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  1. Jargal

    The second is not always the best.

    If the component don't have SP cost in the table - it consume only power and/or space. Your main expenditure of SP is a hull in any case.
  2. Jargal

    Black Crusade Campaign Thread

    I've returned from some RL issues and now starts to read all unread content. Comments will follow.
  3. Jargal

    Genestealer cultists

    And there is old fanmade supplement: "Genestealers Cults" with a lot of ideas.
  4. Jargal

    Information on Gallowglass

    I think you've cited all official information. ThenDoctor asked developers about this moon and received this answer:
  5. Bastion-class Defence Monitor is on p.81 of Hostile Acquisitions.
  6. Wayfarer station in the Corebook, asteroid-based station Bulwark and Ork Rok Production Facility in "The Frozen Reach", description and pic of the Ramilles star fort (Fleet base Metis) in "Battle Fleet Koronus".
  7. Jargal

    Black Crusade Campaign Thread

    I've re-read rules two times again, and your suggestions of PC starting power level, but I can't calculate potential forces of the PC's, so I'm not sure about challenge adequacy 😞
  8. Jargal

    Up gunned Engines

    And I forgot one more oversized drive - Mezoa-pattern Theta-7, it's "Viperdrive" for transports, from BFK.
  9. Jargal

    Up gunned Engines

    Hostile Acquisitions, p.69. I meant that my initial statement "not very 40k-ish" isn't very true.
  10. Jargal

    Up gunned Engines

    Actually we have RAW example of oversized engines, at least for transports, raiders and frigates. Lathe-pattern 2 drive adds +1 Speed, +3 Man in exchange for +2 space and +2 SP, Segrazian "Viperdrive" adds +2/+5 for +4 space, +2 SP and Fragile Engine trait. I don't see why bigger drives can't be scaled the same way.
  11. Jargal

    Up gunned Engines

    From one point of view +2/-2 to speed isn't a really big thing. But such adaptability isn't very 40k-ish.
  12. There were no such things. http://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/russia-assault-rifles/akmsu-2/
  13. Jargal

    How to get rid of Corruption by the book?

    AFAIK - no, in BC. But you can use rules from the DH1 Ascension (p.12)
  14. Sin Scarred trait "grant you the Unnatural Toughness (x2) Trait when reducing Damage ... from psy-active weapons (such as Daemon Weapons or Force Weapons)" - Radical's Handbook, p.59. This trait don't give you any ability to use Force Weapons, for that you''ll need the Psy Rating.
  15. 1) No, he is still in his base career, just take alternate rank, receive 2d10 CP and Sin Scarred trait. 2) No, he can't use any psychic powers, he receive a lot of resistance against warp-based powers. 3) Sanctified weapons and Faith Powers from IH and BoM, I suppose.