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  1. I would be interested though I have never done a play by post before.
  2. If we go with critical hits how long would they last? Would it just wear off or would it need to be healed by a doctor or the tank?
  3. Both GM and Players have been using it to not kill people. The PCs so they can get information from NPCs the GM because the couple of NPCs using it were trying to take PCs captive. It hasn't been used to get around high wound thresholds, none of the players have high soak or wound threshold, and with a few exceptions alot of the nemesis or tougher adversaries have had well rounded thresholds. Though I do like the idea of using the exsisting table with some alterations.
  4. So our gaming group came across a slight issue and we couldn't figure out how to handle it. Lately the players and the GM have been using the stun setting on blaster rifles and pistols so getting a crit was bound to happen. Now we all decided that using the debilitating crit table probably isn't a good idea as we are all using stun and not actual damage. The GM finally decided to have it ignore soak since a crit needs to do something. Here is the question is there a rule anywhere that says how to resolve crits with stun? If there isn't how have you guys dealt with it?
  5. We use the figures but stick to the rules for the RPG
  6. I am still trying to see what lists placed 9-16
  7. I would be really interested in who the 9-16 ranked players where and what they flew
  8. If FFG decides to do K-wings you will have them
  9. Success with despair in combat: You shoot and kill the Trandoshan bounty hunter whose ship you are trying to take. While searching his body and the ship you realize that upon killing him it set off a timed self destruct for the ship. Now that you are in space you have no where to run before the ship detonates. Guess its time to try and find the bomb to disarm it. This is what our GM did when we kill the the bounty hunter in the beginner game, having rolled a despair. Failure with triumph The Hired Gun with a disruptor rifle shoots at a storm trooper and misses badly. So badly that he hits the arch way 20 feet above the storm trooper squad causing it to fall on them, Triumph and despair You throw a stun grenade into the room and close the door. Your target wakes up when you slam the door gets tangled in his blankets trying to get out of the bed and falls on top of the grenade. The building is made poorly and the blast has destabilized it. Congratulations your target is unconscious however the building is starting to collapse and you have yet to find the information you are looking for. This last one was from a night where we rolled alot of triumphs and a few despairs alot of dramatic things took place and we all loved it. The big thing we have noticed and have used is that triumph means a good thing happens if I fail a good thing still happens I just don't suceed at what I was doing. Despair is a bad thing happens if I suceed I still suceed just now there is a bad thing. In our games if you suceed and triumph it generally though not always means that you did it amazingly same with failure and despair you just failed spectacularly, however if you triumph but fail or succeed but despair you still fail or suceed but now there is an added boon or misfortune.
  10. I don't know if this was brought up but in almost all star wars games I have played a couple of rebel carriers packed full will take out most any empire fleet. Use A wings to take out ties and then squads of y, x, or b wings will waste all empire capital ships except the ones dedicated to taking out fighters. It was the best strategy in rebellion, in any of the flight sims once you cleared out the fighters you could always mop up the capitals. I am not saying star fighters should have to work for it. You need to take out the shield generators and then spend the time further crippling the ship but large targets are meant to take out large targets. The benefits of capital ships is they can bombard the planet, carry large amounts of cargo, starfighters or personel. and they are better at taking out star bases or ship yards. Imperial star destroyers were meant as a show of force for subjugation.
  11. It took us seven hours but we took a two hour break in the middle for food. We also had two players that had never role played before, and the dm threw in a few things because of dispair dice that made things take longer as well.
  12. Warning potential spoilers Actrually we are playing with a bunch of extremly green players as well and while the gm holds final vote on what actually happens we have all come up with things that happen with advantages or disadvantages and some of the best ideas have come from the players who have never role played in their lives. If it gets to be too much you can always just have it add/reduce strain put them into or out of cover or give them a boost or the opposite(can't remember the name right now) dice on the next roll. In my experience if they have watched movies or read books they will have ideas of thing that they think should or could happen with their characters and you should give them a chance to come up with the ideas it will take the strain off of you. Things that they came up with in our first session where oskaka missed but ended up with something like 8 advantage so she hit the archway above her target and it collapsed on them, another huge advantage but failed roll missed a security droid but hit thedoor control panel behind the droid closing the door and locking out other security droids, the smuggler in his haste to fire shot the ceiling above himself instead of anywhere near his target and took out the lights making it dificult for the enemies to see him. A Gamorian's axe got stuck in a counter, I can't remember what else they came up with.Out Gm on a despair dice when a certain trandoshan died the ship was set to self destruct so while that battle was relatively easy(we finally were rolling successes) we then spent 3 rounds trying to find the explosives and stop the bomb. (I am pretty sure our gm added that in. Our GM did veto somethings people came up with and but for the most part as long as things were being reasonable he let us come up with what was going on once everyone got into the swing of things. You could warn your players ahead of time that they should think about things they would want to see happen with advantages and disadvantages and then when they come up they will already have some ideas. Thats just my two cents.
  13. So the only ways to improve stats are during character creation and the dedication talent? Interesting
  14. My group just finished the beginner game and are going to start long arm of the hutt. There are a couple of us that would like to increase our stats I am playing 41-vex so we figure I have the best chance of increasing a stat but we are not sure how much xp is needed to increase stats. Does anyone know how much is required to increase stats? Thanks
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