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  1. Jargal

    Updated* Tau PC Creation Rules

    This looks too weak compared to other bonuses.
  2. Jargal

    Updated* Tau PC Creation Rules

    +25 is a standard for RT PC (RT Corebook, p.14) so it would be quite logical to drop it to +20 in DH.
  3. Jargal

    40K True gangsters...

    Just look at your pictures - there are more details in one rifle than at entire Tau tank!
  4. Jargal

    40K True gangsters...

    Too technologically perfect even for Tau 🙂
  5. Jargal

    Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    Scintillian Enforcers use "Hax-Orthlack MKII Magistratum Combat Carapace" with built-in respirator. (Inquisitor Handbook, p.126)
  6. Thank you for your efforts. A lot of questions and answers was very interesting.
  7. Jargal

    Old Supplementals

    As I've found all supplements for DH/DW/RT are still at the FFG site, just without links from any public-avaliable pages, but you can find them with google search by names. Maybe the same with DH2. In any case, I can send you at least "within" and "without" supplements.
  8. Jargal

    The inquisitors handbook weapons

    I'm not sure I understand you. Lasweapons in my list all are military variants without specifical abilities/rules, so it's logical to find variable setting on them.
  9. Jargal

    Longest ranged weapon

    By DH RAW the longest range of the man-portable weapon is 300 m of the Autocannon and MP Lascannon. With addition of OW rules you can take "Longshot" sniper rifle (350m), use "Longbarrel" weapon pattern positive to add 10 m to range, and then Extended Barrel weapon customisation for +50% range. Somewhere I've seen talent that allow you to shoot at x5 maximum range instead of x4, so the absolute maximum range by RAW would be 2700 m.
  10. You use DH2 rules, so maybe it'll be better to ask at https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/forum/394-dark-heresy-rules-questions/ - not that there were more people, to be honest... In any case, Toughness Bonus is more useful than Strength bonus (other things being equal), and MUCH MORE useful than additional Wounds.
  11. Jargal


    In DH1 it was opposed test of Awareness/Security/Demolition, depending on situation, against Demolition (Inquisitor's Handbook, p.229). In DH2 Demolition is a part of Tech-Use and Security can be used to set traps.
  12. More interesting thing is how to calculate AP of creature with Machine[X] against the fire if creature wears additional armor and/or use cybernetic armor...
  13. By RAW the only armor type that stacks with other are cybernetic implants: subskin armour and cranial armour. But NPC can break the rules.
  14. Jargal

    All Talents

    As I understand it's some problem with forum's CMS (works as intended, yes...). You can access the file, but others can't.
  15. Jargal

    All Talents

    Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1