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  1. Play with tie fighters or in my case interceptors alot and it happens.
  2. If I am already generating 2 conflict every time I use terrify I really don't need another point of conflict just because I can use it. With the way things sit now if I use the bility twice in a gaming session I am already at 5 conflict. Odds are I stay at the same morality, if I use it any more my morality is going down.
  3. I don't like the addition of conflict just for having terrify. I am actually trying to go lightside with the agressor. I am ok with using it sparingly because it causes me to gain conflict but I really don't like taking an extra conflict just for having it when I am going to be racking up conflict everytime I use it anyways.
  4. Tanarri


    I agree that a BTL with blaster turret probably isn't that good(unless you are playing rebels and running kyle or garvin), however I think it was custom made for the ion turret. The problem with using Ion anything is you only get 1 damage so you always had to decide if it was better to do more damage or take the control option. Now you get a primary attack and an ion shot that kind of fixes the problem with ions. So a scum Y-wing with Agromech can spend the focus on the primary attack and have a target lock for the ion shot. Unless you are firing at a cloaked phantom or a 3 agility fighter there is a good chance your first shot stripped any defensive tokens the fighter had unless they saved it to try and prevent the ion. Also this upgrade comes with the scum which are suppose to be a control style faction which if that does turn out to be true is right in their wheelhouse. Also I know alot of people have derided the use of bombs if you have your opponent ioned bombs are very easy to get their worth in points back.
  5. Jan + 3 decked out As is a list I have been wanting to try out for a while. Though I might end up running 2 As, a B, and Jan. And while expose is generally bad it is great on the Rear Admiral, and I think it could find a place on an A-wing. The A-wing can still have PtL which it needs. It will also most likely be flanking so you don't exactly need to worry about being shot. If you are running Tycho who is the A-wing I would be most likely to put it on you can run E.I. and you don't have to worry about the stress. Push the limit for TL + F and if you are out of arc EI to activate expose. Aside from it being a bit pricey you have effectively just removed all the downsides to expose. If you were to put it on Jake you would end up with TL+F and your choice of boost or barrel roll on top of the expose for the added probability of ensuring you are out of a firing arc, though in this case you are now stressed. I am not saying expose is amazing or anything but its definitely not bad on the right ships.
  6. Thank you for your reply. With reference to factions not being dissimilar to mtg colors, could you tell me which factions are similar to which colors?
  7. I am pretty sure I want to start playing this game. I enjoy card games but I have only ever played ccg's and I quit playing them all along time ago due to cost. I like that it is an LCG and I really like cyber punk. I would however like to understand how the game is played, and figure out some basic deckbuilding before I buy in to ensure that I really do want to and so that I can figure out what to buy as well. Any help, or directions to websites that can help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. It's not really about the cost, so much as the fact that people are selling at all. If you were selling yours at a mark up to finance a 'free' fleet for yourself then I'd be more likely to consider this a viable reason for the glut of collections. What I was getting at was that most of the lots being sold are selling for more than $12 a model. I can pick up a model for $10 at several sites and if my purchase is over $100 it has free shipping. I can purchase models for $12 locally. If I was selling a collection to get out of the game I wouldn't be selling it for retail which is what alot of the lots on ebay are doing. One of the "collections" being sold is all new in box. So my point is that not all the x-wing lots are collections being sold even if they are advertised that way. and that only one of the 5 I looked at appeared to be anything more then to make a buck.
  9. I took a look at the lots and most of them are selling their ships at mid retail you could pick up the ships for cheaper at a few different websites. I am not saying that all the lots are that way but there are also some that are way above retail too. I think its just people trying to make some money personally or buying and selling ships so that in the end they end up with a free collection.
  10. We still have yet to see the rest of what scum and villainy can do. The designers made it sound like a control faction, which could really mess up alot of lists depending on what types of control are available. On another note a 7 Z-95 with feedback array could be a scary list to face. The Falcon or any big HP low agility ship as an anchor hates swarms and if you can get 4 ships into range 1 of a phantom or interceptor its toast.
  11. Assuming everything blows up on the board is it a tie? Also if you were the one doing all the destruction do you get the 200 points to your score?
  12. Tanarri

    Dead Man's Switch

    I think you would be better off putting it on a Z and then using a y wing to drop a bomb and get out, or something else to shoot assault missiles. You could run a Z swarm with assault missiles on 4 and then 2 dead man switch ships. If it were to go off everything would take 6 damage I am pretty sure the 4 Zs left could take out what was left.
  13. Looking for C-3P0 crew card R2-D2 crew card Han crew card Leia crew card In that order For trade Kyle Katarn crew card Jan Ors crew card I might be able to swing a rebel aces, imperial aces, tie fighter or tie interceptor unique pilot card and cardboard ship piece as well but I am not sure if I could give up the generic fighter or not on the flip side. I might also be interested in alternate art cards. My location is Salt Lake City, Utah
  14. Hopefully the next preview has something on the hwks as that is the only scum ship we know nothing about. Y-wings would be cool but we know about their bomb slot and what their salvaged astromechs do. Though we don't have ps or any info on any of the elite pilots.
  15. I think Genius will be a good astromech to have if you are using bombs. Yes you will take the hit unless you boost, but its alot easier to end behind someone then it is to have them end behind you before you move, when you are running a proton bomb. You will take a crit too but Y-wings have 5 hull a direct hit wont kill them it will kill E-wings A-wings Headhunters Phantoms Sycks.
  16. The super mobile Tycho and Jake PtL outmaneuver and proton rockets are on my list of ships to try out as soon as I can manage to get a game in
  17. Becuase the Scum Boba Fett is awesome and Scum HWKs are suppose to be control ships
  18. I have found board control to be less viable then I would have thought. That being said Scum and Villainy is suppose to be all about control.
  19. The current reason to not run corran or keyan with C-3P0 is that I don't own either yet, though in the event of a tournament I could borrow them from my friend if he isn't using them. Running Keyan + Push the Limit + C-3P0 doesn't leave me enough points for a fourth ship unless I take proton rockets off of jake but I could put Heavy Laser Cannon on him. With that in mind I could run Jake Farrel + Proton Rockets + A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Keyan + Heavy Laser Cannon + C-3P0 + Push the limits That comes out to 99 points I am not sure biggs is the right fit for this list he would only be running with the main target as I don't plan on formation flying with the A-wings. Though if I ran: 2x Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Biggs Wedge Wedge may be a big enough threat to let the A-wing flank. If I ran Corran I think I would go with something along the lines of Jake Farrel + Proton Rockets + A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Corran + R7-T1 + Push the Limit + Fire Control System Though I would almost drop Push the Limit for Veteran Instincts to better help combat phantoms, though Push the limit is probably the right call it grants better maneuverability options and I have had phantoms destroyed by this current corran set up. 2x Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Jan ors + ion turret Dagger Squadron pilot Could work as well even without formation flying I should be able to keep the A-wings in range 3 and jan can add to the punch of the A-wings or the Dagger as is needed plus if she ions anything I can turn everything to pounce on the chosen ship I will have to try these out the next chance I get.
  20. Tera kasi would be awesome but weren't they non force sensitives?
  21. The reason for Push the Limit on Jake is so that I can boost and barrel roll in the same round. It makes him the Awing version of fel. I agree on the 2 targets, I don't play rebels alot so I am not really sure what those should be. Do you have any suggestions?
  22. So when I first saw rebel aces I wanted to run A-wings with outmaneuver and predator. I have decided that I would probably prefer Push the Limit over predator. I discounted the 4 A-wing approach because well there isn't alot of firepower there and as with 4 interceptors without something to draw the enemies fire the flankers have to take the brunt of it. I would like to run Jake Farrel + Proton Rockets + A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit And that is the question what do I run with it that will be a primary target? I thought of Nera + either 2 flechette or flechette + Proton torp or advanced proton dead eye and munitions fail safe If I did 2 flechettes I could also run a bandit squad pilot beside her, though I am not sure if that is a big enough threat to focus on and ignore the A-wings in the early game. After wave 5 I though of running: 2x Green Squadron Pilot + Refit+ A-wing Test Pilot + Outmaneuver + Push the Limit Dash Rendar + Kyle Katarn + Push the Limit + HLC + Outrider To be honest I hadn't thought of adding Kyle Katarn to that list when I first saw the outrider but it makes sense to add it. Though with everyone wanting to fly super dash I am back to not really know what to wave before my enemy as the primary target. I really like the idea of having a priority target so that it can "run" from the enemy while the A-wings come in slow and form either side. They get their out maneuver shots and if Jake who is the primary canidate for being able to get into range 1 gets there the proton rocket should net 3-5 hits with Target Lock + Focus. Any thoughts would be helpful. Also this list could use a name. Thanks for your help in advanced.
  23. What about if you are being shot from out side your firing arc you may turn your ship to face the attacker? or rotate your ship up to 90* after you have finished your maneuver? I know the auto thrusters on alot of scifi ships allow them to change their facing while still going in the same direction they were already going in. And it could be an answer to hyper mobile HLC outriders.
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