without any modifiers OR 1 random Pattern Positive and 1 random Pattern Negative - by player choice. 1-4 DoS: 1 random Pattern Positive. 5-14 DoS: Good Quality item OR 1 Pattern Positive selected by player OR 2 random Pattern Positive - by player choice. 15+ DoS: Best Quality OR Good Quality & 1 Pattern Positive selected by player OR Good Quality & 2 random Pattern Positive - by player choice. After finishing the work character can try to add further Weapon Modifications by rules from DH2 or OW armory section.
  12. If it's a game about some structure with a clear vertical of power (IG, or, I agree with you, DW) - then yes, because it's inseparable background. But I can remember something around 15 DH games where the acolytes were equal, and the Inquisitor was a distant figure with which they did not even meet, at least until high levels. Sometimes party choose the leader, but mostly not. And all infighting between PCs, if happened, didn't spoil the game for players, even if they led to the death of the party. Well, maybe my players are really good at separating Characters from themselves and sometimes even at rapid cooperation in critical conditions :-)
  13. I imagine now a party that fabricates evidence of the presence of a heretical cult by committing murders that look like ritual, because they don't have enough real evidence or authority to command local forces... grimdark, yes.
  14. Well, maybe you're right, I'm not very competent in this troop/elite/master separation. For me it's more about what type of creatures is more common and how straight-line/insidious is their threat, so constructs and human agents are troops, infiltrators and captains are elite etc. Flesh parasite would be a minion, yes.
  15. I think FL (AM) is necessary to know how to bless sacred oil, and while FL (Chymistry) can let you know all the ingredients, the actual skill to make sacred unguents is Trade (Chymist). Personally, I would also allow to use Trade (Armorer) with -10 modifier.