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  1. Check Dark Heresy 1 book "The Lathe Worlds" from where Integrated Weapon was copypasted - rules in "TLW" are formulated more clearly, imho.
  2. Hm. Looks more like "Troops" for me - compare it to Tyranid Warrior (Elite) and Hormangaut (Troops) from the Corebook. One good semi-auto shot and it's dead. Add Hordes special rules and then it will be good enemy which you would prefer to shoot from a distance.
  3. This is a logical assumption, but AFAIK we don't have any official rules about such things.
  4. Olympic athlete will have 20 + 2d10 + 25 from characteristic advances, I think.
  5. Main Malfi as Malfi II (Ascension, p.216), also Malfi VIII "Borusa" is mentioned, but can't remember anything official about Malfi V.
  6. Well, something like http://www.solstation.com/100ly-bs.htm will be very impressive but not very useful...
  7. And the map is flat but space has three dimensions...
  8. No one knows, I think. You can find A LOT of discussions about Koronus and Calixis maps on Rogue Trader forums.
  9. Can't find any other mentions...
  10. Tell this to Dragonstar, cancelled in 2008
  11. I think it's because DH2-beta forum was archived - so that a number of people think that all WH40K RPG forums will be archived.
  12. Single - "if any die rolled results in a natural 10" - Corebook, p.250. 5d10 of lascannon gives you a better chance for RF, but only single RF.
  13. Well, we are not in the archive yet...
  14. I've tried to google it, but my google-fu is weak, it seems... What's wrong with Lord of Misrule?
  15. Daemon Hunter, pages 18, 106-107, 137-138.