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  1. Here is my understanding of RaW: 1. I think no, because cybernetics have their own table 5-21 (p.178) for craftsmanship effects. 3. Artificer bionics don't give +10 to Strength Characteristic. It "increases the bonus the bionic component provides by +10", the same way how bonus to test is given from skill advancement. With "Tech-Use +20" you roll your Int+20 (with modifiers for test's difficulty), but your Intellect Characteristic remains unchanged. So, Artificer Exceptional Servo-Arm will have Str 85 with Unnatural Str (x2) and will: - give Str Bonus 16 for carrying/lifting/pusing and damage calculation; - add 2 DoS during opposed tests (e.g. Grapple test); - reduce by 1 step difficulty of unopposed tests (e.g. tests for overweight lifting), to a maximum of +30; - add additional +10 to Grapple tests, summing up with +10 to Grapple from Exceptional quality for final +20; (yep, better don't try to grapple with IH techmarine) 4. Profile for Servo-Arm damage doesn't include Primitive quality.
  2. Rules for Integrated weapon are copypasted (not completely) from "The Lathe Worlds", and TLW allows you to make SP and Launcher IW (p.58)
  3. Jargal

    Traitor Legions Character Guide

    It's still on the google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2b-KRdbOmU5VUszWlBQWDN1enM/view
  4. Jargal

    First Time Player

    Raven Guard then. Guerilla Training talent and Master of Shadow Solo Mode (First Founding, p.17-18) are your best friends for armoured stealth.
  5. Jargal

    Questions On Withholding Information

    I think, typical reaction would be: "Heretic!" BLAM! anyway, but there the personality of investigator means more.
  6. Jargal

    Questions On Withholding Information

    It depends on the invistigator, but without any former complications even the most humane Inquisitor would qualify this as the heresy, I'm sure. What is "Emotional Withholding"?
  7. There was a lot of threads about battleships, but the search function works really strange now...
  8. Jargal

    Errata on Ork stats

    https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/rogue-trader/support/faq1-4/Rogue Trader Errata v. 1.4 WQ.pdf This one? Some Ork errata on page 8.
  9. Jargal

    Can Tyranids parry?

    You're right. I've rechecked the books and yes, most troops have Dodge, and most Elite&Masters don't have it. I was sure that it was opposite.
  10. Jargal

    [DH1] Question from the Archives - Help Wanted

    Wow! This is imperssive list! With books cross-checking it take half a day only to read it! But my favorite question about Hellgun Capacitor is missing ?
  11. Jargal

    Can Tyranids parry?

    Some Tyranids - Lictor for example - have both Talons and Claws, but only Talons are mentioned under Natural Weapon.. but mainly you are right. I don't think so. But honestly most "troops" level tyranids are used in Hordes anyway and single Elite and Master-level creatures have better chances with Dodge.
  12. Jargal

    Can Tyranids parry?

    Yes, by RAW you can't parry with Natural or Improved Natural Weapon, listed in the adversaries sheets in brackets after Trait mention, but all weapons listed in the table 13-3 (Corebook p.373) are separate weapons, so Bonesword can be used to parry without any problems.
  13. Jargal

    Jovian Missile Battery

    After each turn in which the battery fired - it can't fire next turn, only on the second turn - etc.
  14. Jargal

    Storm bolter ammo usage

    8. Corebook, p.144: "This Quality doubles the number of hits inflicted on the target and the amount of ammunition expended. For example, when firing a weapon with the Storm Quality in fully automatic mode, each degree of success yields two additional hits (to a maximum of twice the weapon’s Full Automatic rate of fire)." Errata, p.8: "Question: Does a weapon with Storm generate a maximum number of hits equal to the ROF of the weapon, or double the ROF? Answer: Double the ROF."
  15. Jargal

    The second is not always the best.

    It isn't cost in SP, it's "cost" in modifiers to acquisiton test. SP cost come into play only at ship construction stage.