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  1. I will handle it like described in the book "Shogun" by James Clavell, even if it is not necessary canon. Every Samurai get an land grant which he needs to protect/administer and is entitled to its production (minus taxes etc). For starting characters this will be a little village, but could get upgraded depending on how the characters raise in the social standing. Everything concerning money is not handled by the Samurai directly but by his wife/housekeeper/etc... I find this a very stylish solution and it will keep the bookkeeping to a minimum.
  2. Just to add: FFG bought the rights to L5R, not just a license. So they don't have to pay royalties, also they have to make a lot of art for the LCG in any case. They should have an interest to invest in the growth of the L5R trademark. Therefore I don't think the RPG line will be discontinued or anything.
  3. I did not come to that point in my group, but I planed loosly that the SCs would play a major roll in the bombardment and destruction of Jyrenne Base. It is mentioned in the Legends Timeline: Just read this Wookipedia Article an let your imagination run wild with it: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Attack_on_the_Imperial_Army-Navy_Ordnance_Center I was planning on getting the PCs to sapotage the Bases Shields in some way, so that the Rebel Attack would be successfull. You could also lead up to this Mission by inciting some nearby system to get the imperial Warships to "respond to an Emergency" elsewhere to make the Rebel Assault possible, etc. The Attack would be a Hit&Run Assault by the Rebels while evacuating all forces from Onderon. I think this would be a big bang to end the Onderon "Campaign".
  4. I am in Germany, too, but my Forged in Battle (Preorder) came rather quickly after the US Release, but I am still waiting on No Desintigrations (also Preorder). The NPC Cards are notoriously hard to get, you just have to preorder them and wait for the next print run or something. Even most of the Books are gone rather quickly so I preorder everything to avoid haven to wait on a Reprint...
  5. I am also excited, it could be a really great campaign...
  6. Sphaerenmeisters Spiele is a German Online Store for RPGs. They ship to the UK and the shipping should not be too expansive. Sadly the don't have the books you want on stock. I think Special Modifications is sold out everywhere. You could sent them a massage and ask if they get the books any time soon.
  7. I am pretty sure it only means, that you dont get setback dice or more difficulty dice for "lack of proper tools" etc.
  8. The first Impression a lot of People (me included) get when they see the Special Dice is negative (Money grap etc.) but after playing for more than a year of FFg Star Wars i have to say the Special Dice are one of the greatest asset of the game. They are easy to use and offer a non linear Resolution that would not be possible with Standard dice.
  9. Pffff, knowing FFG it will be 2017 before they get that book to europe www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de Germany based but they sell to all of EU, I don't know the shipping cost, but should be not so bad. I pre-ordered Forged in Battle there and it arrived on release date, but usually they are 1-2weeks behind... I am not sure what all your Problems are. I bought every FFG Star Wars Book and most of the time I did not have to wait longer than 2 weeks till the books are available in German Online Shops...
  10. What Books do you already have? 1. You can play with 3 Players, but 1GM and 3-5players are best. 2. Force Sensitive Bounty Hunter is possible 3. You only need the EotE Core Rulebook, Take Bounty Hunter Career (EotE Core Rules) and either Force-User in Exile (EotE Core Rules) or Force Sensitive Emergent (AoR Core Rules). To get a really powerful Force-User you should also have the Force & Destiny Core Rules, but that can wait for later. 4. Nexus of Power is the F&D Sourcebook about Places of Power in the Galaxy and the mysteries of the Force, has lots of good Inspiration and so on.
  11. to Clarify the Thread: In the Order 66 Podcast the Hosts set out a number of guidelines "How to be a better player in FFG Star Wars" First Guideline was: Never "help" another player figuring out the dice results. Because it will be most likely seen as rude by the helped player, like telling him, that he is too stupid to do it himself. in my group I did not had this problem, but in half of them I am on roll20, so the Dicepool sorts itself out...
  12. You can make a whole campaign out of the Beginner Set Adventure + Addon Adventure on the FFG Site. some small spoilers! I started with my PCs being sent to Onderon to capture the Whisper Base, so they got in contact with a rebel sympathiser cantina barkeeper in Iziz and had to find the base first, then capture it and now they are the Rebel cell on Onderon tasked with building up a Resistance on the Planet and taking down the Imperial Navy Ordnance Depot on the Planet. The Addon Adventure from the FFG Site has a lot of good Adventure Seeds and you can flesh it out with stuff you create yourself, it is really fun. You should make sure that your PCs have brought set of Skills anyway, so there should be no problem.
  13. www.sphaerenmeisters-spiele.de Germany based but they sell to all of EU, I don't know the shipping cost, but should be not so bad. I pre-ordered Forged in Battle there and it arrived on release date, but usually they are 1-2weeks behind...
  14. One adds Defense Against Ranged One adds Armor One adds Consealment
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