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  1. Because Weapon Skill, Strength and Fellowship are most costly to you to increase in game (first +5 will cost 500 xp), and while you can ignore WS and Fel, Strength is used not only in melee combat, but to carrying and lifting objects. Things in Imperium tends to be big and heavy, just look in the Armory section of corebook. With SB+TB of 8 you can comfortably carry 56 kg and move with the load up to 112 kg. Imagine that you're in the middle of combat and lucky enemy shot just sent into unconsciousness your comrade-in-arms (former imperial guardsmen, 90 kg without armor) who carry nearly unique Theta-pattern integration cannon (65 kg). That the worthy servant of Omnissiah will pick up first from the floor? With your characteristics you can take the cannon and then drag your comrade to the cover, and even you will be encumbered.
  2. Ask GM where exactly in the Imperium your game will be, maybe I will be able to add some details. I'm not too good in Askellon lore, however, I prefer old Calixis sector of 1e.
  3. Regardless of the setting, this character is clearly member of Adeptus Mechanicus military forces. He is too inexperienced to be member of Titans god-machines crew, and he isn't ordinary Skitarii warrior, but he is qualified enough to be member of Cataphractii armor units of Legiones Skitarii or support forces of Titan Legion (although he lacks Weapon Training talents, "A character with the appropriate Operate skill for a vehicle does not need specific weapon proficiencies to fire any weapons mounted on that type of vehicle without penalty. It is assumed that his expertise covers weapon use as well." - Corebook, p.253) Maybe a member of super-heavy tank crew. It's unlikely that he is just have go to Inquisition with request for a job, I think it was Inquisition who asked for military-minded tech-priest, and someone from the higher rank decided that he was a suitable candidate.
  4. Do your group use setting from the books - Askellon sector?
  5. Eh, usually I don't do such things, but can't resist the mention of DnD... ****, I still DM Planescape and Spelljammer. Let's start with the corebook-only, easiest way: Homeworld - Forge World, Background - Adeptus Mechanicus, Role - Sage. Starting Characteristics: WS 25, BS 25, Str 25, T 30, Ag 25, Int 30, Per 25, WP 25, Fel 20, Ifl 25. I suggest to maximize characteristics that you will use more often and chars that you find difficult to advance in game (the same logic I'll use for starting skills&talents), so +15 to BS, +15 to S, +10 to T, +10 to Int, + 5 to WP, +5 to Ifl Starting Aptitudes selection: Int + Knowledge or Tech + Int, Knowledge, Per, Tech, WP. You have two douplicate that I suggest to relocate into BS and Ag. Starting Skills selection: Operate (surface) (Awareness is far more common, someone other can take it) Starting Talents selection: Weapon-Tech (Technical Knock is a garbage), Ambidextrous (Clues form the Crowd is useless to you, talking with people isn't your work) Equipment selection: Autogun (far more universal than Hand Cannon), Servo-skull (counts as very useful combi-tool) Starting XP spending: Intellect simple - 100 xp - it's your main characteristic; Tech-Use trained - 200 xp - it's your work; Medicae known - 200 xp - you mentioned it; Trade (Armourer) known - 100 xp - useful to build, repair and upgrade military equipment; Infused Knowledge - 400 xp - in fact, you get all Common and Scolastic Lore skills as "known" now. Starting Requisition: You'll have 3 tests (Ifl 30). I recommend try to grab Augur Array (Free Action Tech-Use test to detect "tings not normally visible to human senses"), Mind Impuls Unit (must have for Tech Priest, +10 bonus to Tech-Use and Operate if connected) and Subscine Armor (stacks with other armor) implants - they all are Scarce for you thanks to Adeptus Mechanicus background. In the end, we have: WS 25, BS 40, Str 40, T 40, Ag 25, Int 45, Per 25, WP 30, Fel 20, Ifl 30. Aptitudes: BS, Ag, Int, Per, WP, Knowledge, Tech. Skills: Common Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus), Logic, Medicae, Operate (Surface), Security, Tech-Use +10 (+20 with help of Servo Skull), Trade (Armourer) Talents: Ambidextrous, Infused Knowledge, Mechadentdrite Use (Utility), Weapon-Tech, Weapon Training (Solid Projectile) Traits: Mechanicus Implants Gear: autogun, monotask servo-skull (utility), Imperial robes, 2 vials of sacred unguends and, hopefully, a lot of implants. I have some other, more unorthodox ideas, but it will take time to cross-check the books.
  6. Dominus nox returns

    DH1 => DH2 corrections: Skills: Secret Tongue and Speak Language => Linguistic (Chaos Marks +20, any one +0) Talents: Dark Sight go to Traits, don't know why it's on the "talents" section in DaeH Traits: Daemonic => Daemonic [5], I think; Daemonic Presence => Baleful Presence [20]
  7. Dominus nox returns

    So, we are talking about lesser unaligned daemon cosplaying Warp Talon. Ok, let's take "Daemon Hunter"... 1. Characteristics: WS 35+2d10, BS 15+2d10, S 30+2d10, T 40+2d10, Ag 20+2d10, Int 20+2d10, Per 25+2d10, WP 20+2d10, Fel 2d10, Wounds 10+1d10. 2. Skills, talents and traits: Skills - Awareness, Psyniscience, FL (Daemonology, Warp), Secret Tongue (Daemonic) +20, Speak Language (any one). Talents: Ambidextrous, Dark Sight, Two-weapon Wielder (Melee) Traits: Daemonic, Daemonic Presence, Fear 1, From Beyond, Natural Weapon (Teeth and Claws), Warp Instabity. 3. Manifestations. It's a copy of Warp Talon, so we don't roll but choose: Warp Eyes (imitation of the armor's helmet): Heightened Sense (Sight) and now Fear is 2. Freakish Grasp (imitation of Lightning Claws): +5 penetration to attacks with natural its weapon or a daemonic weapon. 4. Weakness. It's a copy of defeated Warp Talon, so we don't roll but choose: Bane: there is a substance or object or method that daemon can't abide. If the daemon is struck with its bane it will treat the strike as Sanctified. 5. To show Warp Talon's feature - add Phase trait. Ok, now all that we need is to convert all the stats from DH1 to DH2, but I need a little break.
  8. Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    I'm not sure how this must be translated to English accurately, but in Russian we say: "it's too complicated for a circus". If I would need to steal something very important from the Navy battleship - yes, I would need a lot of espionage and infiltration, desirable with some hi-tech (or hi-Here-tech) help, but my main ally will be... gigantic and clumsy machine of Imperial bureaucracy. Especially - military bureaucracy with "you only know that you need to know" principle. A LOT of small and inconspicuous changes in documents and directives - and Great and Mighty Imperial Navy's personnel will load valuable warheads in the cargo bay of "conscripted" trader without any doubts that they just make routine maintenance.
  9. Dominus nox returns

    I don't know books well enough - do we have any Chaos Marine stats in DH2?
  10. New Psyker Discipline

    "Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1"
  11. Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    I think now... maybe there is no single BBEG at all? Maybe the plot of Scintilla Exterminatus is a result of intersecting, but independent actions of some groups, who might even don't know about each others. Istvaanian Inquisitor, power-hungry Malfian Noble, Severus Dominate agents, mechanicus from The Ferrous Whisper or Scions of the Iron Sphere factions... they all have their goals (and abilities and powers) - it is the sum of different vectors that forms the final result.
  12. Afriel Mechanics?

    On thing I can remember is Abhuman Character Guide by Lodge Blackman
  13. Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    Well, looking at "All-seeing Eye" talent... it's a very powerful tool and Agent of Lords Dragon can access Grid on any planet where it's present. While Lords Dragon themselves are safe at the Panopticon Station, Agent can become a traitor while he is far from the Lathe System, or just can be captured and used.
  14. Campaign Plot...er...Plotting

    A random thought: if you need NPC with A LOT of classified info - think about someone with access to Praecursator Grid (The Lathe Worlds, p.33-34)
  15. Rules Cheatsheet?

    No, DH1 and DH2 have a lot of difference in rules, mainly in combat modifiers.