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  1. They did something like that, in fact. In the end they survived, and their understanding of their abilities and their responsibilities has changed a lot.
  2. My party one time was undercover in the deep underhive - really deep, so that even arbiter stub revolver, saved only because of nostalgia, was obviously too noticeable. And then they was caught in the "hunter and prey - or maybe you are the prey? - or maybe we all are preys?" game between Night Lords infiltrator, Fallen Angel Librarian posing himself as Alpha Legionnaire infiltrator and Dark Angels Ravenwing Veteran Watch Captain, hunting the Fallen. How you think, could even Baneblade help the party then?
  3. And, after all, in Dark Heresy game your best weapons are Awareness, Charm, Deceive, Inquiry, Interrogation and Scrutiny at +30 and DH1 Psychometry and Mind Scan Psychic Powers.
  4. Actually, in other threads I argued that bolter Tearing and X criticals are a lot better :-) Found it - https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/242158-arbites-combat-shotgun-typo/#comment-2632354 But the original request was about and it's why I described exactly this process of creating
  5. Take hand cannon, add Man-Stopper bullets and there is 35m 1d10+4I pen 5 weapon against 30m 1d10+5X pen 4 of bolt pistol.
  6. Ok, all I can say it is how I would solve this situation as GM. I would use DH1 crafting rules from Inquisitor's Handbook and Variable Pattern rules from OW Hammer of the Emperor. I assume in advance that the character has access to the workshop and materials, and most importantly - to the design patterns and schemes. Creating customized boltgun is, obviously, Very Hard (-30) task ("improving upon the STC design") and it would take a lot of time so looking at table 9-5 in IH - 2d10 days with time interval of 1 day. In the end of every day character make Trade (Armourer) test with the aforementioned difficulty with appropriate modifiers for quality of workshop and materials (collection of materials can be a separate quest of Trade[Prospector] skill, btw), possible cooperation, voluntary project slowdown for more thorough work, etc. Creative ideas from the player's side, coinciding with setting lore, give the greatest bonus. In the end of the project full time I'll sum up the failures and successes and determine the result depending on the outcome: 5 degrees of failure or more: project failed, all materials are lost. 4-1 DoF: item created have Poor quality OR Common quality and 1 random Pattern Negative from OW - by player choice. Just a success: Common quality item without any modifiers OR 1 random Pattern Positive and 1 random Pattern Negative - by player choice. 1-4 DoS: 1 random Pattern Positive. 5-14 DoS: Good Quality item OR 1 Pattern Positive selected by player OR 2 random Pattern Positive - by player choice. 15+ DoS: Best Quality OR Good Quality & 1 Pattern Positive selected by player OR Good Quality & 2 random Pattern Positive - by player choice. After finishing the work character can try to add further Weapon Modifications by rules from DH2 or OW armory section.
  7. If it's a game about some structure with a clear vertical of power (IG, or, I agree with you, DW) - then yes, because it's inseparable background. But I can remember something around 15 DH games where the acolytes were equal, and the Inquisitor was a distant figure with which they did not even meet, at least until high levels. Sometimes party choose the leader, but mostly not. And all infighting between PCs, if happened, didn't spoil the game for players, even if they led to the death of the party. Well, maybe my players are really good at separating Characters from themselves and sometimes even at rapid cooperation in critical conditions :-)
  8. I imagine now a party that fabricates evidence of the presence of a heretical cult by committing murders that look like ritual, because they don't have enough real evidence or authority to command local forces... grimdark, yes.
  9. Well, maybe you're right, I'm not very competent in this troop/elite/master separation. For me it's more about what type of creatures is more common and how straight-line/insidious is their threat, so constructs and human agents are troops, infiltrators and captains are elite etc. Flesh parasite would be a minion, yes.
  10. I think FL (AM) is necessary to know how to bless sacred oil, and while FL (Chymistry) can let you know all the ingredients, the actual skill to make sacred unguents is Trade (Chymist). Personally, I would also allow to use Trade (Armorer) with -10 modifier.
  11. Int 11. Without guidance from Intendant or Infiltrator they are little more than xenos gun-servitor.
  12. They are Calixis-only threat. And, in theory, you can just take them and insert in DW. Slaugth Warrior Vassal Construct (troop. Yes, Slaugth call this "troop") WS 44, BS 35, S (8)48, T 53, Ag 30, Int 11, Per 46, WP 44, Fel 02 Movement: 3/6/9/18 Wounds: 25 Armor: 6 (All) - reinforced endo-plates Weapons: Bone-blades (1d10+8 R, Pen 3) / Necrotic Beam (Heavy, 80 m, -/2/8, 1d10+10 E, Pen 4, Clip -, Reload -, Special: Diffuse Fire, Disintigrate, 20 kg, Unique)* * Necrotic Beam: Little is known about this brutal weapon carried by Slaugth shock-constructs, except they project raking beams of energy capable of turning their victims to clouds of drifting dust. Disintegrate: Any victim suffering Critical Damage from this weapon is blasted into a cloud of dust and vapour and completely destroyed. Diffuse Fire: When fired on Full Auto, the weapon does 1d10+5 damage. Skills: Awareness (Per) +20, Dodge (Ag), Intimidate (S) +20, Parry (WS) Talents: Exotic Weapon Training (Necrotic Beam), Frenzy, Lightning Attack Traits: Auto-Stabilised, Deadly Natural Weapons, Fear 1, From Beyond, Regeneration [1], Size (5), Sonar Sense, Strange Physiology*, Undying, Unnatural Strength (4). * Strange Physiology: A creature with this Trait has an unusual, alien, or altogether bizarre anatomy. All hits count as Body hits and death results when Damage equals or exceeds the creature’s Wounds. Gear: Strange xeno-tech devices of unknown purposes.
  13. Just for training, let's try... Slaugth Infiltrator (Elite) WS 38, BS 32, S 48, T (9)58, Ag 53, Int (9)50, Per 40, WP 62, Fel 21 Movement: 5/10/15/30 Wounds: 27 Armor: 3 (All) Weapons: Necrotic grasp (1d10+4 R; Tearing, Toxic[1]) / Ripper Ray (Pistol, 20m; S/–/–; 1d10+6 X; Pen 4; Clip 15; Reload Full; Reliable). Skills: Athletics (S), Commerce (Int), Deceive (Fel), Dodge (Ag), Intimidate (S) +20, Logic (Int), Medicae (Int), Parry (WS), Security (Per), Stealth (Ag), Tech-Use (Int) Talents: Ambidextrous, Exotic Weapon Training (Ripper Ray), Fearless, Leap Up, Rapid Reaction Traits: Dark-Sight, Deadly Natural Weapons, Elasticity *1, Fear 3, Psychic Null *2, Regeneration [1d5], Stuff of Nightmares *3, Toxic, Unnatural Intelligence (4), Unnatural Toughness (4) *1 Elasticity: The Slaugth can flatten their bodies down or stretch them out to over three times their normal length, increasing their reach and providing a +20 bonus on Grapple attacks and Athletics tests while climbing. *2 Psychic Null: They cannot be contacted, perceived, influenced or controlled telepathically, and all Psychic Powers and warp abilities targeted directly at them receive -20 penalty to Focus Power tests. *3 Stuff of Nightmares: Being xenos, Slaugth have no special weakness against psychis powers, force weapon or holy attacks, so they ignore all Critical Effets other than one that would destroy them outright. On the other hand, they can't survive without air. Gear: Shroud Cloak: In order to pass unseen and conceal their horrific nature, these multi-layered robes and mantles absorb light and seem to move and twitch of their own accord. They provide 3 Armour Points on all locations, and increase the Difficulty of detecting the wearer on auspexes/scanners by –30, and grants them a +10 bonus on Stealth Tests. By constraining their bodies and commanding the shrouds to conceal them, the Slaugth can pass for misshapen humans. Enunciator: Held in front of the creature’s many-tendrilled mouth, this jagged metal orb translates its gurgling rasps into audible speech using sampled fragments of the voices of its many victims, as well as using tailored sub-harmonics to work upon the emotion centres of the human brain. The device lets them speak any language at will, and adds +20 bonus on any test to influence, frighten or interrogate humans. Parasite Eyes: Numerous glowing implants, studded into the writhing clump of worms that compose the creature’s head, allow it to see with Dark Sight, as well as see into the electromagnetic spectrum. These eyes give the Slaugth a +40 bonus on tests made to resist blinding attacks.
  14. Uh, it wouldn't be easy conversion, they have a ton of special rules for every creature...
  15. Uh, I was unclear, it looks. I know about rosette and I'm ok with it. But rosette isn't the authority of PCs, it's the authority of their Inquisitor that he may bestow upon characters - or may not. Legate Investigator gives (without XP cost, btw, it's free trait of the rank) the character his own power, but even then - it can be only given by Inquisitor/GM, not chosen by player. I suppose that someone thought it would be "unfair" to make one player undoubted boss of the party, the same with Deathwatch. Stupid idea, but false correctness is widespread these days...