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  1. Samwise Gamgee

    U-Wings in 2.0

    My life will not be fulfilled until I can fly a U-Wing with K-2SO.
  2. Thanks! It is a bit of a drive, but at least it’s an option.
  3. True statement. I like it on just a few of the top force pilots.
  4. I thought I would make a list on the official app. I spent about two minutes on there and went back to YASB 2.0.
  5. Now in comparison to the new app, YASB 2.0 looks like a masterpiece.
  6. I do feel if the developers had played around with it for any amount of time, they could have caught a lot of this. Don’t you think Alex and Frank should have taken a day to QC this.
  7. For such a big money maker for FFG, it’s too bad ANA isn’t willing to spend the money for quality control and meet suspenses. Between Wave 14, the app, and communication with vendors, it’s disappointing.
  8. No doubt. I think I would side with him in many things. But not this. In this area, I “subjectively and objectively” side against him. ?
  9. Dee is a fun listen. But his incessant whining about yasb 2.0... ? I’m glad @raithos isn’t taking it lying down. I for one appreciate the free service. I would appreciate it even more if I used it while I was podcasting. #teamyasb
  10. Agreed. I was sorely tempted by what was offered before I saw the $6 in shipping and $2 extra shipping for each additional order. I’m going to to wait and see how the after-market shakes out.
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