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    Unless your ship costs more than 30 points I would really limit it to 1 upgrade per ship unless you have a very good reason for the upgrade. Interceptors almost always need Push the Limit, they need to be able to boost AND Barrel roll to avoid arcs or take a focus and evade if you aren't able to avoid most of your enemy's firing arcs. A-wings are in the same boat as interceptors the only difference is they have 2 attack dice so they could also benefit from outmaneuver or predator though for my flying style I run them with PtL + outmaneuver. Also in most cases on the A-wing always add the refit. Hwks and Y-wings generally need a turret if you find you have a couple of spare points I would also toss a crew on the hwk or a astromech on the Y-wing but only if you have extra points at the end of your build or they have a specific function you particularly need. B-wings depending on available points and your goal in using them throw on Heavy Laser Cannon or Advanced sensors. Keep fighters and Z's cheap don't add anything unless you really need to. I also keep non named X-wings naked. If I am running a named X-wing there is a reason and I upgrade it apporpriately to help it with whatever job I am using it for. As for ships that cost over 30 points to start that is 1/3 of a 100pt list It is usually a ship you are building your list around and in this case I would kit them out to make them the most effect. I won't mention upgrades for the phantom or Falcon since there are more then enough threads about how they are OP with this or that or just people wanting list critiques on them so for the firespray if you are investing in a named one I would build to their strength. My friend runs Kath with marksman HLC and I think mercenary co-pilot alot of people will say its not a good build but I have seen it in action he focuses on her strength. Defenders are great cannon platforms as well whether you are running ion or HLC. With E-wings I tend to just pretend they are interceptors and kit them out the same though I usually give Coran R7-t1 so he can boost as well as barrel roll. Those are some examples of how I tend to upgrade things. Vanor has a lot of good points on this issue as well.
  2. Chiraneau is PS 8 it is unlikely that he will have a target without a focus or evade token when he fires, unless you are running Canor Jax in the list. I never thought I would actually say expose is better than anything else but I think in this case expose + EI are better than Opportunist on Chiraneau. On kenkirk take opporunist all day long if thats the EPT you want to run he has a lower pilot skill so you have a better chance of your opponent having spent their focus or evade tokens by the time he fires and it won't cost him his 1 agility. If you are running Opporunist you probably need to run a kitted out Jax, which puts you at a 2 or 3 ship list.
  3. While I like the expose + EI Chiraneau, even with Isaard I don't think he would count as the fat decimator. I am pretty sure the fat decimator is going to be kenkirk + isaard + other upgrades probably gunner and either rebel captive or mara, though jerjerod is an option for more survivability. That being said I would drop gunner from Chiraneau at 4-5 dice with his ability I don't really see you needing gunner. I am not really a fan of weapons engineer on him either. I would put Isaard on for sure. The free evade from her will keep you in the game much much longer.
  4. I ran a proxied scum list tonight of N'dru + lone wolf + cluster missiles Palob + moldy crow + blaster turret 2x Syndicate thug + ion cannon turret + BTL-A4 + Agro mech against Corran + R2D2? Wedge Blue + HLC I am not 100% on what he had on what but the Y-wings killed everything. Palob got popped before he could do anything N'dru maybe did 2 damge before he was toast and the Y-wings just killed it. When I run the list again I will drop palob and N'dru for Kath and bombs on all three ships. I then played 2x Sigma + IA + enhanced scopes + SPA HLC buzzsaw with tactician against Wedge + R2D2 Cracken + swarm tactics 2x gold + BTL-A4 + ion turret again I am not 100% on what else was on his ships, but the Y-wings were what won the game. My opponent used swarm tactics to give one of this Y-wings PS 8 until I killed craken but I think the low pilot skill helps more then having a higher pilot skill; though I can see where it could be occasionally useful to fire earlier. The Y-wings have alot going for it. 8hp. At low PS your opponent has most likely spent any tokens he has and if he hasn't he now must weather a 2-3 dice attack before the 3 dice ion shot. So there is token stripping power. MajorJuggler did the math and my experience confirms that you are averaging 2 damage a turn which may not seem like alot until you factor in the ion token which you give your opponent more often then not. Once your opponent is ioned you can almost guarantee range 1 shots on them every round while being out of arc until the ship is destroyed.
  5. The meta here was Falcon heavy before wave 4, I see it just being turret heavy after wave 5. You don't need to fly ships that hard counter them to win. You do need to figure out a strategy for beating them though with whatever list you are flying and depending on the lists you like to fly you may need to change them a little. I like flying interceptors I can't field a list full of them (mostly because green dice are too fickle) but one or two still works wonders. As for wave 6 its hard to tell without seeing the rest of the cards, so far though scum have some very interesting options. Though as of right now its mostly a lot of different takes on swarm. Though there should be some 4 ship builds and 2 largeships + a small
  6. That's why Emon is S&V he wasn't being a nice person while systematically attacking Black Sun and destroying the rival company piece by piece. Also there are lots of people that attacked/rebelled against the imperials that weren't members of the rebel alliance(in the case of other rebels its because of their methods being too radical).
  7. Some of the Azzameens didn't have a whole lot of choice. Emon(if I remember right) never was a rebel, one of them was sympathetic to the rebel cause. None of the Azzameen's joined the cause until one of their competitors used their black suns contacts to frame them for being rebels.
  8. Did the sigma sixes get any video coverage I would really like to see them being flown? I have been trying to make spa and phantoms work I was running them with Intelligent agent for a bit but I felt they needed something else. I just never thought of using enhanced scopes.
  9. I think you will see some use of Accuracy Corrector on E-wings and maybe the viper(it depends on how interceptory it is) that way those ships can use their actions for defense or arc dodging and still know they have 2 hits regardless of the roll. When I play interceptors I am great at being out of arc of all or all but one ship but often I am without a focus or a target lock; if interceptors could take Accuracy Corrector I would put it on them.
  10. They said from the start if there were open spots those that didn't make the cut the first day had a shot at getting back in on day 2
  11. If you buy 5 rebel Y-wings and 5 MW packs you can field 10 scum Y-wings. Which is the point of the pack not to give you rebel or imperial ships but to help you kick start your scum faction fleets.
  12. This entire game is based on the x-wing computer game and the decimator and phantom are only in video games.
  13. I think a swarm of Z's with feedback array will be very powerful when flown in a very loose formation, you will just have to get the hang of when using feedback array is the right move
  14. There is an arc dodger out of arc. Even if you have an arc on another ship its probably best to hit the arc dodger
  15. I personally don't like leeachos, but I do like out maneuver. The idea behind giving N'Dru lone wolf was if my opponent turned to attack him it would give him a slight firepower buff and he would last a little longer. As for him being in range of another of my ships I can keep him out of range long enough for it to not matter, especially if he is packing cluster missiles.
  16. I would agree Kavil screams give me a blaster turret. The list I am putting together is 2x Syndicate Thug + Ion Cannon turret + BTL-A4 Palob + Blaster Turret N'Dru + Lone Wolf That leaves me with 10 points I am still trying to decide what to do with them. Contenders are moldy crow and opportunist for Palob, cluster missiles for N'Dru, either Agromech or salvaged astromechs for the Thugs
  17. It isn't the agility as he will get a roll against each attack. So splitting attacks into 2 separate attacks might not be that much of a boon. What it does get is token turtling, and card combo like Falcon+C-3PO or TaRn-7. I think you misunderstood and I could have been more clear. I didn't say 4 dice attack I said that 2 ships firing at an agility 1 falcon will have 4 attacks, 2 with the 2 dice attack and 2 with the 3 dice ion attack. Specifically the fat falcon doesn't like multiple attacks against it because it will lose its evade tokens and 3P0 is only usable once a round. Also of note 2 ion tokens will stop a falcon so if you have a way of stressing it too you will then not have to deal with its token stacking abilities for a turn. This will also work very well on any of the decimators including kenkirk + isaard. B-wings, other Y-wings, and shuttles won't like it either. I also think that ion turret is better than the blaster turret in general for the title because you only need to come up with a way to modify 2 attacks, throwing a blaster turret in you need a focus in addition to being able to modify 2 attacks.
  18. I don't think people will be putting it on horton turrets only have a range of 2 so his ability will only trigger at range 2 I think he is better off fielding torps and a regular turret. I can see this on Dutch with a blaster or ion turret especially if you are fielding kyle or garvin. You won't see it on kavil unless someone wants a higher PS I can see it on Drea with a blaster turret but personally I would rather run her with torps or an actual turret so you can take unhinged to keep her clear of stress I feel its biggest boost is to low ps pilots with an ion turret. They are relatively cheap which, a pair of golds or syndicate thugs costs you 46 points, leaving you 54 points to come up with ways to punish ioned ships. It will make bombs easier to use, it will allow you to easily outmaneuver your enemy. 2 of these against fat Han you are getting 4 attacks against agility 1 he will hate it, so will any other low or no agility ship. With 2 ships having one with arc on a phantom isn't too hard and while 4 agility will be hard to get through if you are running torkil or roark you can fire your 2 dice attack on a 2 agility ship and then fire the ion, scoring that ion token won't be too hard which preventing decloak next round and if you are running R3-A2 said phantom is not going to be cloaking. If you are flying against a formation they either will be forced to break formation or you just force the whole formation to only move 1 forward. At 8 HP a ship it can probably withstand return fire while you less durable ships get out of arc of the formation. Everyone gets hung up on the Y-wing dial and the loss of 360 arc, but the Y-wing dial isn't bad it is missing 1 hard turns but so are most ships it has 4 red maneuvers, but those are the speed 3 hard turns the 4 straight and the K-Turn; it has all the speed 2 and 3 maneuvers though and the 1 forward and banks. I honestly don't see losing the 360 arc and being "stuck" with a Y-wing dial being that hard to manage. If you play turrets alot maybe missing the 360 arc might be a problem but if you mainly play with non turreted ships there won't be much of change. Now with an ion cannon giving out 1 damage and your regular 2 dice attack its pretty safe to assume that you will be doing an average of 2 points of damage to whatever you are firing at at range 1-2 which isn't great but it is one more then you would have had with just an ion turret or your 2 dice attack and it has an ion token.
  19. Eh, i'm unconvinced if his effectiveness. But the bombs could be an effective countermeasure of trying to fly behind him... In case nobody mentioned it Proximity mines are deployed after the move so they could work well, but worth 6-9 points? (since the title is only worth it if you buy at least one extra bomb) Well the title is 0 pts so you don't really need to make it worth it. Yeah, but we've known that since day one of the announcement. Unless you're playing two Firespray pilots that aren't on the same ship tile... I definitely plan on modding all my cross-faction dials to some kind of gradient between whichever the two factions they are so I can use them for both. Just a heads up if you plan on playing in tournaments you can't have modified dials and your dials need to be either the scum or the imperial ones. So I would check with the TO where ever you plan on playing because I know where I play if that was done you wouldn't be able to use those dials any more at all.
  20. Tanarri

    Fleet Up!

    Those royal guards look awesome! Did any tie interceptors die in their creation, or did you use a different method for creating the fins?
  21. Y-wing +Ion Cannon Turret + BTL-A4 and Dace make for some strong control + damage options. I am hoping for some stress dealing options other then tactician for a real shot at a control squad.
  22. I see a lack of the enemy taking a focus action Anytime you control what action the enemy does, it is a good thing. I totally agree
  23. I see a lack of the enemy taking a focus action. I also think I'd give him moldy crow
  24. Tanarri

    Phantom Swarm

    I would run Whisper + rebel captive + VI + ACD 4 Sigmas + SPA
  25. I actually like this you could include outmaneuver without losing the action economy. It would be useful against every ship though it would prevent the turtling up option so it might not see that much use after all.
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