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  1. Scum ships take some getting used to but once you figure out what role each ship has and how to fly it they are pretty awesome.
  2. I believe the OP is talking about the bossk crew card which is awesome with gunner. I've been running latts or the slaver with Bossk + Gunner + Tactician lots and lots of fun.
  3. I agree! I see this as 2 points to save you one round. At 2 points it needs to prevent 1 point of damage unless you put it on a z in which case it needs to save you 2. I think putting it on the hwks or misthunter will see a round 2 cloak to better survive the range 3 onslaught then if it breaks you then better position yourself for the next round in the case of the hwks that 2 decloak should hopefully put you into range for your turret and out of arc. Having palob survive the first round of shooting without dedicating an entire ship to it(serrisu) is nice. on a kriaxz or a starviper you probably save it until you are looking to be in trouble. In either case its only 2 points and only needs to save you 1 point of damage to make its cost back if it keeps working so much the better.
  4. Guri with sensor jammer and auto thruster generally isn't scared of TLT, Xizor will be in a similar boat. Sensor Jammer really is a great solution to TLT I evade and sensor jammer means that if they don't have a way to modify their dice most of the time that attack won't hit you. TLT spam will just take some getting used to both in list building and in flying against it as was stated already.
  5. Scum and Villainy is many factions thrown together.
  6. Scum ships like guri that have access to the jammer tend to be great friends of palob.
  7. Are you betting against the cost?
  8. A STRONG BET AGAINST! So I typed it wrong I'll edit
  9. So I didn't read the whole thread so I am pretty sure some of my points have been covered. I am 90% sure FFG with rule that the adv prototype is the adv prototype and not the the advanced. I believe the base cost on the prototype with be 17 or 18 points because ffg generally costs the elite pilots at 1 point more per point of ps though sometimes they will add another point for a good ability. I do see the prototype and the x1 as different ships filling different roles but we will need the full spoiler for confirmation and not just speculation. Edited is underlined
  10. Those are some nice conversions. My favorite part of warhammer was conversions but I haven't had the time or the gutz to try conversions of my x-wing stuff.
  11. 25% of the time, stygium particle accelerator can now be put on any small scum ship for absolutely no reason other than a waste of 2 points when the chance to lose your device kicks in completely beyond your control If you are planning on using the cloak adding SPA increases your durability. I am not saying you should put it on for no reason, but if you do put it on; SPA could be a decent investment you only need those evades to cover 1 or 2 damage for it to make back its points.
  12. I'm surprised no one has mentioned stygium particle accelerator can now be put on any small scum ship; palob can get a free evade every round.
  13. My only complaint is that you didn't win one of the regionals because then none of the detractors would really have a leg to stand on. I always enjoy hearing of people doing well with ships that "suck"
  14. Ion Cannon Turret isn't control? Well they say you learn something new every day. what, does ICT suddenly stress? Have I been playing it all wrong? in all seriousness, ICT is nice and all, but it's dice dependent and you need to land two of those bastards on a fattie to get it crawling, after which it can still just boost if it didn't run aground something. The scum Y is a nice, rough bruiser but I havn't found it to be even in the same league as its rebel R3-A2 counterpart i.t.o control (soars above it in damage output, though, thanks to R4 aggro). now the new Conner Net is control, and I completely forgot bomb loadout was a thing. You could complement 3 ICT, R4, BTL-A4s with an Autoblaster, Unhinged, Conner Net Thug Yes, ion cannons and bombs represent control--because stress is not required. for control. As for whether Wave 7 has anything to say about primary weapon turrets, I didn't give you a real response because come on: the wave isn't out yet, so it's hard to judge, but it's clearly trying to make ordnance and bombing work... both of which are effective against turrets and point fortresses. I suppose if you prop it under the technical banner, you don't need stress. For effective control, however, I believe you do. Cards like Tactician and R3-a2 (And flechette torps to a lesser extent) are invaluable to the control game because they work 100% independently of dice (i.e, they are not controlled by them). Ion bombs and conner net coming out will be the only ion weaponry to fall under this classification. Stress also enables ionization by shutting off focus/evades, and the two together are just devastating As for Wave 7, you don't have to have played it to start getting worried. Just reading conner net and knowing bombing mechanics will give you a pretty good idea of how badly you can **** over likes of Soontir (1/3rd health gone + sitting duck) or Corran (1/5 health + no r2-d2 + sitting duck) while doing minimal damage to a fat PWT (1/13 or 1/16 done, thank god for double ionziation and no boost/evade, still allows 360 fire with predator, pilot abilities and c3po/isanne) add to it the fact that neither of the new bombers are efficient combatants at all, nor are they high PS, EPT holders, nor are they particularly difficult to kill, and you have the potential nightmare scenario where you get ships great at killing the small ships, such as soonts, that can stand against PWTs, but not PWTs themselves. oh, and Cluster mines seeming a load of ass doesn't exactly help matters. 6 potential damage is cute, green dice probability on damage is not. unless CM Redline is the absolute ****, we may be in trouble. With an agro mech warthog you have to have some pretty cold dice for the ion not to hit more reliably than not.. You always ion a decimator, I've always ioned a falcon, IG is an issue because you need 2 but if can line up 2 arcs on soontir or corran its in your favor to ion them. I'd say ion is better than stress for control because you only need 1 ion token on most things where as you need 2 stress to truly be effective and even then your opponents maneuvers aren't 100% predictable. The best control list is a combination of both. Whether you are using a rebel ict warthog with r3-a2 or scum ict warthogs along side the yv-666 with tactician and gunner(I realize you don't NEED gunner but how else is one ship to give out 2 stress) or something else to give stress the best control lists have both ion and stress in them.
  15. How much experience do you have running shuttles? I used to run shuttles alot, atleast until I started running scum almost exclusively.
  16. Dont get me wrong I don't think the ship sucks I just think that it probably should have been a point cheaper and the title should only be 2 costed for using cannons not the other ordinance. OR if it was going to be an interceptor keep the points where its at and give it a dial with a little more green and or boost. I wouldn't even have the last problem if the name of the ship was cloak shape fighter instead of Scyk Interceptor. I actually really like running both Laetin A'shera and Serriseu.
  17. Yes, all three are different ships with different attributes and abilities, but the M3-A still fills the same role for Scum & Villany as the TIE Interceptor does for the Imperials and the A-Wing does for the Rebels. And Barrel Roll is arguably more useful a mechanic for small based arc dodgers than Boost. The Z-95 and the Y-wing are the workhorses of the Scum fleet, the M3-A is it's flanker and arc-dodger - although unlike the Rebel and Imperial variants, the Scyk makes a great sniper. The Scyk needs to be a point cheaper, the heavy scyk title need to only cost 2 if you added a cannon, or it needed to actually BE an interceptor with a more interceptor like dial and boost. If you want an arc dodger you don't run a scyk you run a starviper ( I realize the star vipers dial could have a little more green but it does have boost and I'd argue the S-loop helps as well) I will admit that the scyk is a flanker but it isn't an arc dodger.
  18. I might be wrong but I think it does. BTL-A4 + any turret lets you double stress and TLT allows you to select different targets so you would be declaring twice with it so I do believe it is triple stress. Edit:I looked over the card again and it appears that you attack the same target twice. So you are only declaring twice and R3-A2 requires you to declare to stress so you are probably right only 2 stress with TLT and the title. Which also means no double stress from just the TLT and the stress bot. I know we are talking rebel ships and not scum Ys but agromech on a BTL-A4 with Ion cannon turret does noticeably more damage and pull of the ion more often than a warthog without. Though on the rebel side if you are running dutch, garvin or Kyle you can kind of mitigate that.
  19. Tanarri

    Tie Punisher

    The Punisher are meant to be heavy bombers. Their sole purpose is to carry bombs, missiles, and torpedoes. I will admit that the low ps are only really good for using just bombs but deathrain makes it so you can use your bombs alot more offensively and redline is meant to fix the I need a target lock but I also need to modify my dice problem that most missiles and torpedoes have.
  20. The Y-wing title works on rebel ships they got some love.
  21. While 4 is the most damage they can do they are more likely to do 4 damage than anything else that can do 4 damage on an attack. Though really unless you are using a stress droid I think using the title with this turret isn't the best idea but I am a huge fan of the ion also I like getting my warthog into range 1 and thats a bad idea with this turret.
  22. Because this version is stronger, with a better way to handle some of the highly defensive options out there. You are also alot more likely to actually do 2 damage.
  23. MoV isn't the problem, and MoV is way better for tie breakers than strength of schedule. We need partial point scoring. If I can get points for just damage your fat turret instead of being required to kill it, it is no longer a problem at all. The reason fat turrets are soo good it for 50+ points if my ship can survive until time that's most of my list in points you don't get.
  24. As has been mentioned you are paying 14 points for a tie fighter, the ship naked isn't 2 points better than a z-95 so no you have to put the title on it to be useable. Adding 2 points to the cost of missiles and torpedoes just isn't worth it and if you want a cheap missile carrier you have the z for4 points less. So that leaves cannons I can see limited reasons for almost any cannon. You can run HLC for 4 dice, mangler though at that point once wave 7 hits you probably have a better ship those points may be better spent on the khriraz, of a flechette cannon. I have always thought that it should have cost 12 points 13 at the absolute most and probably should have had 2 titles one for 0-1 that let you use a missile or torp and then the 2 point for the cannons.
  25. Tanarri

    Raider Preview!

    Emperor Palpatine 8 points 2 crew slots "Once per round, you may change a friendly ship’s die result to any other die result. That die result cannot be modified again." Edited: I guess I was beat to the punch
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