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  1. What is your best interdictor build and what would you run with it?
  2. Once you have learned the weirding way that can be an outcome if you so choose.
  3. Ventress + tactician + title Plunk + Title + probably the action to give tractor beam Ion warthog and another Quad jumper if it can fit points wise Potentially 2+ free tractorbeams a round ventress can double stress emp and warthog can ion. Throwing around ideas of 4-lom or yv-666 with tactician gunner and bossk.
  4. You should see a spike in scum control lists after wave 10 hits I would imagine.
  5. Tanarri

    and I am in

    The next aces expansion for rebels will have it.
  6. I am wondering if I can fit a shadowcaster 2 quad jumpers and a ion warthog into a list.
  7. I don't know that it will hurt new player acquisition too much. There are much more complicated war games that are growing not as fast as x-wing but they are still fast growing.
  8. It's been scumified. Look at all the modified transports both scums and rebels just because it started with no weapons doesn't mean it doesn't have them now. Also the designers said they would never do another 1 attack ship and that the hwk having a 1 attack was a huge mistake.
  9. Fly 6 and if they can all spit out free tractor tokens you won't have to worry about them only having 2 attack.
  10. I am going to say Quadjumper I know alot of people don't like it but what if it has every 1 speed maneuver in reverse? That will be awesome! Plus I love the tractor beam mechanic. If it can hand out free tractor beams I will be running it in lists.
  11. Anyone able to read what the cards on the front of the fans say? I'm guessing we will have to wait until after gen con for that but maybe not.
  12. It's fine as is. It guarantees 1 round of being turtled up with 2 more greens on a hwk that is storing those focus tokens anyways its amazing plus you get a 2 barrel roll. If it keeps working so much the better. Counter measures only increases your defense by 1 and you don't get a barrel roll.
  13. I really hope the starviper fix isn't a new title. You need that system slot to make the starviper good losing it would be a huge blow. I would much rather it use up the torpedo slot.
  14. I wasn't thinking along that line but I still think I would rather run it like this: Guri virago sensor jammer auto thrusters - 37 Palob dorsal turret moldy crow adaptability - 26 4-lom: Rage Sensor Jammer Misthunter Tractor beam tactician - 35 Leaving me 2 points to play around with. Maybe/probably lone wolf on guri though that means I would need to keep palob close to 4-lom to start.
  15. I hadn't thought about rage. I can usually dump 2 stress a turn so if rage is the only thing providing stress you don't really need advanced sensors, though really having 2 stress makes it almost useless to have advanced sensors at all. 4-lom also lasts longer than you would think when your opponent stops taking focus actions and you have sensor jammer on. I would probably make up the points by dropping predator for lonewolf which I much prefer on Guri. I will definitely have to think about rage.
  16. So I initially was running Guri virago sensor jammer auto thrusters adaptability Palob dorsal turret moldy crow adaptability cloak 4-lom juke sensor jammer zuckuss misthunter tractor beam Turns out that palob doesn't need the cloak like I thought he would everyone goes for 4-lom or guri first. Evading with 4-lom means not getting any way to modify my attack dice and if I am up again aces I either don't get juke or I don't get the evade. So the second interation of the list dropped cloak traded out juke for wired. I did great with 4-lom but he was still clunky. So how do you kit him out in the following list Guri virago sensor jammer auto thrusters adaptability Palob dorsal turret moldy crow adaptability 4-lom: Sensor Jammer Misthunter Tractor beam ??? My thoughts are Either opportunist on 4-lom or push on 4-lom with either greedo on palob or inertial dampeners on someone.
  17. So much Shadowcaster hate. It might have an aesthetic many will have a hard time getting behind but free automatic tractor beam tokens that don't take away your primary shot!!!
  18. Most of the rebels in Episode IV had little to no military training and mostly were scavenged ships and they had no budget. Most of the Scum ships are bounty hunter ships and most of those started out as military or police vehicles bought when said police or military got new ships and then heavily modified with illegal tech. Also the starviper is a state of the art military ship. The Empire's star fighters aren't state of the art military ships for the most part. They viewed their pilots as expendable and there for didn't even equip most of them with shields hyper drives or life support. All of the empires money was spent on giant capital ships and eventually the deathstar which practically bankrupted the empire. The tie-defender and the phantom were state of the art because the empire realized that their tactic of we will just pummel your world into submission from orbit with the star destroyers. Didn't work against an enemy like the rebels. Its a large galaxy and the empire wasn't the only one with a standing navy. Also there are better ship construction companies then sienar or incom. Judging the ships based on what you know of our current military isn't going to work in starwars because the ones who would care to have top of the line star fighters don't have the budget. And the main force in the movies that has the budget doesn't care.
  19. I think giving graz the hunter an EPT would fix him and you'd see a Kihraxz on the table. He's a great pilot but just needs that something extra even if it was just a lightning reflexes. Talonbane needed +1 die at range 3 regardless of what fired at him. Ordnance, cannons. turrets and the Inquisitor make him non-viable because anyone smart will target him with those on the first pass so that they don't have to see his range 1.
  20. Tanarri


    I have only one Sensor Jammer and I thought it came with something else besides the shuttle and couldn't figure out why I didn't have a second one. Edit: I also forgot that the squad builders tell you where the card comes from.
  21. Tanarri


    I have a dumb question. What expansions did sensor jammer come in?
  22. Now that I have finally made it through all 21 pages here are my thoughts. I really really really hope The Fang has an interceptor dial if it doesn't have alot of greens it will die fast. I see it as an arc dodger that dodges every ones arc except 1 ship that it picks out and destroys. So here is hoping scum finally get a good ship for using PtL on. The Shadow caster is the Tractor beam trick ship. Free tractor beams without having to shoot a tractor beam? I am all over that. Tractor beams are control options and I love control ships. Special forces tie looks good but accuracy corrector is auto include. Having the auxiliary arc is cool. The Arc I like them but I can never seem to fly rebels well.
  23. So Assigning a tractor beam token. Does it give just the -1 to agility or does it also have the movement effect? I can't seem to find the reference card for tractor beam and can't remember the exact wording.
  24. I agree Fenn Rau + Guri(Not a fan of Xizor can't really figure out why either) will be sweet!
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