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  1. RafiBomb

    What theme to come next from FFG in the LCG format?

    I would love to see the vs system as well.
  2. RafiBomb

    Why won't FF print cards

    Coolstuffinc just restocked the earliest adventure packs for lotr : http://www.coolstuffinc.com/page/1138
  3. RafiBomb


    Hello All, If there is a monster on the entrace tile (in the forward row), can a reinforced shawdow dragon spawn infront of the monster, off the entrance tile? Or does it spawn behind the monster, taking up 2 spaces of the back row entrance tile and with its 4 other spaces off the map? Also, with the large monsters, if the entrance tile is empty, can it spawn with the monster taking up just the 2 forward spaces on the entrance tile and then 2 on the next tile, leaving the back two spaces empty? or does it have to use up as many spaces on the entrance as possible? Thanks
  4. RafiBomb

    More A-wings & Interceptors at Coolstuffinc, fyi…

    Thanks Bro, Just ordered up 3 interceptors Then i called my rebel scum playing friend and told him to prepare himself for the beating of a life time! RAFI BOMB!