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  1. I'm not so sure, since doors have a multiple space foot print i think you have to declare the square that you are targeting with the attack. But this is why I have posted the question, I haven't been able to get a consensus from the people i have asked.
  2. If you attack a door with a blast attack, do figs on both sides of the door take the blast damage?
  3. Hey guys, just to let you know, Denver Central Games (formerly Troll Country Games) located at 6780 E. Hampden in Denver will be hosting an X-Wing gaming group on Monday evenings from 5-8. This group will meet for the first time on Monday April 22nd and will then meet every monday thereafter. We will have open play at least 3 weeks a month, with the possibility of monthly, store supported tournaments. For more information you can message me here or look for me on facebook at X-Wing Starfighters. Chris
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