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  1. I think half dead ships giving up half points would help the mov issues and make fortresses on par with everything else in low time (60 minute) rounds.
  2. Epic is a thing me and my friends play team epic alot actually we almost exclusively play epic unless there is a tournament in the next 2-4 weeks.. There are a ton of new list options that epic opens up things that aren't really doable in 100 point games. I actually prefer epic x-wing to armada. As for tournament play it would need to be a different format than 100 point death match 4 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 8 isn't feasible when you are doubling the round length.
  3. I must have missed that list when looking through the top8s. I definitely like it. I am always looking for new things to run with my warthogs.
  4. With 60 minute rounds they might as well be unless you are running a swarm, or a control list. The problem with fat han is the time limit; in a 75 minute round it shouldn't be as big a problem. I may just be a little sick of them because that's all the local meta has is turrets wave 3 hit and it was all yt1300, fat falcons started before wave 4, wave 4 hit it stayed the same, wave 5 hit and its both yts and decimators.
  5. With the BTL-A4 title I am sure that it will be used. Each shot after the first is almost guaranteed damage. As someone said if this is correct Horton with this and the title is probably guaranteed 3 damage a round. And against an auto thruster target stripping tokens with the first attack is huge. I don't know that I would always pay the extra point over an ion cannon turret but there are some cases where I definitely would.
  6. I do not want to see this on B-wings
  7. What he said. +1 Though I must admit I am a little bit surprised that none of the K-Wing or Punisher pilots have EPT slots. Ordnance is hard enough to sell as it is, then they go and take away one of the few things that can make them slightly more playable i.e. PTL, Predator etc. hopefully the new unrevealed missiles and bombs are viable otherwise this seems like a wasted opportunity to correct a poorly performing element of the game I am curious if the lack of ept is because of the crew slot. Maybe bombardier makes it so that if you are using ordnance you don't need the action economy of PTL or other EPTs?
  8. I am most excited to see what the connar net does in game
  9. Tanarri

    Team Epic

    The only problem I see with a team epic tournament is that it would take forever. 5 rounds of swiss at (I don't actually know how long the official epic time frame is) 2 hours a round plus a cut to top?? would be 2 days worth I would have to guess.
  10. We play team epic on 4x4 most of the time and 100pt games at my place are on a 2x3 table. I think it might be how people are flying, or maybe its just expectations.
  11. As it stands I would say it depends. For a standard game its very list dependant. I think proton rockets on Jake Farrel(and probably tycho) or the advanced it awesome, until the raider comes out the advanced it self isn't. I have found Ion torpedoes to be nice as well but you have to be able to take advantage of the ionization effect and if that doesn't help your list then its not the torpedoe for you. The same goes for Flechette torpedo I ran a scum fett with that and tactician along with 2 ion warthogs at the store champs I made top 8 it was there for dealing with interceptors or phantoms and while there were plenty of phantoms at the tournament I never ran into them but it killed fel. The others have pointed out a few other examples but thats about it for standard as is is now. Epic is another thing entirely. My player group runs team epic alot and one player always takes loaded out bombers and some support his team hasn't lost a game yet regardless of who is on it. I am not saying he has had anyone bad on his team but we have rotated teams and his teammate usually takes something else you can't ignore. There are usually just too many ships for assault missiles to not do alot of damage also he is really good at ending the turn before engaging in combat just outside of range 3 so that next turn he guarantees a target lock and with those kinds of point running a ship or two with squad leader or jendon with the title isn't a big deal. I am pretty sure when wave7 comes out you will see a resurgence of missiles and torpedoes, at least on select ships. Maybe not bombers rhymer is expensive and you don't want to make jonus more of a target then he already is though if 2 ship lists hold than he might get something. The high ps punisher I am pretty sure will see play and will have missiles and torpedoes. Since I haven't seen more of the wave 7 stuff its only speculation but I can see a loaded out punisher being played with ordinance and it not being a problem.
  12. That works out well for scum Kath. Pulling shenanigans like that with kath and 2 warthogs can decimate entire lists quickly
  13. Tanarri

    Extra Munitions

    There are more cards in the wave that could help ordinance(I'm looking at bombardier) . There are new ordinance cards in the wave that may help with the problem of cost or action inefficiency. But a ps 2 bomber is still suppose to be a bad bomber so the tl thing should be a problem atleast from a fluff point of view. (though there are other ships you can use that can solve the tl issue: dutch, Jendon any one with squad leader) If you are the best pilot in the universe should some schmuck that just learned to fly really be able to easily blow you out of the sky just because he has a missile? The revealed punisher pilot won't have a whole lot of problems getting off good ordinance shots he will always have a reroll when firing his missiles and torpedoes(Yes he won't have a focus unless someone close by has fleet officer or squad leader but he will still get rerolls with his second target lock) . We have no clue what the other ship abilities will be those ships could all have viable abilities for using ordinance.
  14. That's one way to look at it, I just think we have seen so many cases when ths is not the case: Jonus PS6/22p -> Scimitar Squadron Pilot PS2/16p = 4 PS for 6p Rhymer PS7/26p -> Scimitar Squadron Pilot PS2/16p = 5 PS for 10p Ten Numb PS8/31p -> Blue Squadron Pilot PS2/22p = 6 PS for 9p Jan Ors PS8/25p -> Rebel Operative PS1/16p = 7 PS for 9p Interceptors and Advanced are all 1p more expensive then the 1:1 formula as well Just thinking that we might see some other point ranges (= I am not necessarily disagreeing, but those are all ships from waves before the current designers.
  15. The Slam can mitigate a no K-turn dial 2 hard turns and you are turned back around. Also I think if it has a K-turn it would need to be a 4 or 5; a 3 would be too good with slam even if you can't attack that turn.
  16. I would love to see that. Thing is, wouldn't it essentialy just be another interceptor? I think we're at the point where more ships will be crowding existing roles. What can FFG do to make an Avenger stand out from an Advanced or an Interceptor, or make it an expensive hybrid. We have the K-Wing and Punisher coming in wave 7, but we already have the Y-Wing and the Tie Bomber. If the K/P are better ordinance ships than the Y/Bomb, then they replace those ships. If they're worse, well they won't get played, if they have some squirrley new mechanic, then they run the risk of Phantom-ing and again having them dominate existing ship's roles. Same basic problem faces any new ships they introduce. The Y-wing already has a new niche with the warthogs so a better ordinance carrier doesn't make it obsolete. Really the Y-wing before the warthog which was rarely played to begin with was usually just used as an ion turret. So I see the Y-wing warthog and the K-wing which looks like it comes with a dedicated turret and which is probably a much better ordinance carrier fill completely different roles. As to the bomber and the punisher well we will have to wait and see. I imagine if ordinance gets fixed to the point that its competitive the bomber will be the cheap ordinance carrier and the punisher will be the expensive tankier version. As to what ships are left over. As long as smugglers keep going into rebels you have all of their ships though I don't believe there are any more fighters outside of the T-wing and new republic era starships. The Empire still has atleast a dozen tie variants, chiss clawcraft, the skipray blastboat, the assault shuttle, a few more large base ships I don't want to have to dig to find or remember but I know they have them. Scum has the most ships to pull from than either of the other two factions. All the big scum factions tended to use different ships, though there was some overlap. Also the corellians had more than a few starfighters that depending on you point of view and exactly when during the rebellion era you are looking at could be classified as rebel empire or scum.
  17. You dont have to take fat han, decimator, phantom, super dash, or a swarm to win. I will add warthogs and double aggressors so the list too. You do need to have a plan to deal with those ships and lists though. If you can't figure out how to beat a given ship or list have a friend fly that list against you and play it until you can beat it. Have them tell you what they would have done that would have beaten them. Or upgrades that would have done better against their ships. If you don't have a plan to beat ships you know you are going to see then you won't be able to win regardless of what you are flying.
  18. Scumm was legal. There were a couple Scumm lists there- one of them (Kath with two Y-wings I think) made it to the top 8 too but got cut at the same time I did. There was one using a HWK and etc that i didn't really get to see. There was also an interceptor list, a 3x Phantom list, and a couple small-Rebel-ship lists- I just never got paired up with any of them. :\ I was seeded in 5th before my top 8 elimination running Boba + VI + tactician + Slave 1 + Flechette Torpedoes and 2 Warthogs with Agro mechs. I should have ran kath though. There were atleast 2 other scum lists but they didn't make top 8 I am not sure how well they did.
  19. I made top 8 as scum at my store I am waiting for someone with more of the lists than I to post
  20. Also of note your Y-wing with R3-A2 probably be the first target
  21. I second the bearded baron BTL-A4 with Ion Turret is monsterous
  22. Our store championship today had 25 people of those I only saw 3 scum lists mine and 2 others. There was a rebel list with 2 y-wings with the BTL-A4 title and an imperial list running a sootir with auto thrusters. Other than that it looked very much like any other wave 5 turret heavy meta. I would say the majority of the players played rebel. (I didn't see every list so I may have missed something) I top 8ed with 2x Syndicate thugs + BTL-A4 + Ion cannon Turret + r4 Agromech Boba Fett + VI + Engine Upgrade + Tactician + Interial Dampeners + Slave 1 + Flechette Torpedoes If I had to do it over again I would load out Boba differently or drop down to Kath.
  23. TIE Pilot, please, explain. The facts are that the two films that Lucas had the least to do with are the most loved and critically acclaimed. The prequel films, which he micro-managed, were the least well received. Midichorians. Natalie Portman. Jar Jar Binks. Hayden Christensen. I mean, c'mon, it's like he hit his head or something. George Lucas is a fantastic producer and he was innovative when he was getting started. Also I think Natalie Portman was one of the few things he did right with the prequels, that and better saber fighting scenes.
  24. Wedge is devastating. I have a friend that exclusively plays rebels and wedge is in 95% of all lists he brings to the table. I think him not seeing table play is due to people having issues flying X-wings against phantoms and people now thinking X-wings suck. Once you have flown against or with phantoms enough they aren't unpredictable except for maybe echo, and even echo can be nailed down to one of just a few places. Also a phantom that doesn't decloak is a phantom that isn't shooting.
  25. Corran Horn can and is awesome for it. That, though, just reinforces how cool it is, though. The main gun being only 2 dice isn't that great, but hey, it's free! If you were able to get within Range 1, then it's great. Not sure how often that will happen, though, with the boat. For those that have tried it, how does the BTL-A4 do for keeping people in their firing arcs? The Y-wing is not a nimble ship. Is that ever a problem? Also, it's useless at Range 3. It depends on what is left. If you are 1 vs 1 against ptl fel, vader, or r2d2 corran you have probably lost(probably dash as well but I haven't tested this list against him yet), but those ships all cost alot more than your ion y-wing and really should be your first target. Consequently thats why you should run 2 it allows you to cover more of the field while still allowing you to overlap firing arcs for were you think the chosen ship will land. Against b-wings and shuttles you have won. Everything else is probably in your favor. .The phantom is a unique problem if it can cloak its hyper mobile and has 4 agility causing a problem for you, however if it doesn't have a focus for defense when cloaked and you are running agromech or kyle/garvin I believe odds are in your favor for landing the ion. In playtesting that has been the case though I don't know the exact math. Also an ioned phantom can't decloak so its out of the fight for another round. If you are running torkil or roark you will land the ion on it, though if you have a way to stress it that ship should fire first. Also of note while the blaster turret with title has a higher maximum damage output, i believe the ion with title especially with agromech has just a slightly lower average damage while still having the control aspect of the ion.
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