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  1. Well, in any case I rewrote the entire campaign so that both my DH and DW groups can participate and rules for Astartes was from DW...
  2. Armor add after UnnStr calculation, for example Astartes with Str 43 has StrBonus 8 without armor, in armor he has Str 63 and Str Bonus 10. With minimal Toughness Bonus 8 Astartes just don't need to calculate weight of any equipment with exception of power armor with damaged/destroyed power generator.
  3. And then, SUDDENLY, they fixed it.
  4. By RAW you change critical table only if special ammo change damage type. In Deathwatch distinctive features of special ammo are in additional rules, not damage type change.
  5. Actually this is DH1 Gamemasters forum that appeared in the DH2 Beta section thanks to the excellent skills of the FFG webmasters...
  6. Where are you drag me, f...ellow acolytes?! It was a door with "18" on it!!!
  7. Astartes Apothecary? Check Deathwatch books.
  8. I think it's most like: "You want to know that secret we hide in production hangar 18? I'm sorry, but we have approximately 123.731,7 (and don't ask me about these seven-tenths! I don't want even think about it!) buildings designated "hangar 18" here on Mars, so-o-o... sorry... "
  9. We have Bjorn with his 10.000 years as Dreadnought... Not too far from fully cyborg Magos. The most terrible secret is better to hide in the most prominent place - where no one will look.
  10. Well, I'm not too good with sarcasm in English, it's not my native language, after all...
  11. Maybe you can ask about it in next Q&A?
  12. Yes, I remember that. My sarcasm was addressed to the Tanhauser.
  13. Don't forget that +20 from PA is calculated AFTER Unnatural Str (Deathwatch corebook, p.161)
  14. The person who reported spoke about this. But I'm too lazy to give a link, who wants to - can find it itself.
  15. Because it's mentioned by additional line in profile. But stop, other explanation is that he has Str 48, SB 8 after Unnatural, +20 Str from Power Armor up to (10) 68.