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  1. Wow! Fantastic ! Can't thank you enough Deniax I'll make sure to post the end result photo of this
  2. Fantastic! Thanks for the info Currently "caught" in everyday routine but will be back soon with pics from the rest of the boxes Any chance on a separate box for the endings cards? Cheers!
  3. They seem to be printed out just fine with Sketchup What's the issue?
  4. So, wanna say a huge thanks to Mr. Deniax for sharing this great idea and most importantly for spending much of his valuable time and effort to give to the community these files I know he hasn't been online for over 2 months now but i'm sure he'll be glad to see that his work is appreciated. Still have a few more boxes to create and will be back in the near future when all is completed and just wanna say how cheap but fantastic looking all this has been and i strongly encourage every fan of Talisman to give it a go
  5. And lastly, the Spells deck. This one was the very first one and even though i felt it would be an epic fail (thinner cardboard, zero experience), it turned out okay. Will also redo it with heavier and sturdier cardboard however.
  6. The Quest Box which features 3 pockets. One for warlock quests, one for rewards and a middle extra thin slot (bit tricky to assemble) for the 4 talisman cards. Will surely have another go at it
  7. The Purchase deck which features 6 slots for different decks (The purchase deck, the stables deck and the City shop decks). Will definitely be redoing this one though as it was made with much lighter cardboard and doesn't feel as sturdy.
  8. The Highlands expansion deck box with its neat side pocket that holds the Eagle King's relic. Great thinking Deniax
  9. The Character cards deck. Deniax states that this box is to fit all the big cards (Characters, endings, toad cards) but i'm personally using it strictly for the character cards. Just shuffle the cards, put them neatly back in this box and draw your random character
  10. The adventure deck containing all cards from all expansions. Perfect fit, like a glove, but not much space for future expansion adventure decks.
  11. As stated earlier, here are the finished boxes so far. This is the overview picture - along with 2 painted characters as a bonus
  12. 4 boxes are ready and i must say that the result is amazing, even though i'm planning to re-do at least 2 of the boxes and use a thicker cardboard. Definitely recommended for any Talisman fan. Adventure and Highlands deck boxes currently being pressed, so as soon as those are ready and done, will post some pictures of my completed boxes. Oh, and for anyone who's tried printing the adventure deck box, I recommend ticking the "Fit to page" option in the print options... There's no other way to do it.
  13. Like your ideas very much. I'd personally prefer if the Arnkell relic wasn't even in the relics deck. Feels like most people head on early to fight the Eagle King (he isn't that strong to begin with) and have a 25% shot at getting the relic and then they got a pretty good chance at reaching the CoC first. Or at least should be stated that the relic works in outer and middle region only.
  14. Will take your thoughts into consideration as I put the idea to the test. There certainly are a lot of factors to examine during a second game played in this manner. 1. Selling remaining objects/spells/followers for 1g each sounds good. 2. Define a ranking starting with the player who finished with the least S and C points. He could be allowed to keep 4 cards (objects and followers) for the next game and the higher you ranked in the first game, the less you get to keep. 3. A reset would surely be a death sentence but that's the point of having a level 2 game. Try your best in the first game to make sure you survive in the second. 4+5 definitely need to be put to the test 6. Starting the 2nd game without shuffling back discarded adventure cards is a chance to finally draw cards never used before. Even on a 4 player game, the amount of drawn cards seems like 20% - 25% of the whole deck at most. Will surely let you know how the test goes
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