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  1. 6 weeks usually. My guess is it either got stuck in customs or they have a specific date in mind for release.
  2. Remember that if Manaroo passes a Target Lock to Dengar, he will lose one he already has unless he has a Weapons Specialist on board. Woulnd't you pick which TL you wanted to keep? Manaroo passes all tokens
  3. Double or triple stressed aces can't focus, evade, and have a really hard time arc dodging. As for being easily out maneuvered if you don't run head first at your opponent with the 180 arc you should be fine. I've had people try to get behind a yv and I always had them in arc and they didn't always have a shot at me.
  4. Hard 3s work well against k turns. If you start on the outside and turn in towards them the arc should let you still fire at them. Also I'd run tactician over feedback as well, and probably ion projector over APL.
  5. Tanarri

    Scum Top Gun?

    Well they are pirates. There not going to have the funding of a Massive empire or a well funded Rebellion... They can be very nasty though. Black sun and the hutts are probably better funded than the rebellion in IV, and V Probably not VI though. And based on what we saw in the movie definitely better funded then the resistance.
  6. I think peoples main problem with it is you virago and as such are spending 40 points for ps 5 or 7. I love guri and will be flying her this store champ season.
  7. How often have you played with or against ions? I usually ion something onto a rock or off the board once a game.
  8. Lets not start with scum veterans, scum need their aces first!
  9. OG Shuttle + Emperor Wampa Colzet + Accuracy Corrector Connor Jax + Push the Limit, Royal Guard tie, Auto Thrusters, Stealth device Gives yo uan ace with the emperor plus wampa can give face down cards through shields and colzet can turn them face up.
  10. I can't see FFG doing that. They at times do very well at picking abilities that fit their character. A good example of this is Kath. A few people have come up with bounty hunter themed abilities in this thread. Maybe it's Dengar's crew ability. At any rate its along the lines of what I think a scum defensive upgrade would look like.
  11. How about whenever you are attacked roll an attack die on a hit that ship receives a hit on a crit they receive a crit cost it at 4 or 5 points?
  12. Scum hwks running moldy crow, blaster turret, and recon spec love the cloaking device. You will have a bank of focus tokens(even if its only 2) to spend on those cloaked green dice. Palob is always the first target and at range 3 he wont get a shot anyways. The next turn you decloak and maneuver to where not everyone can shoot you unless they want to be out of position to take on whatever else you have. At that point its paid its 2 points if you get another use out of it great if not who cares.
  13. The other reason not to give guri the cloak is so that palob can take it
  14. As was already mentioned taking Autothrusters off to give guri a stygium that may only work once is probably bad idea. more over you only get the evade token if you are cloaking and decloaking; you only get to decloak and fire every other round . The cloak on guri isn't necessarily a bad idea I actually like the cloak for the turn you really need it and if you keep it all the better. If you put advanced sensors on guri to push I would say that is the best way to run push the limit on her. That being said I will take slightly more poor action economy to take the sensor jammer.
  15. That looks really cool I wish I would have know about this kickstarter.
  16. Tanarri


    Bossk w/ gunner and marksmanship works really well. It's better than mangler cannon because it works in all of your arc. I feel its better than calculation because if you have multiple focus results those still get turned into hits and it works on the gunner shot too. In all honesty I don't know why I haven't really heard of or seen anyone else using it.
  17. Juke + sensor Jammer on Zuckuss could be interesting. I believe the mist hunter gets to take evade actions
  18. I have run a very similar build to great success I drop the title and use tactician instead of k4 but k4 adds a little more offense. I then run N'dru and guri, though I have also run a kiraxz and guri or talonbane and another khiraxz. 5 dice at range 1 with latts razzi dropping their agility is truly awesome just remember that a good player will kill talonbane first. TLT aren't really useful with latts razzi's ability and if you are going to use bosk crew to get the second target lock you want to have something that can fire before her and after. 5
  19. Misthunter w/ atleast sensor jammer to go along side cloaked palob and guri
  20. Xisor is PS 7 and costs 31 points. Fel is PS9 and costs 27 points. That's a huge difference in both PS and price. To equalize the PS difference, the point difference also goes up. And even then, Fel has better maneuver options than Xisor does. This, I think, illustrates the problem with the StarViper: it's an arc dodger that can't clear stress and a tank that depends on green dice. This is why I'm hopeful for the Cloaking Device: it will give the StarViper the Arc dodging ability it needs to really shine- and not chain it to its green manuvers. That would have the unfortunate effect of moving Xisor away from his damage sinks, but eh. If done right his 5 dice + AutoThrusters ought to keep thatrom being too big a problem. Aiyah that's exactly what I'm talking about. Some folks really don't seem to grasp xizor First of all, PS 9 xizor is 37 points; 2 more than soontir de jour That's Xizor (v.I virago fcs thrusters) Comparing base costs is pointless because a 27 point soontir is garbage. Second of all Xizor does not have to arc Dodge unless he's alone. His ability is stupidly potent and exactly why he does not depend on green dice. It's a guaranteed action independent evade that works against every attack instead of just once per round Cloaking device is overcompensation for nothing in xizor's case, the man is already practically immortal. Maybe guri will like it. Guri disagrees with you. In all my games if she does die she is the last ship standing. The problem I am finding with the star viper is you cant take 2 virago. Also I feel like comparing Khiraxz to the star viper only works until you throw in the virago title. The sensor slot changes things quite a bit. Scum needs an aces pack so they can get more pilots for some of their ships and have a fix for the ones that need it like the scyk
  21. N'Dru with cluster missiles and Glitter stim can 1 shot a y-wing but generally it means 1 more shot and the y-wing is dead. Guri w/ Sensor jammer and Auto thrusters;Guri can dodge arcs and when you are rolling 3 evade dice with sensor jammer and Auto thrusters you generally don't care about TLT If you stay out of arc your blank is now an evade one of their hits tends not to hit or aleast it wont count the second time. As some one said earlier ion cannon turret warthogs. Predator lets you reroll two dice when attack the most common of the tlt carriers. Outmaneuver lets you land all your hits against y-wings and most of your hits against hwks. Lightning reflexes will help you stay in the range 1 bubble. Sensor jammer and Auto thrusters. Talonbane with Latts Razzi having a target lock on the target.
  22. Glitterstimmed cluster missiles on N'dru just wrecks things. If you get lucky you can 1 shot a Y-wing
  23. The Scyk needs some love. I haven't had a chance to play with the Khriaxz yet but I love Guri so I am not sure that the starviper needs alot of help though I don't fly any other starviper so maybe it does. Though they gave the b-wing an ace overhaul so it really could go to any scum ship. Edit: Also as to scum being down pilots I imagine that wave 9 will be 2 scum ships 1 rebel and 1 imperial which will help catch them up in the ship department. An aces pack and an epic ship that comes with a small base will get them really close to the same amount of pilots as the other two factions; though without a core set I think scum will always have less pilots than either of the other two factions.
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