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  1. I have a question about the ironborn raiders deck 1 event card, it says every player loses a victory point if they scored two or more objectives. Does that include house ones? In my other thread I accidently said varient, but I ment the official fest for crows expansion.
  2. Do house objectives count towards the scored objectives for the ironborn raid event card that lowers your victory points for having 2 or more scored objectives? Or is it just the other objectives that count towards that? So if I completed my house objective once, and a normal objective, and that card came up, do I lose one? Or only if I completed two of the other objectives?
  3. Its because of how the faq is worded. It says a player with piling on, wasn't sure if they ment the ability or the player itself.
  4. An interesting situation came up today. Now I know that with piling on, the troll can't target the same player twice. But what if say you tackle and down, don't sucessfully pile on, then tackle again using tackle coach, can you tackle the guy you downed initially? Or can the troll only ever tackle a guy once per turn, regardless of Matchup Actions?
  5. Anyone got any advice on how to use them?
  6. Jutlander said: Dam said: But to keep people from getting no SPs due to bad draws, they made them by division for BBTM. The way my friends and I play it, bad draws are bad draws and that is the risk you take when you go for Star Players. You cannot use Star Players affiliated with other teams than your own. We feel this makes better sense than the actual rules and balance-wise it does not ruin anything. I think balance wise it would hurt since that means that there's 2 5's of the deck that your team can't use. And it's even worse if someone else from the same conference is also playing. With that said, power to you guys if you enjoy playing that way.
  7. Anyone have any? Only saw them used once and noticed they don't seem to have much punch. What do they focus on getting out of the upgrades?
  8. The rules do say that when two responces contridict, the second one will overide the first.
  9. If it fails and you have to down a player, does it have to be a player in the same matchup? My opponet pointed out to me that it doesn't specificly say that. But usually with stuff with this game that is the case, and also the fact you need a standing player on that same matchup hints to me that it's got to be the same one. What do you guys say?
  10. When you guys do 6 players, you don't have it go one more round so everyone goes first at least once?
  11. Nevermind I figured it out when reading the headline card.
  12. I was over on another forum, and got into a small debate. They are saying the following. And they said. So my question is, where in the rulebook does it say that? Perhaps I'm overreading something but I don't see where the rules themselves say that's what happens. If anyone here can clear this up I'd appreciate it.
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