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  1. This will be my first fan made adventure for this game. Looking forward to it. I'll come back with a review. I intend to use the stand alone rules for stating experience. Thank you @Imartin91.
  2. Wouldn't you know it, that game, Daisy pulled not 1, but 2 elder signs. Needless to say, Skids looked at Daisy, blow her a kiss, and ran for his life as the cute librarian auto-failed twice Umordhoth' Wrath.
  3. Horror = sanity, not doom. Got it. This while make it much better. I'm mixing my card game terms, I think. Thanks SuperMario.
  4. My interpretation of this card has killed during the my two play throughs of the 3rd adventure of the core box. Can I get your interpretation to these statements? Am I making my life to difficult? Thanks guys. A) The horror tokens on it are added to all the others in play to make the agenda advance B) Moving these horror tokens to Daisy's card does not remove them from play, so they still contribute to the agenda advancing C) Moving to another agenda stage does not remove the horror tokens on Necronomicon or Daisy, so I start the next agenda stage with X horror in play, X = to those on Necrnomicon or on Daisy. This is the text on the card for easy reference Revelation - Put The Necronomicon into play in your threat area, with 3 horror on it. It cannot leave play while it has 1 or more horror on it. Treat each Elder sign you reveal on a chaos token as a Automatic failure . Action : Move 1 horror from The Necronomicon to Daisy Walker. Then, if The Necronomicon has no horror on it, discard it.
  5. Hi. I've stpped playing since this problem showed up. The application crashed as soon as I tried to load my saved game. The screen goes black, then I'm return to the ipad Air's home screen. After reading this forum, I had the idea to increas the number of my owned expansions and try to load again. It worked, but when I tried to remove the expansions, loading the saved game said that these expansions where required now! At this point, I can only enter my saved game if I add these epansions. Because of this, I feel I won't be able to continue because it will ask me for tiles and monsters I don't realy own. I hope you can patch it si I don't have to restart another campaign or buy all these expansions . The app is great. Hope this helps you resolve this important issue. Saved games are precious to players, as you well know, I'm sure.
  6. Hey Asukarulez, I getting into CoC and am based in Montreal. You imply there is a player base here. Can you point me in the right direction to get in tounch with it? Are you still playing LCGs?
  7. LordofChance, do you chance to have a psd, editable version of this layout? Mostly to put a certain piece of art on it. I sure can. I've added a link to a PSD file on the BoardKit downloads page for it. I included under one of the layer groupings this and other more colourful backgrounds as examples. Cheers. Stephane LoC
  8. The last post is from 2013 so this post is in case other in Montreal are still looking for LOTR LCG players. If so I'm looking for players to increase our group. Cheers Stephane LoC BoardKit projet
  9. Hi Otherwolder, When I read your post, I was happy to see my mats inspired you to make your own. Secondly, it got me thinking again about using Inked Playmats for LOTR LCG player mats. I had not gone that route initially so I could experiment at a lower cost of production and because I live in Montreal, Canada. Shipping for me is slow and expensive from the States even if we're so close. Two months ago, I created a new player mat design for Inked Playmats. I like the result. I posted an article on it on the Boardkit projet blog. I call it my Dark Canvas. Here how it looks. Thanks for getting me to try Inked Playmats finally. Still very expensive and slow to deliver, but very nice. FYI, this version of the player mat is focused on solo play. Cheers, LoC
  10. Hi alexbobspoon and all. I also love playmats for enhancing theme and helping in the tracking of all the counters. I've accumulated a couple of designs so far for LOTR LCG under a project I call BoardKit. Here is a picture of the latest playmat I posted there. If you want even more "organized space", you can also find there mats for the Staging, Encounter deck, Questing and Threat/Success tracking. Cheers, LoC
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